[10/08, 6:34 AM] Kaycie Anne : Ole stinking producer boy love sh*tty batty , Miller 9 want gyal sh*t in his mouth . Poppy mind who yuh roll wid cause that bwoy yam batty . He seems to be in a shitty situation………….
[10/08, 6:36 AM] Kaycie Anne: Yawwwww de place get crazy now, Miller 9 want gyal video while sh*tting , my yute mind yuh self cause a whole Lotta shit about to go down …….
[10/08, 6:37 AM] Kacie Anne: Stinking sh*tty pit bwoy miller 9 ……
[10/08, 6:37 AM] Kaycie Anne: Share this share this expose de dutty sh*tty



  1. MAWNING, its call pancake if its done on the chest the piss is called golden showers, people want live out dem fantasy its the real nasty world, it also full of professionals who want people to be discreet not scandal dem, everything has a price, there’s men paying money to sh**t or piss on them 2 to $400 an hour, no sex, in comparison to $300 some of us get to clean the same do-do a nursing home,

    1. You is nasty! Cleaning shit as part of assisting in the quality of life, of a senior citizen or disabled person don’t have one f**k to do with having a human open dem battyhole, position over you and shit!

      You nasty shitty BITCHES!

      Me young or whatever age Jamaican women don’t let these brand wearing toilets mek unnu feel less than them a bloodclatt. Chamber pot can never be good once used.

  2. Jesus christ!!!!!!.n den ppl come talk boe dem hate pinkwall mi affi love pinkwall met i am literally in a state of shockkkkkkkkkk right now WTFFFFFFFFFF met!! Jesus christ this man is a very good friend of mine we talk almost like everyday ongle ting him wuda sen boe tongue n a emoji still cause met..me neva use to use d long out tongue emoji n always pree ppl weh use it as freak but after a while i said to myself its jus a smiley face but GODDDDD KNW OMAR????? Jesus have mercy no met mi jus all a drink me soup n put it dung jesus christ

  3. Oohh ra$$ was wondering why the name sound familiar a Popcaan road manager nuh true? Yea yea yea buy that pic look weird doesn’t even look like him. The person know him story even if a nuh true . I am going to search for his DMs to me and come back if mi nuh have the evidence it won’t make sense mi talk

  4. Met I can’t find the DMs bcus I block and I did the same on whatsapp him. I won’t even lie he comes across as a nice person then he drop some out. There freaky ish and when u not up to it him behave really bad. I think maybe that’s what reach the sender. He asked me abt anal and if I am into getting r*mmed or doing it and when I said no he said send him a video with me doing various out there things . When I said nope he went off like really a cuss mi. I was in shock because the abuse was extreme from 0-100 I just assumed he has some mental imbalance and blocked him. You can know him keep. Up some ish because he has two numbers and whenever he starts talking abt sex he messages from his US number not the Jamaican one

  5. Boi I was missing for today, but I doing last minute catch up, Met I can confirm that Milla9 loves ass, back in 2011 I met him at a Hi Lo, we exchanged Pin( blackberry did a run di place), he would always compliment my ass and say that’s what attracted him to me at first. That never seemed odd, because I must admit I have too much for my small frame, however it started getting weird when he first asked me for ass shot pics, I had my college roommate take a picture of me in hug tight jeans while I twist my head and gave a cute smile (vogue style). I guess that was too “common/traditional” for him.

    He wasted absolutely NO TIME to say that’s not what he meant. He went into details how wanted me naked with my ass oiled, turned backways so he can see my butthole, and if I’m freaky I should stick a finger in. I was Shocked and disgusted at the same time, his forwardness was just too much for me, coupled with the fact that I barely even know this man…I told him I wasn’t into taking pics like that, I barely even change my display pic. Met you want hear how the man a gwaan like me owe him sumn, I just tell him to avoid my phone. Which he did after I blocked him, he was a pest acting like he can’t take no for an answer.

    But just to add sumn, I notice most a vybz kartel associates name get call pon batty bizniz:
    *moonie (kartel designer)-him look and talk like a real fish
    *not nice
    *milla 9

    Plus kartel himself was heard on a voice note telling his friend that a girl from Gregory park a come a him yard fi “swipe him ass”…the whole camp fish up

  6. People fool u f**k,anybody can create sopen pon whatsapp like this …. All a oonuh wah spread rumour pon di man

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