243 thoughts on “WE NEED DI INSIDE EDITION

  1. Him nuh look two bad ennuh!

    Nuff a dem tek down from Bolt deh a Olympics (mi did notice him never deh deh and me guh fass) and him nuh big up him bredda pon ntn pon him IG like one time! Is like him nuh exist to him again! And it was strange that him never guh and deh deh wid him brother! Dem used to well close! From u see one u woulda see the other!

  2. Nice looking fellow, unnu hurry up n carry the likkle mixup come man, u know mi think bolt keep Kasi round fi show off pon di bredda, being n outside child myself who is considered nicer looking than my other my siblings n dem madda a carry bad feelings fi me

    1. Yu no name TawkChuet fi nothing. The outside pickney usually have unknown competition from “inside” pickney.

      Me cut off me daddy “inside” accidentals.

    1. Bolt should a know say him no fi tek him brother woman. All a gwan him bruk more cardinal rules than Kasi…she a uphold de whore rules well.

      Bolt is a nasty man.

  3. oh God i love Sada u kno… cant believe piece of shit bolt would mek some bitch ruin his relationship wat about wen him n sada use to stay hungry together… dissapointed

  4. nawnuhshame lose out big time cause she cudda reap the benefits of having a rich uncle fi har chil’ren and the better looking of the two brothers without the international disgrace but now she perpetually live in shame and inna limbo caw ratbatgrin not giving her no ring as him cannot take her home to Miss Jen. smh

  5. Sadiki any day yuh ready email MET. YUMMY…so Bolt Kasi is just an F U to yuh bredda and maybe even to his mother on behalf of your mother?? Or is it just a petty looks thing because he a 10 and you are not?..mi understand likkle Betta now….doubt Sadiki cares tho lol…..

    1. Mi mek my request already dwlllll……now mi know Kasi head watery….how yuh left platinum fi rusty iron…..if she did stay wid Sadiki she would still have bolt money plus this sexy ass man fi say good morning sunshine to.

          1. But Marie if Kasi was on the side him mus did have a likkle sumting a gwaan fi him remember dem nah tek no bruck pocket man

      1. ___________________________ grung a di ooman husband yawd! Anyways mek Mi go comment… A just glimspe mi glimspe dis…. Met Yuh too bad oooooooo Dwpcl.

      1. __________________________ no to bloodclaat no sah Unnu baaaaaad!!!!! Dodge. A can’t take it maan. :ngakak :ngakak

  6. Hi Met, u mind running the file on Kasi and Sadiki?

    I probably wasn’t a religious reader at that time.

    Because, I’m still not sure how we came to know that they were together.

    Is it because of yhe picture of him hugging her?

  7. Kasi is in it for the money . Any blind man can see . I see alotta people saying how shes not and she work .
    From 19 how long we a tek in snap and cyaan see gal inna office . Psssh

  8. The young man look clean him know bout tidy u self hey mi sorry mi prefer wine a not so rich no too broke man with clean teeth n hygiene that a super rich untidy one me will go work my money work don’t kill nobody but if me haffi wake up to missing teeth with abscess in mouth n stinking feet dat kill my “koki” star

  9. Sadiki page ah bun dung pon IG! Mount ah new follower dem him ah get. The man look DYAM good!!

    I wondering.. ah who ah tek him picture dem?! Bolt yuh have a lady friend? If not I have a nice Nikon… Let me be your photographer lovely!

    Email Met… Cause me want up yuh great body! DWL

      1. __________________________ grung ooooooooo no a caah get up. Dem affi go string Mi up a peer pass Mi a pass out…. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  10. Met mi just go cruise thru, boy if a did one time when mi did a bad n share out BUN I would contaxxx him him nice fi true true

  11. What makes you all think they fell out? Maybe Sadiki don’t want to be a part of the circus so he distanced himself for now? Usain seems very protective of him so I doubt they had a rift over Kasi especially after seeing how Usain treats her like another groupie.

