The St James police have released the identity of the gunman who was shot and killed after he wounded nightclub operator and dancehall promoter Corey Todd on Thursday morning.
The deceased has been identified as Corey Grant, 29, unemployed of 2 Warehouse Avenue, Kingston 2.
The police recovered a Glock 17 9mm pistol from the body of Grant.
Reports are that about 5:00 am, Todd, who operates the Taboo Nightclub in Fairview, St James, was closing the facility when he was shot in his arm by Grant.
The police said a licensed firearm holder, who was in the company of Todd during the attack, challenged Grant who was shot and killed.
The police are now seeking a motorcyclist who is believed to have been the accomplice of Todd’s attacker, but sped away after the nightclub operator was shot.
No motive has been established for the attack.
— Horace Hines


    1. Yawdie, yuh know dat the police shoot this decent, law-abiding citizen in cold blood because di police man bad mind him for him expensive chain (di same one him wearing in di picture) and, we all know seh is di Observer reporter plant di Glock on dis Christian father of five lovely children, juss fi get a buss.

  1. Anoymous…….you and yu comedy so early inna de mawning….DWL…..yu too bad ooo. Behave yuself!!!!

  2. So it change from police passing by now ?People like cory todd is no good for jamaica ,Jamaica have enough corrupt and bad people .

      1. Don’t read or correct them, they will see only what they want to see. It’s a waste of time. Dem nah do nothing fi Jamaica n want people who a employ people out a di country. The wickedest thing is that Dem same one will fight out n teef from them own n kill Dem same way

    1. Was Corey quoted in any of the reports at all? Also Jamaica really need fi get rid a di corruption starting with these hungry belly do anything for money boys. Corey graduated from high school n decided to futher his education in crime. He now has earned his PhD.

    2. Not even the lying star said anything bout a passing by police. See all the one jAY a write long speech wid a bag a rass lie :ngakak mek him never inform the authorities fi reduce the corruption of the “innocent” no want no job youths…negro please :salahkamar

  3. Anon2 mi did ah tink along dem same lines deh eno :ngakak but did ah wait fi confirmation from di keepers/fambily/friends/providers of impeccable character references fi come forward. Now dat we hab dat pertinent piece of information…..how dem gwine tuh explain di GSR (gunshot residue) from di investigative reports. No buyas here people….just a situation dat nuh really concert mi, but intrigue mi.

    1. Yawdie, dem nuh haffie explain no GSR. All dem haffie seh is “Is lie dem a tell pan di yute”. Yuh know, same like how den frame Vybz Kartel…

  4. Met without people to corrupt them nuff of these yutes would live a normal life .In the past Jamaica was tougher yet we survived without killing and robbing .
    People like the Corey that live have corrupted a lot of decent yutes .Look what his protege Kartel did .Kartel was in badness and then became a decent yute after linking with corey he wanted to be don .I had a aquaintance who used to send millions to purchase guns in order to be a Don .This guy was from a good home and was even christian ,he came to farrin got involved in drugs and was making crazy money .He corrupted a lot of yutes lives and was killed by one of his own guns .He also was a business man. As a yute I used to see business men come in our lane to unload hundreds of kilos of white stuff ,they were protected by the don from west ,all these were clean business men .One was a top exec at a mining or company ,he or someone close to him was killed,either him or his wife,don’t remember clear but badmind jamaicans were blamed for killing this nice drug dealing business man .I don’t like drug dealers that try to pass as business men ,they destroy the economic prospects of real business men and cause people to lose jobs whenever their dealings is busted .i see a lot of these drugs dealers in the media talking about their investment in jamaica (probably the only safe place they can still corrupt ),they come from all over .whenever they pick up a copper or two,i see people blaming badmind jamaicans ,No it’s never their drug dealing ways that catch up with them,never their arms smugglings,it’s always some badmind jamaican guy that take it up on his head to shoot the nice nice business man.

    1. Who fi blame? If the minds of those people weren’t corrupt more than desperate they would not part take in those activities u say those big men encourage. A lot of them hearts are wicked and cold. They can rob n not kill but they will kill u without really robbing you because their dark spirits call for blood. These same people u speak of these killers also believe in the power of shed blood. It is deeper than u think but it begins and ends with them. Many don’t want to work even if u give then a job. Why is that??

