0 thoughts on “WE NEED TIME FRAME

  1. Stream fish??????? WTF is dat ?????? Mi say dem need fi put out a law before u can partake in sexual activities u mus can spell the basic words a nuff gal wouldn’t even know whey buddy look like smh it’s a shame kmt

  2. Chuetyyyyyy…..mawnin. Di lady talking about a special kinda fish dat you can only find in the rich ppl dem ‘stream’…..hence the name. Only ppl with a career can afford those kinda fish. Otayyyy.

  3. A di stream fish unnu a talk bout, but mi wah know wah name orka? Whatever it is mi nah nyam it lol. Maybe a outta one stream she get the fish doah…mi hear say nuff people up north a fish outta stream now dwl.

  4. her so call man on IG nuh stop look mi and everybody else okra is so easy to spell half of these dummies need to go back to basic school.

  5. Come here Coutureropa…..how u mean him looking you. Like good good looking or flirting cause I are wants to know. Lol.

  6. But he put the pic where u can’t see her face on his ig plus someone please take that blue best away mi tiad fi si him Ina it

  7. Met a she did a f**k the one link ugly bwoy Sasha duhtings baby father also she and mappie champagne did a f**k good up and she seh him cocky small baddddd so much more hype and bruk man BUT what puzzled me is she tell people she’s a RN and trust mi this isn’t the first spelling mistake she’s always spelling f**ckry real dunce gyal

  8. But ricky is a married man smh all lies he tells. He lives a totally different life on IG. Wallstreet u need to behave. You are a married man

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