  12. 42 comments and nuh tea nuh pour inna mi cup. Mi have likkle sugar fi geem. Unno come man. Spilllll I R IN LOVE.

    Is he still dating that Chin girl. Dentist chick? she cute.

  13. Usain Yuh just dead…. Yuh head hurt Yuh di last few days a bora now… Kasi Yuh might affi go lick extra hawd cause. Lion nuh like when a next man lion come play wid him ego….. Mi naw lie Mi see why Yuh tek di bredda kasi. Mi naw lie him loooooooook gooooooooooood! Raaaaaaaaay a wah di one usain did say when him a go pan him flight again….. I quote (it has begun) Yuh bloodclaat yuh…. Yes I it has begun raaaaaaay. Mi naw lie Mi pum pum a jump feem…. A who name usain bolt again? Cause a di new good looking sadiki bolt me a peer enuh.

    1. ____________________________________________________________________ mi seh mi jus a refresh him page fi see how many new ads di metters dem bad sah

      1. Met me all thief 2 pics fi future reference yea him UP Bolt a whey u do wid ur money bredda???????? Cause this man no where rich like u n I would draw a detail map to my G spot give him yup yup he can get it

    1. :malu :malu :malu :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Mi a come with u oooooooo! One a pic dem him have on him swim trunks n di koki look like it have swing in it Lmaooooooooooooooooo while some a dem koki just rest anyway dem put it in a shorts noooooooooo my youth buddy fi unruly inna cloths

        1. @Tawkchuet him up, body up, buddy look up, bow leg up..
          Lord Sada come yah mek me cock up

          Him hav a house over deh him apartmet/townhouseuptown! Mi deh Spain suh mi haffi start wid di closest one first!

  14. Usain is a low life shit! And the people a hype him up are a bunch of hypocrites . Because if bolt was poor and and did what he did with his brothers ex they would class him the most way but bcuz of his money he can’t do no wrong in their eyes..nasty shit..his brother looks nice met .

  15. Usain don’t look good enough to give gal bun. Minuh care how much money him have, you cya be ugly and give gal bun. Dem mathematics deh nuh add up!

    Met mi a tek any bun Sadiki gimmie! Him look good nuh bloodclaattt!!

  16. Big fren yuh mek pink wall (your picture anyway). Sadiki eva clean. Goes to show you Money can’t buy you style because Usain neva look this clean and put together yet. He would do real good to style the one Bolt when dem go back pon good terms. Plus him smell good. Mi gone

    1. Yes gone where Yannow???? I know you know more than what you are letting on here Yanow. Mi a pree yuh likkle comments and hints dem from this whole thing start. My cup is empty and mi yeye deh pan yuh insider. Don’t be selfish.

  17. Larry mi waan u low mi oooo no mi Nuh go a him yard mi true Nuh suh dry….spoon no ma’am mi just a look full up mi pickle true dem woieeee :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Mi nuh know bout dat Needle bc Inna one a him snap dem him did Inna wah wet orange trunks and him hood did stiff up…mi naw knock it based on that one pic….Bolt seems very very oral to me and not only with the top lip dem..

      1. Marie junjo nyam out Yuh hole if u mek bolt oral yuh… Right now Mi know kassi have infection an di sed infection wah him mouth create pan har pussy a go back inna him mouth…. No sah!

    2. MET fi Sunday Dagga please try line up wah interview with Sadiki…mi have a bag of questions and not one is PG rated.

  18. Kasi and Bolt affi guh do suptn else! Dem nuh see dem light a dim! Cause di post wid dem no even a move suh! Halfway thru it and ppl start talk off topic!

    Look how Sada a bun up di wall today!

    And a nuh like the mix up drop!

    1. Lol tink Yuh easy cancer nave nothing pan yuh…. Yuh baaaaad. A him sprain Yuh foot? Yuh cock it up pan di bed head lol. Feel betta! An no badda go sex pan di foot now mek it heal. Lol no sah!

