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        1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

          Dem sey di truth HURT! Dat deh dress no look good fi bride wear go a ar reception… CLASSLESSSSSSSSSSS raised to the 10th power.

  1. F**k i used to admire her until I saw this dress ON HER WEDDING DAY! Her day or not this was just CLASSLESS!!! This is every day dancehall wear that she could have worn elsewhere, but I guess when you don’t know better nobody cannot really expect no better. I can only imagine the older folks like the parents giving each other the eye when she walked out inna this! If Aidonia is anybody him supposed to feel shame to. Who leave them batty jaw them outa door fi go cut wedding cake?! Lose offa har!

  2. Really as a reception dress though. And everybody there acting like this was OK! that was very class less Kim not at your wedding man. One question?? Was the idea show your family and friends your ass…just in case they did know what kind of whore (cough) woman he was marrying. I know men not suppose to see what the bride is wearing but hell no. My hubby would have ask me “if ah ass me ah sell” to wear something like that in front of his father and mother and relatives. Don’t forget the kids! It was a very tacky choice. Regardless of that… I wish them happiness in their union!

      1. mi seh Met out of all the ppl dem in her bridal party, one a dem couldn’t tell her no goodie no dweet wait til another event yuh wear dat but not on your wedding day might as well she kept on her wedding dress for the reception. Heights a caylisness dat enuh. Not even Kim Kardashian all the naked dat love walk naked never did that a fi har wedding. Tacky man

    1. @G mi see some things…but I never see this yet!

      And you kno even tho she deh wid him mi did always a look pon har fi seh she hav likkle class to har. No sah! Gal a real skets! Cause she coulda more than find something that woulda look classy and up deh!

  3. Now u all see why there was so much empty seats smh time and place for everything, your wedding day is when u act like a lady with class even if u a ho thats why most ppl wear white is a disgrace

  4. Is this for real? There is no way I am going to believe this, tasteless, classless, rachet and everything in between, how the hell her Man/Husband let her walk out in that for a reception dress? My lwad what is not this? Tacky is not even the word, Me shame for the man, How can you stand up beside a female who whore that to your wedding reception? Yow? These are the B8tches that always get wife up anyways. I cannot and will not believe this is what she whore and the ma beside her a cut cake, Me uterus! Looking like a whore and skettel My Gwadddd. :ngakak In her Tidebuy.com dress. Lady? you is no good and your friends and family is no better because you must show someone your after dress and they let you wear it.

  5. Speechless this is so hood so ghetto so tacky omg really that’s dancehall wear no sah u can’t take the ghetto rat from some dem

  6. Yes Met! I was one of those commenting on your earlier posts about the reception dress being tacky and that was before I saw the back smh. And to di ppl weh a run een bout badmind, please spare us. I am happy they tied the knot but that doesn’t mean I have to like the dress. What’s worse is the people defending this when they know it look bad fi true.

  7. I’ve seen pornstars wives wearing more clothes n classier stuff at the AVNs(the Oscars of porn industry).I would’ve called off the wedding smh.best of luck to y’all both!

    1. Yardie mi nuh agree wid u luv fi apple, but u rite. Cuz mi did a expect har fi walk dung di aisle inna one bedazzled Chantilly lace onesie, but u gurl slayyeeddd at har obeah wedding. She nailed, sexy and classy she surprised mi. Fi reals. Met fi run a side by side wid apple and kim. But wi nuh waan apple conbust from di attenshun.

  8. Mnl, mi just a go seh di dress was a statement telling all mates, ex bunna gal, future bunna gal, and haters fi come kiss out her ra$$

    da dress yah must win some kinda jmg award at di end a di year tho!!! neverrrrr in all my days!!!!!!!

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  9. Wow,this woman do not have honest friends.The only explanation to this might be that her friends/bridesmaids didn’t see the dress until it was time to wear it.Because nobody with common sense will allow a bride on her first wedding to wear something like this.she could have wear a knee length or even a mid thighs length bodycon under it instead of this tacky bodysuit.I don’t like to criticize brides,but this is really tasteless,classless,and unnecessary.

  10. Nowadays so call friends just standby in the midst of f**ry just for the laugh. None a unno pon here should never ever be surprise eno weh you expect a dance hall queen in the making getting married to a singjay fi wear. Uno lucky lmbcao eno

  11. Money cant buy you class, way before this dress I realize that she dresses very trashy but ACTS classy at the same time. Sketel bam

  12. Friends nuh need fi tell her nutten. Doesn’t she have a mother, aunts, grandmother and other womenfolk in her family to guide her? Also there are some ppl you caan tell nutten cause dem nuh humble enough fi teck correction, those ppl you leave alone. I don’t know her personally, so I cannot speak to why she chose to wear this. Some folks love the naked dressing and that is there thing. Maybe dem a lifestyle ppl so who knows.

