Police Concerned Scammers Committing Sacrificial Murders

The police in St James are concerned lottery scammers dabbling in the occult are being led to commit murders to ensure their success in the illegal activity.

Head of the St James police, Senior Superintendent (SSP) Steve McGregor, says he has heard talk of scammers being told by obeah men to make human sacrifices.

He says the police have no evidence of the practise, but he says they are not dismissing the rumours.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Steve McGregor.
SSP McGregor made the comments following the discovery of the body of three-year-old Lashaunie Thomas at the Dump Up Beach in Montego Bay, yesterday.

He says reference was being made to obeah by persons on the scene.

Up to late yesterday the police were continuing their manhunt for the child’s father, Roosevelt Thomas, otherwise called Timmy.

SSP McGregor says statements have been collected from the child’s mother and Thomas’ mother.

He says information gathered so far indicate that Lashaunie was at home with her mother on Monday night when her father came and took her away.

SSP McGregor says reports indicate that the parents had earlier had a dispute.

He is appealing to people to seek help with their domestic disputes.


    1. Ignorance is dangerous… So gwan kiss you teeth.

      All if you no believe somebody else will. Can close unnu eyes and pretend like all is well in the world.

      1. Ignorance is dangerous, with that I agree but the “KMT” is that of frustration. The family has to grieve the loss of their toddler and now here comes an article indicating that this child was possibly used as a sacrificial lamb? Insult to injury!! The poor grieving family hasn’t even had an opportunity to digest what all occurred and now this? Nope, my heart breaks for them

  1. Mi bombo. A suh it a get from bad to worst???? Mi heard of 18 police officers from St.James who’s currently working with lots of the scammers. Suh dis a jus di start. Dis nah guh stop until di idiot dem weh deh a farien stap sen dem money.

    Jah kno star. Jamaicans will duh anything fi get money…

  2. Mi nuh care weh nuh a unuh wah seh. A di police dem a di biggest scamners and i have PROVE. Dem too blooclaat licky licky. Dis nah stop yah suh.

    Di police dem first affi stop it. Mi know 7 battyman a town weh a work an a collect fi di police man dem.

    1. Yu know of 18 JCF members whey a scammer? Wow!

      You should make a list and submit it to every member at the top of the organization, Ministry of National Security,INDECOM, Parliament, the news outlets and a special BCC to [email protected], the PM and the Jamaican Information Services site.

      Mobay police got lockup often worst back when BeBe started scamming because people talk, unlike u who just a keep count.

  3. That police name McGregor is always making unsubstantiated and careless comments.I was talking about him on Sunday.This guy is proof Jamaica has suffered immensely from brain drain.

    1. Prove him wrong then :siul :hoax2 gwan an lo de man cause yu can’t walk in a him space. Damn parrot! Challenge only what u can manage.

  4. Making a report to police goes no where and event to the ministry of national security will gets no where. Don’t forget it LABOURTIE TIME an weather you like it or not. Di labourtie dem a di biggest scammers an yuh know dat tuh.so making a report to even high commission will get me probably killed for naming the known police officers. Kmft

    1. You a real pit toilet fi true. Always a run unu 14 and nav nutun fi chaw say!

      You want action but no bad enough fi say Fe! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak yu politttiks and ole propaganda dead like yu heart n courage :sup2:

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