Good afternoon I wanted you to post this for me this guy is from Miami his name is Romeo he’s a video man he video in between Miami and West Palm Beach parties he wash car at Lexus he walks around and try to get with young girls is like 40 something and he tried to get with young girls and he bashes his baby mother in order to get some attention from young girls he said that his baby mother walk around and Shop lifts she doesn’t work and she had 5 kids for 5 different man and all she do is want to take his money but he is very mean and he’s a salvager he go around two females house and put his mouth on them. I was told that he doesn’t have any p*nis is very small so he’s very freaky and he walk around and collect charity from each female that he sleeps with so I just want you to put them out there so these girls in Florida can be aware of who they’re dealing with he tried to act like he’s white and that he’d have it all but he doesn’t have anything every Sunday he goes to his mom house and collect food to last them for the whole week he doesn’t even own a pot in his house


13 thoughts on “ROMEO OO

  1. Senda you forgot to add that he’s gay?!! Or you decided to let the pic speak for itself? One more question. Him salvage yuh tuh?

  2. jesus Christ sender have u ever heard about a full stop or comma? the time unuh tek a watch out ppl business and a faas why u nuh go register fi do a reading class or grammar school? Your poor kids must cry when they need help to do their homework cause dem cant ask dem dunce mumma.

  3. Mi luv no warn nobody dem naw fool fool like yuh so… Lol a di hype and car fool yuh Mek yuh tink him have sumting lol dat fi reach most a hunnu too damn car yiy an pretty clothes man.

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
      Dwl ediot gal a (bitter) yah try say dwpcl. A me latty yuh pause wid.. tonks mi luv.. :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Him have too much redflag fi give him the time a day and him a one nasty duty boy a lauderhill and him just upgrade the car from the pout pout him did have and him still no stay good with the little buddy him have but him great #ijs

  5. Him been done out a lauderhill every woman know bout and him little buddy the only thing him good at a him and him claim say him upgrade but a only the car stay good cause him no ready yet clothes still no stay good

  6. Sender u sound bitta like u f**k an get duck so now angry cross an mad all rap up in one,but u doing a good ting an warn dis rest a young girls dem like how no body Neva warn u but hush a so it go

  7. Damn this webseite does not look like a storyline website,, it more like a bringing down website. Because from the sender send in her or his story everyone that comments is talking down on the sender and I read this and it doesn’t make any sense to me

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