  19. Hello Met! See how u down low rude bout him clean in every pic what u saying the Lightning ?? Mi wah dead ya now. Dem. Feed the rumour mill maybe. Dem story dutty bad bad bad

    1. Nuttin Ms B :shutup: …IF dem feed this rumor Kasi haffi go come offa social media by force cause dem a go reallllllllllly really reallllllllly dealt wid har so dem better dont feed anything

  20. Sadiki is handsome, kasi wish he was the rich one or else she wuda stay & try get out di chiney girl he was with to be number 1. Sorry she get the not so hot breda… but a bolt money tall & we all know why she in it. Bolt clean up nicely too when he tries lol

  21. Met him need to tek bolt to one river side wid a big bag a soap powda and give him gud wash off cause bolt dont look clean like him a rass

  22. Thanks usain thanks Kasi preciate y’all… Cause this week I burned over a 100,000 calories just from laughing at unnu…Mi stomach on flat flat like dem starve Mi.
    No more sleep overs and get 2gethers at jmg…. A yah mi lib.

  23. Is it true that when Sadiki main woman found out about Kasi they fought? Heard that in the beginning when the file drop, but no sure if its true.

  24. I don’t think he and usain, have any problem. I bet he remove photos incase the lurking paparazzi, start digging., usain prob tell him remove them in case,

  25. Kasi will leave one day, just like we never thought kerruche would leave Chris, everyone has a breaking point, and she will get tired of being his cheesy footstool. When he was wth lubica he never did her this dirty! Money cannot buy class and they both have none, the money not showing on neither of them.

  26. Him look good mi nah lie & him know how fi dress to. Usain Bolt need fi tek a page out a him bredda book. Yuh clean from head to toe my yute…a so man fi look clean

  27. Sada is very handsome and dress well too he has a very cute dentist girl too. Bolt should know better never diss family especially over a girl who has been around trying to get a come up,kasi from yuh go money Mike and it never work buil nuh yuh just a dash out suh!!

    Don’t know why ppl in her comments a gas har up. But vex when ppl weh know the truth start comment.

  28. anything sadiki ask i wuda do (with a few exceptions) dwl nosah him too damn hot!!!!!! now we can see y kasi did a hide & fk him. The man clean, if me neva have a man & settle down, the things me wuda do with him cant even talk on air.

        1. grung mi deh now__________________________ di amount a metters whey run in pan him page u might haffi go up it to 6 bungle o

    1. Needle you a trouble!

      Met use Needle jaw dropper inna di week as di topic yah fi Sunday dagga! Cause we woulda love to hear dat mix up! :siul

  29. Met me did a say at Olympics it look like Bolt bruk a bokkle and cut him owna hair… mi want Sada breed mi stillzz….

  30. Needleye101
    on September 7, 2016 at 4:49 pm – Reply

    A would rather f**k Sadiki fi a pear an bulla than f**k Usain fi a million dollar … unuh can come trace mi now like mi kah…

    This comment had me rolling

    Why do i feel like you heauxs saying he’s “fine” because he is lighter skinned ? -__-

  31. Him look like Usain if u look good but him ah win in a Di looks dept ……mi woulda follow him a push hand cart wid bulla and pear than share world cocky

  32. Sadiki nuh watch nutten a u wi se ova here mi go pon u IG go look and mi nuh si nuh girl … But a guess yu haffi hide dem from yu brother :cool

    1. DWL yes hide dem from Bolt. Before him run in lol .

      Sada used to post the dentist girl here and there, but fi dem relationship always rocky. So him always a post and delete. She is very dramatic and emotional, so she act out when di bun reach har, but otherwise she humble and keep to herself. I’ve seen a couple shady remarks about her from his side chicks but everybody know a she him say, and it’s been so for a couple years now.

      One thing wid dem yute here, bare Doctor, Lawyer, and Dentist to dem ting. Pretty face and sexy shape alone won’t do it.

