Kevin Reynolds, the man behind 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution was arrested by Federal Marshals at JFK Intentional airport in New York on Sunday morning.
According to the New York post, Kevin Reynolds who crafted a new identity and eluded law enforcement for more than a decade, was wanted for the November 2002 shooting death of Winston King in front of his screaming 11-year-old daughter in Silver Spring.
Reynolds, who managed to vanish into the shadows for the past 12 years, allegedly changed his identity to become “Dennis Graham”.
The New York post further states that despite his wanted status, Reynolds managed to fly freely from New York to Jamaica and back without detection until he was finally busted this weekend while waiting to board a flight to Kingston.
Hapilos 21st Digital Distribution has offices in Kingston and Madison, in New York and is responsible for digital distribution for some of the biggest names in dancehall and reggae.
In related news, Hapilos 21st Anniversary and Digital Awards is slated to take place this
Marie Grant • 9 months ago
He thought that God was sleeping or maybe went on a long vacation. after he murder my sister Ava Grant, last year 2,24,13…51/2 months pregnant…he thought he was going to get away with it.
Marie Grant • 9 months ago
Praise be to the true & living God. justic will now be serve;he kill my sister,he will pay

Twenty-nine-year-old Ava Grant, a Jamaican residing in Fort Lauderdale in the United States, was shot and killed by unknown assailants Sunday morning in Portmore, St Catherine.
The Bridgeport police report that about 10:10 am, armed men entered a home in the area and opened gunfire hitting Grant and another female. Both were taken to hospital where Grant was pronounced dead and the other woman treated.
Ray Grant, Ava’s younger brother, told the Jamaica Observer that Grant, who was five months pregnant, left the USA with the father of her unborn child to visit the island.
He said he was told that Ava was at a scheme in Portmore with three females and a young boy when two men rode up on motor bikes. The men asked her if she knew “Andrew” before shooting her up to seven times
He said that his sister has accomplished most of her goals in life, including finishing a nursing degree, “her only dream was to have a family”.
Police investigations continue.


  1. Clement is so sneaky nobody knew he was so evil omg.. Those guys from nineties are so wicky now look he turn party promoter after killing this guy in front of his kid then kill this pregnant girl.. Clement suppose it was Yur baby mom Simone and Yur daughter someone kill would yuh like it..Nadine cousins have a son for Yur stupid ass I hope he don’t follow Yur foot step..

      1. Thanks for putting this up, I as well was asking yesterday what was the reason for the killing, most of the time when someone or I would say 90percent of the time in Jamaica when someone get killed they knew the person on a personal level, Drugs, Money etc, ex man. I just see someone comfirm that indeed this evil and the girl was together. May her soul and her unborn baby RIP. People WICKED OUT THERE! We all have to be careful who we associate Our selfs with. SMH.

  2. Girl when yuh c people get kill its a lot of bullshit they do to people.. When yuh man mix up into to f**kery we as female need not to get involve into it because them guys from nineties are mafias ok..

  3. Him used to deh aid her, and moved on with her life, and she and her new man, also the father of her unborn baby went to Jamaica. It hurt him so bad, he put out a hit on her, I don’t know if him really think he was going to get away with this one, that girl and her whole family live in a church, I can imagine the fasting and prayers that summoned God to move.

    1. Its strange because he was with many other women so why would he target her and he had other women. And mi know this fi sure

  4. What a wicked and vile man?..Me say, whateva seed u sow u shall reap.It may be long but not forever, God nuh come when we want him but he’s always on time…
    Maaning Metty, God ago beat dah man yah usi!!FROM I BAAN, WHAT A MAN COLD?

  5. @Sexy, you seem to know “everything” . You should know good & well that happy did not live in 90’s. You are just itching to start a rebellion. Justice was served, & happy got just what he deserved. A dis yuh call long run short ketch.The same way you think you know or up to speed, & calling other innocent ppl names that have nothing to do wid Happy & him killing,it’s the same way I too can speak. But the law did just that, serve justice!!

  6. See, you proved my point.U r just trying to start a rebellion.U don’t know who the f**k I am,& me likewise. But what I am not going to do, is start a debate, with a degenarate bitch.I will not debate nothing about Clement/Happy/C, with you. Because mi wasn’t on the debating team a school. But what I will do is class yuh. I am not a village lawya, nor am I carelesss, bitches like you when ppl a shit an si unnuh a come,dem knam it. Don’t turn the post into a Sexy & Anon circus. It’s not about either of us. Like I said JUSTICE WAS SERVED.I will not respond to any more of ur silly comments, cause Happy neva use to F mi, nor am I getting payed. So u can stay deh an argue wid someone u don’t know.

    1. Just like dat Anon :2thumbup …mi nuh know needa one ah unu, but some people need fe stay inna dem lane and speak when spoken tuh and speak accordingly…annoyin bad when some people come on ya ah mek certain comments fe try get ah reaction outta yuh…

  7. All the gun dem wey him buy give twelve lane man dem and dem use it kill roach all that him a pay for now. U hit man dead when u deh a prison so u cant stay from there and give orders. All doctor ford glad seh u deh a prison duty clemente

  8. bitch mi know all of them mother fkers and the business yuh need to close yur sink mouth up.. yuh can say all yuh want about me cuz yuh don’t know me.. haha go take couple seats in the back…

  9. If a me like sum a unu wha tink unu know di full hundred, HALT DAH CONVO YAH RITE HERE(pple juss dead)!!!!!Mek God tek care a di ress..MEK IT RESS RITE YAH SUH..

    1. Just dead? Ava Grant was murdered in 2011 and the guy was killed over 12 years ago. Look like Happy have lot more blood on his hands. He will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

  10. Clemente send ava go nursing school and give her everything and when she finish she leave him so mi hear seh that is why him kill her cause him seh she diss him.

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