  5. di funny ting is that ….Cory seh if nuh body try kill him a akartel did promise …mi cah manage …..mi nuh know why dem kill st. lucifer and how him so brave ride pon bike back go straight a mobay fi go look up inna core y todd face and mek man shoot him fi go look pon corey

  6. Met morning O! And all my colleague
    Them web not supporting criminal elements, mi not looking at them bout corrupt people mind, God give u a mind of u own, we have a choice, nuh body can’t use mi fi do what I don’t want to do. Some of the most influential criminals are very intelligent, all when some boy hungry and have one shut pan dem back, u can’t bribe them and give them no gun fi guh kill nobaddie, them prefer dead fi hungry, some people are weak minded, as a result, they will do anything. Not just because them in need, some do it for the hype, some through wants, some through the thrill of it, and some is just some yes man, and press bottom, stupid and fool fool, everyone has a choice, Cory as some people stated went to high school, was a runner, he could have done better, he choose to work as a career killer, so I don’t want to hear this pity party when people make a decision to be a criminal.

  7. So yuh mean fi tell mi this bredda left Kingston go all di way a Mobay go meet him death smh licky licky neva fail yuh shudda tan a yuh yard…yuh too damn nuff

  8. Met: mek mi show yuh a ting,di bwoy weh a give di information bout him inna di meeting a di same youth weh get weh,him life inna danger,same set a man mi did a war with,dem feel like dem a run jamaica,di top man a try buyup everything a jamaica!!!!!!!!!

    1. Who is the ‘top man’ dear triston? cause if a no china him come from fi him shopping spree nah go succeed and all the chiney dem nah go succeed and prosper fi long cause Jamaica bless and it curse at the same time.
      Morning Met and all non defenders of murderers and thieves.

      1. Lol pp howdy oo. Mi say it all the time, until it reaches their door step then will it become a problem to them. They don’t justify people that have wronged them or their family but they sure justify violence carried out on other people. They lack empathy. Jamaicans treat each other worst than u would treat an animal, in fact animals are more valuable to them than human lives.

  9. @Met are you saying major criminals should be left alone to corrupt the yutes ?Or are you saying that the yutes should know better than to be corrupt ? Why feel sorry for these major criminals when they get their gunshot then ? In my lane there was another yute who was a cool yute,went to evening class and trying to better himself .A gay major criminal pulled him in ,all of a sudden he had lots of money and was doing well.Very soon he was doing more than well ,they found him with his body full of holes after he ordered the killing of someone who had an argument with his brother .Few years later I asked what become of the man that corrupted him ,oh he got killed at his gas station in an apparent ”hit” . Major criminals are destroying jamaica by targeting the desperate weak minded yutes,who in turn ,turns on the people of Jamaica .The sooner these major criminals get a white sheet or prison sentence the better it is for Jamaica .

    1. Jay I’m shocked honestly. Aren’t u responsible for your own behavior? As I said before many of these criminals don’t want a job first of all. Secondly please do not tell me that these people are not accountable for their own actions. So please don’t point fingers at the corrupt big men as if it’s all on them. What many need to learn is simply to love each other. Our culture is lacking on this. These big men could not find them if they couldn’t be found. Please don’t justify our cultural wrongs.

      1. It will ALWAYS be the bigger heads fault (business owner, government, police and the boogy man) with nuff people.
        crimes and criminals will continue to fester in the ghettos because people allow it fi fester. Dem vote pon a 5 year dinner plan, create havoc inna dem communities and only work when dem hungry.

        1. 5 year??? MI glad u bring it to what it is because u real nuh rass. Pp if u promise them a night dinner they will carry out the world of wrongs. Not 5 night jus one. It’s all about a nights dinner . They don’t even do that shit for nothing but a pot of food

          1. When dudus was in tg n a get contract money did he put any of them from down there to work on those contracted jobs? All dem do a go every day n beg him fi see if one day them a go get lucky n get a night dinner. That one night dinner mek him God to them

          2. The 5 yr is the selling of vote fi who will become PM.
            Met, me sit and me listen and listen to ALL the excuses and not one mek sense.
            The excuses are always the same “a ghetto me come from, a dat me know”…yet the corrupting “big heads” came from said ghettos…case and point you reference in the post below regarding dudus.
            Me soon come back cause me like how this conversation ago 😀

  10. Bwoy back wen mi did younger mi did tink sey gunman/ teef a some cut in a face crusty looking man lol..nice looking youth could a do something positive wid him life but him choose fi tek up gun smh. Well him live by di gun an him die by it. Who knows how many more lives he took. I just feel sorry for the kids that are left behind to morn him.