  33. Sada is better looking all around, nothing to do with complexion. Nice lips, hair, height, smile, swag. He just has the it factor. Bolt is the bigger athlete and Sada has a better body and looks better in his clothes.

    Bolt looked so foolish in the all white linen outfit last night. You know when clothes just don’t sit down on a person? He just looked skinny and shapeless in the clothes.

    And Kasi she so wicked keep telling Bolt that he’s handsome when he is NOT! The only thing attractive on him are those abs. Woyooiii

      1. Bad color LMAO :tkp

        No he didn’t look clean or put together at all. Nothing fit him properly and the clothes didn’t match fi true. It showed up even more on Kasi periscope. I said to myself wha di rass dat him have on? Kasi nuh mean him no good because mi woulda say no baby, don’t wear those pants.

        But she was too busy entertaining people on periscope to fix him up properly. Nah lie, she vibesy though. Idk if she putting on or what, but I can see a lot more people liking her personality from watching her on periscope.

  34. Sadiki mi naa lie a you seh clean to the f***ng world. A you seh noh dutty ingredients to you ting. A you seh hey dirty looking rich boy gimmi you money mek a spen it. A you seh dirty looking rich bwoy see mi shitbucket yah Tek it fi yuh tea cup. A you seh hey idiot rich dirty looking bwoy mi naa wife up noh dora explora.

  35. Sada a wayyyyyy better looking boy fi Bolt. Bolt has to resort to silliness and immature behavior like lifting up his shirt to show his abs, and dancing with his tall stiff ass to attract women. If he wasn’t Bolt, nobody wouldn’t even notice him in person and that’s a fact.

    I always thought money don’t show on Bolt, and seeing how clean his brother looks spending HIS MONEY only makes it more obvious. Everybody spending Bolt money to look good, Kasi and Chris Martin included. Somebody cya fix him up?

  36. Sada a good youth man, humble and carry him self different. Kasi and Bolt left to time cuz any relationship that start out messy end messy

  37. Met how comes bolt a the richest man than him bro but bolt a the one a eat him bro pot battam bun bun which is kasi and how bolt a the fastest man in the world and him bro first him to kasi whale well hole Sada bust a big laugh cause a u still a win


    I’ve never been so sure about anything before
    But this lovin’ feeling’s
    Gonna be a feeling
    I feel forever more.
    Looking in your eyes
    Tomorrow’s all I see.
    As long as there’s forever, baby
    I will always be

    Saving forever for you baby
    You are the only one
    I’d ever give forever to.
    Love for a lifetime won’t do baby.
    Want to always stay together
    So I’m saving forever
    For you

    You’ll be my world as long as there’s a world turning round.
    And you’ll be my heaven, baby
    Till the heavens all come falling down.
    Look inside my heart
    Love is all you’ll see
    I’m loving you forever, baby
    Leave it just to me

    Saving forever for you baby
    You are the only one
    I’d ever give forever to.
    Love for a lifetime won’t do baby
    Want to always stay together
    So I’m saving forever for you.


    1. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
      no mi drop offa mi chair now now

  39. It make sense now when Kasi n bolt a f**k. She just scream BOLT BUT A REALLY SADIKI SHE A SCREAM FOR. USAIN feel a him she a whine for but the girl really a fling it up for Sadiki

  40. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG MET kindly pass the 6 bundles….mi sexy black dress…the come f*ck me stilettos…..my MAC brushes….Dah bokkle a perfume pon di dresser…..mi red Rihanna lipstick with likkle MAC lipglasssss…..lawd Wey mi Victoria Secret push all the way up to the heavens bra dey…..and while mi a get dress…dish out the rice and peas curry goat oxtail steam veggies and homemade mango and pineapple juice fi wi dinna…..oh nuh fight the whip cream and strawberries cause mi body is gonna be for desert…….Simplicity yuh naw go tek mi man NOPESSSSSSS

      1. MET mi have the Hennessy pon ice a chill and if all else fails mi beg Latty some a ar Mary Jane…….whoiiiiiiiiiiii
        Seriously MET mi cyah stop Laff….pw to that world….yup

        1. Unnuh see seh a dem a carry feelings and a come cuss we!

          Dem talk bout we bad mind and hate them. When a jus entertainment dem be to we!

