1. Mi loike di talk…and mi nuh rang him gwan do im ting and nuh watch nuttn..but ahem Koko..u move to dem and done all a dem still, smooth…lol

  2. Nyamshens yuh shuda tink bout all dis b4 yuh try play gangsta role a sen fi man, di lick weh yuh get serve yuh well cuz it sure bring yuh rass back to reality.

  3. Love it Konshen. You killin them softly with success while showing that war is not the answer. My respect yute, your head space right

  4. Konstance a try play kewl and weh mi notice wid him wen him done talk him haffi play like him a hero…inna Jamaica Konstance seh noooooobbbbbbbooooodddddyyyy nuh bus him …..I guess we can argue that him still nuh bus….plus another thing di man seh di yute lik him and run so weh him want him fi do …??? tan up ….Konstance u go inna gaangsta and boss ting and now u a gwaan like u nuh recall

  5. mi love how Anthony miller give it to masika certain things you have to deop.. That’s why him naa buss mussi iron balloon lmao

  6. After watching the Konshens video, I now see how f**kking arrogant and self serving this guy *Konshens* really is…him ah talk it like seh him ah Don ana him call all shots, even when it come on tuh people livity and lives…thought he was a humble yute at one point, but now I see that he isn’t…and he was throwing mad shape after DeMarco; him ah try tell wi seh DeMarco very sneaky ah when him dun f**k up people tings him fly out leff people fe deal wid dem own demise…Konshens, you got exactly what you deserved and even after you’ve admitted tuh your wrong doings, you’re still pointing blame on others…Konshens, go f**k yourself!!!…you’re a pompas n’ arrogant asshole who got EXACTLY what you deserved….anyways…*kiss mi f**kin teet ah cut mi bloodclaat yeye dem afta dis bwoy ya…jus waste 19:11 minutes of mi life ah watch dis crap*

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