  11. ” The bandits were reportedly challenged by an off-duty police who was passing by.”
    ”A policeman who was at the location responded by firing at the gunmen, one of them was hit. He died on the spot”
    Jamaica gleaner
    ”The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is now investigating a shooting at the Taboo Night Club in Montego Bay, St James early this morning in which two men were shot.”
    INDECOm only invesatigate police shootings .The police investigates all other shootings .

    1. jAY? What’s your point? Observer reported the following this morning:
      “The police said a licensed firearm holder, who was in the company of Todd during the attack, challenged Grant who was shot and killed.”
      Yes INDECOM investigates officers…because this one used his/her firearm to ward off an attack on a member of the public. Once you are a Police you forever on duty, all when it don’t involve getting paid. If a police in their house and crime a gwan a dem gate they must respond.
      Again your point is…?

  12. If I understand clearly what jAY is trying to say is that the general comments on this matter is painting Corey T as a good businessman who people just bad-mind and want to kill for nothing. If we are going to be honest with ourselves as Jamaicans we all know the level of corruption in our country not normal and many (MANY) of us know so called businessmen who ply legal trade while doing illegal activities undercover. Now before you jump on my case about it, please note I do not know anything about Corey T’s undercover life (as I suspect is the same for most of you) so I am not saying he is corrupt. However jAY’s point no more invalid than sketelbam’s point that many of these youths do not need anyone to lead them astray. And I do recall the early reports saying the police was a licensed firearm holder passing by but we must realize that news flash reports are not going to be the most accurate. Love and Respect.

    1. You made a very clear and fair statement; many don’t know how the sun rise and set with Corey T (myself included), but due to the the circumstance and some tidbits about the dead one the range of opinions are harsh because the end of his life exposed his affairs, same how Corey T own will in the long run.
      BTW: Dude should have known about Omens…how you fi go kill somebody with the same first name as ones self? 😀

  13. Every minute dem come yah a chat bout who a do wah fi di yutes dem. Dem seh dis murderah used to run, so why him didn’t pursue a career in sports? Why him didn’t set up some camp fi di poor bwoys dem in him community fi train and help dem get furda eena life?

      1. Yesss das y the same like minded ones come a farrin n teef the people dem things because they are too good to clean shit. Tell them bout n dem will want to kill u because u a ‘bring dem down’ n dem already dung deh

        1. You know it.
          Look pon 2 females featured here. dem come from a home widout a toilet 😀 and instead of having ambition and set them family standards pon high dem a some prideful merchandise thieves. I can’t understand how people prideful and embrace criminality like a warm ray of sunshine.
          Me thank the creator everyday fi how my life path corrected itself. I was on a path of self destruction at one time, but ambition along with the love of BOOKS and EDUCATION was always with me. All if you illiterate trade out de fi learn.

  14. I don’t know wa gwaan but mi start wonder if Todd knew this man and it was just a confrontation fi real. It’s sooo have to believe a man left town as a pillion on a bike go all di way a mobay ina one dutty shirt and piece a old shorts go do hit work. As tough as Jamaica is mi nuh think man idle so a rass.. just saying

  15. This was clearly not an hit and the stories are changing so often especially by members of one of the most corrupt police force on earth a.We need to campaign against criminals using Jamaica as a play ground .
    Hope indecom find out what’s the relations between the police, this man and the guy that got ”grazed” in the ”hit” ,yet his car got shot up after the fact .A so dem gunman yah idle ?

  16. All who nuh want hear or read unno better love up the reality:- the two hit & miss man dem leff Allman Town guh bungle the “work” & one drap out and the other one mek it back to Allman Town, like that rass don’t care man him be.

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