Clive ''Lizard'' Williams
Clive ”Lizard” Williams

Witness says he was at Kartel’s house when ‘Lizard’ was killed

Paul Henry

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

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THE prosecution’s main witness in the murder trial of entertainer Vybz Kartel and four co-accused men admitted yesterday, under cross-examination, that he had testified to things that were not in his statements to the police.

However, he denied suggestions from attorney Tamika Harris that he was making up things on the stand, and insisted that he was present when his friend Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was killed in a house in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16, 2011.

Also yesterday, a letter to Public Defender Earl Witter, that defence attorneys believe was written by the key prosecution witness, was disclosed to the court. The contents of the letter were not revealed in court, but the witness is believed to have written to the public defender complaining that he had been forced to give his statements and that he had seen Williams since August 16, 2011, the day on which Williams is said to have been killed.

The letter was expected to be examined to determine if the witness is its author as he has denied penning the document.

Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer), Kahira Jones, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, AndrĂ© St John, and Shane Williams are being tried in the Home Circuit Court for Williams’ murder.

During the cross-examination by Harris, who is representing St John, the witness agreed, after being showed his statements, that there was nothing in them about him seeing men peeping out of a room when Williams was being beaten, and that he told the taxi driver who took him to the house in Havendale to wait for him.

Harris suggested to the witness that nothing like that is in the statements to the police because he was making things up on the witness stand, but he denied the suggestion.

“It is not the truth,” Harris said.

“It is the truth, Miss,” said the witness, who continued to give evidence with his head hung, seemingly avoiding eye contact with the accused and even the attorneys who questioned him.

The witness denied suggestions that he didn’t see Williams motionless on the floor inside the house. He also denied a suggestion that he didn’t see St John with a cinder block standing over Williams.

Harris suggested that the witness could not have seen these things of which he had previously testified because he was outside of the yard, where he was kept at bay by the dog, and that he was escorting Kartel to the hospital after his own dog bit him. But the witness shot back, “No, Miss.”

The witness completed his last day on the stand yesterday. But he could be recalled for further questioning in relation the letter allegedly written to the public defender.

The trial continues today.


  1. fuss em seh motionless now em seh ded smh…em need fi juss stik to di blasted story caw wi nuh need skartel fi walk ooooo

      1. no man membah weh dai wen em seh motionless r mi mussi a read rong but wi need em fi toufen up pon di stan…mi noe it tuff fi luk pon skartel can u imagine weh a guh thru skartel mine

        1. yes he said that but him words never change this is a differen lawyer so her line of question may be different mi nuh see where him se he saw him dead

          1. unu hear weh chow come from ……….ST THOMAS ..GO SI how him well guard inna court mi cah manage

        2. A dead di yute mean..di yute si dem wid block inna dem hand and di bwoy deh side a him ….blind know seh a dead dem dead him

        1. These are all Men younger than Kartel. I wonder if he believes all this was worth the taking of a life, a part of me want to believe he didn’t do it but if he did…….why wasn’t the music enough, he seemed to have been doing well.

  2. I wonder if him a fret…. How life go guh fi him when dis case done?
    Dem a protect him and him family?
    Di man nerves mus a tek him.
    I dont know what to believe. Let justice be served. As much as mi like Kartel, when you a badman you know that eventually you either: guh a prison, dead, or fly out and start new life abroad. If a prison him mus guh, then so be it. As long as justice is served. All a dem a bad man/ gun man suh mi nah side none a dem.

  3. him must worried bcuz kartel paid him to not talk and d police dem give a thing to talk…and me just have a sneaky feeling say after the police dem same one ago end him life..cannot trust dem one bit

    1. That’s the way I think it will end, either kartel police fren dem ago shoot him or dem pay a next gunman to do it.

  4. met u see all lizard family..all a dem move from waterford and the sister that testify i heard police at her work place everyday but what i want to know is how long are they going to guard her for???