  41. Look like bolt father cheated with Becky with the good hair … A joke mi a make lol but look on bolt’s hair quality to Mr Sexyassnicelipsnicebodywavesinnahair Sadiki .. Me see why bolt no like false hair lol him no able him need to see The type of hair the woman have because him is a victim of bad head genes .. More while mi look when bolt trim and wonder if the barber shears did dull … And Sadiki me want u come saakka saakka me body lol

  42. :ngakak :ngakak lol mi caan badda mi done wid pinkwall fi the night these comments mek mi laugh till mi belly a hurt mi

  43. Weh bolt fi Tek after him bredda him noh tek. Hey bwoy you see how you breda clean noh dirt to him ting a soh yuh fi clean. Hey bwoy di way how you bredda look clean mi wuda try dah oral something deh..

    Ps. And fi all a who did upps pon di Oman site a talk bout bolt and clicks like a bolt a put money in a Met pocket, see di real deal deh Sadiki bloodclaat Bolt!!!!! Noh shakiness to him cleaness..

  44. metttttt unnuh need to see the snapchat video. Him in the bathroom body tun up a swear him reading this page bc at the end him smile n show we him teeth. Bomboclaaattt mi boddyyyyyy whoiiiii. Mi caaan manage mi need to guh take a collllldddd shower.

      1. Sadiki bout to take a shower…..no sah what a bwoy pretty…..him flash wah million dolla smile…..Sadiki please drop yuh towel…mi wah see what a gwan pon what a gwan………..no sah this bwoy sexyyyyyyyyyyy bad

  45. Sada duh instagram story babyboo adeh suh yuh crowd deh snapchat can wait littel show wi yuh teeth ova deh suh cuz yuh breda mouth look like it have gum boil,sore foot and corn in deh yuh wuda think a him mouth him use run

  46. sadiki has a new snap him in thw bathroom with just his towel, murrrrderrrrr gunshots
    Met him a read us over here. Can a tech person upload the video so we all can see.

  47. Whoieeeee this sweet me!! Kasi yuh see seh a bored people did really bored wen dem did a comment pon you post. You see how the sight of a clean man have the metters in a frenzy that all simply affi reel out har love song!!! Hey gal a clean man mek WI tick..

  48. Mi nahhhhh tell no lie Met mi go prips out him page……. What a bwoy tan good…..sas crise!!! Sada tun right up! #Nicebad

  49. Bout him come wid di FORMULA..ova SC.. SADA mine a u a enforce uself pon JMG eno but we no mine cause we like u oooo.. We like di smile, the abs, z Lil light skin supm supm deh, z swag n ting…n to top it off u look like u carry a rahtid scent weh wudda hab me a walk a sniff u out …lawdamassy MET

  50. Aunty why yuh du it? Whyyyyy you cause froggy pussy epidemic on the wall?? 200+comments cause dem pumz a jump like frog! All fi yuh own yuh try find church sunday front row ooooo

  51. di metters dem thirsty but mi dehydrated as Fuk. OMG Sada Bolt, plz run cum quik cuz mi can feel mi legs, from mi see yuh pic mi tek off mi panty and lay pon mi back and skin rite out, nuh mek mi wait in vain like Bob Marley. Yuh sexy brute, come yah mek mi hurt yuh wid some big girl sinting.

      1. but but, yuh see how him a hold up 3 fingas like him a say,” mi bredda may have a triple, triple, but my buddy is triple the size of his, plus I will need 3 hours in that dere punanee.” Request granted, Sada, but come pon a Tuesday cuz mi Mr. work ova nite pon Tuesdays, see you then.

