met if I laugh out too loud ie si DWL! so met jimmy special call rico vibes and beg him to put up her wedding album pics on his site the day they ran her file on JMG. dem sey she did it to cover shame face lol. no shame jimmy. you been passed around like the church collection plate. accept it own it and move on. met it was a typical dancehall wedding half a the dancehall was there. how taaaaaacccckkkkkeeeeeyyyyyyy!! btw nice pics.


  1. The wedding looked beautiful actually! Someone (sender) sounding highly jealous smh. Haters gonna hate I guess! I don’t even know these people, but congratulations on your union….Bless!

    1. her so callled “friends” are the ones who send in her private wedding pic to met so because she can’t figure out who did it she decide to make her wedding album public on rico site after jmg ran a small piece of her long file. sender not hating. her friends are lol.

  2. kimmy you are really an attention whore all you want is fi si who gon look at you not your man just you…does he really know you only a play girl your wedding should not be out for the world to see a few here n there on your page but not on a public website,that should be private…you can tell you care more about showing the world than keeping somethings sacred…poor you…an di man just dumb

    1. kimmy only care about kimmy and her fake image she try to fool people with. she is a girl that will use small bait to catch king fish big money man to floss with and spend on her. she is very vain and conceited and now wants to play this stush role like she a proper wife when everybody dun know kimmy mucky past. she is the laughing stock of dancehall cause she love gwaan like a one man to har ting when she still a tek men behind robert back and he don’t know it. poor guy. she should be grateful that robert still decided to wife her up after knowing what she does in and out of the bedroom. they are both perfect for each other. nobody wants robert and nobody wants kimmy. they only want each other. good for them.

    2. met kimmy is a girl like this. she will walk into a dance with robert and the two of them take the center floor order champagne and get the bartender to bring the wine and put the wine in a standing wine rack so everybody can see them and the wine bottle. not even jay icon or apple so vain as this girl is. then wanna pose off like she stiff and can’t move to the music. this chick is so full of herself. robert was a cool humble low key guy til he started messing with this girl. now all of a sudden a bare flossing and dark shades to him ting. hype don’t fit robert and stushness don’t fit kimmy because she use to be buck nasty wild!!

  3. Beautiful bride. Who cares about her past, if she taking a step to settle down then I wish her all the best. Everybody hab a past, it may nuh be filled with man, but everybody hab dem skeleton in dem closet. Let di ooman lib har life, and guh get unno own. Wedding look nice and di guests all well appointed and everybody look happy.
    Some a unno use every tactic fi destroy ppl. Who tell you di man nuh well know her past, and accept her as is. Unno run jump send een post suh smaddy can show him and him heart will tun gense har. Memba as unno foot swift fi evil, a same way unno must reap wah unno a sow.
    FYI, I do not know any of these ppl, just stating mi own opinion, as mi seet.

  4. From the other day and can hardly blog because my PC mash up, and cannot bother with the phone, but this is outrageous what the sender is trying to tarnished the girl with pass, I hate this kind of behavior, it demonic, let go people pass let the woman live, I noticed that your intent is to let Robert know about her pass life, mind you had a eye for Robert and him scorned you, as much as you think your reputation is better than the other woman, and the man choose her for a wife, maybe she has some lady like quality that is very impressive to the man, she knows how to act to draw a man to her, so it’s more to this why you are trying so hard to deframe her character, the ring done deh pan the fingers so whether she was a whore yes or no, a man still find substance enough in her to make a wife, woman luck deh a single heap, sender guh scratch out your own, the time you tek a waste to mind other people business. Lol, Yuh sound more than mad.

    1. u went way overboard cause that is not the case here lol. her friends are the ones trying to tarnish her reputation. one of kimmy friends send her personal wedding pic to met the other day someone she is close to. robert is a very cool guy and kimmy is trying to turn him into something he isn’t a dancehall spectacle. robert cannot be pickey and choosey. robert has to take what he can get and kimmy was the best that he could find. sucks but it’s the truth. wish them the best of luck but if she don’t want her reputation coming to surface again she need to shut her own mouth and kibber her tongue cause she too love chat people business.

  5. @3:35 you are robert bitter Ex don’t? Why are you so concern with what she does to him? Have you ever step back and think maybe he needed a change which is the reason god put her in his path? Maybe he love her bedroom actions which is why he chose to marry her to preserve it now all for himself. IM SICK OF YOU DON’T YOU HAVE A LIFE WHY IS THIS GIRL STORY SO FASCINATING TO YOU ? JEALOUSY IS A REAL BITCH. EVERY HOE HAVE DEM STICK A BUSH , SHE FOUND HERS STOP BEING SO FU#KING MISERABLE OFF THE GIRL EXPENSE AND GO FIND YOUR OWN. ROBERT GONE GET OVER IT.

  6. karl stash is sweet the people them food sweet u or is sugar u have in u tank. guy in the grey pinstripe suit big bammy face. guy in the blue suit looks drunk and stupid dwl!!

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