    1. The witness is entitled to state protection, if the safety of such protection is breached then the state has to relocate him/her.

      1. We all kno how Jamaica’s witness protection system set!…the government doesnt have the housing of monetary means to facilitate witness protection hence they try their best to place officers at the witness work place or homes. All witnesses shud be removed from their current environment (wor, social and family) and placed in a controlled environment where the police monitor every movement.

        In jamaica no matter where you go you cant hide because the very police officers are gonna give up ur location or even kill you, so its just a matter of time before weed or one of his family member is killed. the police shud arrest weed under false pretence and place him in a lockup, but if a family member dies from because of his testimony’s then thats the price he has to pay for choosing to testify.

    1. mi nuh know a weh police fi get money plus dem deh police wah kartel off adi road long time…so dem well glad ….we must be frank hear Kartel is a nuisance kartel only have school pickney and tiki tiki a run him dund di FOUR HUNDRED REAL fand dem weh him have BOUGHT HIS ALBUM …..PPL KEEP SAYING HE HAS MONEY AND THIS AND THAT ALL ARTIST DEPEND ON TOURING AND HIM CAH LEF OFF A DI PLANTATION HE STUCK IN THE CARIBBEAN SO MI NUH KNOW A WHICH TOUR ….HIM FULL A BEAR ILLUSION ……DAM VILLAGE SINGER

  5. real is a 50/50 some police want him head while some dont same like in waterford some want him stay lock up while some dont…

    1. mi fren if one man one you out and 99 man want in …yu sitll have a 50/50 chance …..fi him deed a between him and God

  6. The problem with these newspaper reports are that they are not sending out the reports accurately. They leave out a lot of what the witness says and paints a picture like the witness is changing his story over and over. The other day they reported that the witness said he saw Lizard motionless with someone standing over him with a block but they failed to mention that he also said the same day that Lizard’s throat was also slashed. I think the newspaper is deliberately trying to paint a bad picture of the witness. I say this because I get my news firsthand and from what my source tells me goes on in court, the newspaper leaves out a lot of critical details and it’s either they do so deliberately, or they are not getting accurate news and I think it is the former and not the latter.

    1. Is same thing my link tell me, she said i should not believe everything the media is saying. and most of the jury think Kartel guilty

      1. The media obviously has their own agenda but unfortunately the case is tried before a JUDGE & JURY both of whom has heard the testimony of the witness.

  7. Witness protection in Jamaica is no protection. After that case done the same police them who a protect him might be the ones to kill him. Them say see and blind hear and deaf in Jamaica. # some fi dead and some fi go prison. I don’t sorry for none. The whole a them a criminal from weed , to lizard to kartel. Birds of a feather flock together . They were all once friends and send out boys for kartel. Why weed don’t talk the works them what he go on for kartel. Them all is one. My opinion …

    1. He not on trial for the “works” he carried out for kartel, he’s a witness in a murder case so he’s there to speak on what he saw.

  8. Also, fi who a talk bout prosecution don’t have no evidence. There is evidence. They have everything you can think of and I mean EVERYTHING. The only way these will not show up in court is if something “happens” to them but I can tell you that there is way more than you think.

  9. Witness can take care of himself. he is a gunman, so anybody a come after him have to come good. The fact that Kartel in jail and nuh money not running like one time, may cause some of Kartels goons to move on to other feeding tree.

    Witness more concerned about his family, because they may not have the means to defend themselves.

    1. Witness is not a gunman, he hid the guns for the gunmen…. no way he would’ve gone to that house knowing that his life was in serious jeopardy without a gun.

  10. Not every gun man own a gun. Guns expensive. He can very well be a gun man but haffi use gun wa Kartel supply and return it after him done mash him work.

  11. di whole ting was ah set up fi kill Lizard from long time, Weed as you guys call him was not suppose to be involved….but it so happen hm did…..Kartel did have it out fi Lizard from months before all dis even tek place, ah bait him bait him up…….shhhhh

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