  52. Nutting nuh happen between them! Its apart of the PR strategy to draw more attention and followers! You know like when celebrity unfollow dem one aneda it met news ? A dat a di strategy! Its a fake falling out of a new story to emerge!

  53. Lord Sada a years me a seh you deh up but dem never did a pree u, all everybody did see was up bredda! Mi glad u get a proper feature pon pinkwall!

    But try kno if u start get too hype and bright we will done u! Jus gwaan humble and pose up u pic dem mek we look :2thumbup

  54. I can’t read all but is one of the realist and humblest person ever this good guy bolt need a page out his book when it comes to dressing etc big up saddo

  55. Him look good. But me wouldn’t date him.. Dem man dehcome wid too much problem.. But I gwaan tek off one a him pic dem and put it pan me phone screen.cause mi man nuh stop give me problems mi lef the man and him nuh stop run mi down. Me text all myself and show him say my mother no want me and him inna nothing. As mi drive in a my yaad a him dat a block mi in with car! The gifts nice and him money up.. But a baay bun him bun mi. Mi caah tek it no more and him lieee to me. A true me can’t get no evidence say him a cheat. But a feel like him a dweet! So a hope sada pic can help me cause mi tired a the bun up weh mi a get..

  56. Sadiki why were you in my dreams last night eeh …mi seh mi wake up this morning one piece a wining inna mi dream woieeee lucky ting no man never deh beside a mi….

  57. No sah a long time mi nuh laugh so much, usain comments dem funny as f… SadaBolt u have the whole a we weak wid yuh sex bodyyyy, u got dis whole package

  58. 225 (dis make 226) comments and not a drop of tea? Nuh cerasse, nuh mint, nuh chamomile, not even BUSH? Really people? I have a big bucket a wata fi splash pan the whola unno tersti Theresas :ngakak !!!!

  59. No unno don’t feel sorry for Kaci. In order to upgrade from side chick to wifey she had downgrade her man. Poor thing

  60. Met there is a site on Instagram that run in pon the whole Kasi/usain saga and apparently Sada run in and say if dem a go chat him, dem fi spell him name right. Him delete it now, but me no know if that cause tension between the brothers or is just a publicity stunt fi his business

  61. He is hella fine … Yeah the type you would lie to your husband for…”Honey I’m going Tesco’s” … When you know you off to be a SadaBolt Hoeee Mmmm Yummy *licks&bite lips

  62. Evening Mumma MET. just came out of retirement to say bless up to all Metters and SADA BOLT CHUSSSSS MI!! MI IS A HEN-GAGED WOMAN BUT MI WUDDA TEK A SLAP AN GAWNNNNNNN!!!! Noooo Sahhhhh mi nuh even waa hear bout Whoresome Kasi and Clown USAIN….A YOUUUU A di real star bwoii!!

    Wha gwaan metsy..miss u bad but been peeking at di drama…u follow me IP u see seh i been hear. loll

  63. Met it has been. Got my Bachelors degree, a car, and have a second job on the side selling cars all while paying bills and taking care of my mumsy. Bwoy If I was in Kasi position and a tek Usain I would be THEE most quietest girl pon the planet. NOBODY would know me deh wid him! Lolll Just gwaan collect and play my part but not even him picho mi wudda put pon mi Instagram. My shame tree talla dan coconut cuz if me fuxx di bredda den him NOBODY WOULD KNOW I AM WIT USAIN!

    Other than that Met am good eno..give god tanks. He has blessed me continuously and to him I give my praise. I may be migrating next year to Florida (I’m engaged) so more work, more education more money mi seh.

    See me wid my fass self run under sadiki picho dem a bere teet and smiley face mi put up. Bwoyyy wat a piece a man sweet! (Mi baby sweeter still but cho…him look good man!)

  64. Good to see u too Mumma. Will try and comment more time. But gotta wait till Bossy leave the office.
    LOVE :kiss :peluk :peluk

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