  13. yll need to sdfu and leave the woman alone let her live tf. so what its her wedding let her wear whatever she chooses to wear at her reception.. its modern time now.. half a yll always half naked anyways.

    1. Here we go, for sure a Ghetto hood rat would run in :ngakak Modern time now? To wear this tacky dress to your reception? Go tell your friend she need to have to class unuh old reptobate.

  14. This dress is in POOR POOR taste yuck but I honestly don’t see how ppl curse someone for the way dem comb their hair as this might be how she’s comfortable down to the color whey di ppl dem chose some a unnu a cuss n that screams petty n jealousy to me. Now the wedding was a beachside event cute, the venue was not lavish but nicely done the only thing that spoil this wedding is that vulgar dress
    Pls note that marriage is the holiest of union a blessed occasion so all who a bite n tear up dem self hush cause dem done married n him coulda a wine 9,999 other chicks he only married her not to say this is right but HE CHOSE HER SO UNNU HAFFI GO LIVE WITH IT!!!!!

  15. I wish them nothing but the best!! But when I saw the back of that dress I thought how ghetto and inappropriate for a wedding, you have your children, parents, grandparents, pastor etc… Of course it’s their wedding, but that doesn’t stop me from having an opinion! Absolutely classles

  16. MET, not even the tacky trashy gypsies on Gypsy Weddings nuh look suh. Lady where is your clASS? an don’t seh mi neva know a, suh it sheer, di is sheer ghetto. All di best on unu union, still, and bless her heart.

  17. Wear it rass, yes! After all, wedding day or naah, TRASH IS TRASH!!!!! If you consider yourself ANYTHING close to a lady (tying the knot mek mattaz wussarah), you should NOT be caught dead or alive in anything such! Matters not the occasion, last (0) class, IS last (0) class! She COULDN’T HAVE picked a better dress/occasion! Inna di same breath, congrats, mi nuh like unnu, but mi LOIKE ITTTTT!!!!!

    Met, Simply and the whole LINK, big up unnu damn self!!!!!

    1. I thought you would have learn when Met done you nastyness, Bad mind for that classless dress? Lisa go bade! You stink like dog doodoo. This girl is Tacky at her own wedding unuh Gwey.

  18. My girl coulda put on a cute likkle dress fi di reception cause Yuh dun have on white aready a Yuh wedding. Den Yuh put on a tun back Christian contradiction dress. Unnu tek white too lightly…. pure white all di way but wid slackness…. Mi feel like a real virgin like wah just come from di hospital fi wear so much white Mi nuh know why she dweet. Wear color an stap disrespect white. Sumting bout har.

  19. Real talk guys! The dress looks tacky for an reception. She could of choosen a million if other dresses that was more appropriate for the event. Not tryna bring her down but its the truth. You have to know how to dress at certain occasions.

  20. Oh when will they ever release Princess Apple’s wedding pics?? Homegirl woulda show u how to slay chic n classy Dancehall style! No more Dancehall weddings nuffi tek place without the bride 2 be consulting with Apple…charge a small fee too Princess n u will mek a killing.

    Nuff respect WNPP everytime!

  21. Not only was the dress tacky, but, he sang words from his ‘yuh body rite eeh’ song while walking her down the aisle. Wally British posted it on her instagram.

    1. ROFL. This is too fckng much now. Suh no Percy Sledge, Babyface or Michael Bolton fi dem. Dem new generation ppl yah. Nobody nuh seh you nuh fi hab fun a you wedding, but dis is on a whole diffrant lebel. Anywho, dem try and I wish them and dem generations all the best.

      1. Lawd ghad and mi did post last night seh, I guess him look pon har and seh”girl yuh are di one,” an a dat hik serenade har wid mi a real sidekick (not psychic) like miss cleo calll mi nowwww!!

    2. that video was actually really cute putting the dress aside he didnt sing the dirty lyrics n it was a really cute entrance sit the f**k down

  22. Can imagine you a try eat di dinner at the reception and dis batty a waft over u plate, smh. Yesterday i was gonna say its not my taste but it wasnt awful. Til I saw her ass cheeks out

  23. Never been I seen this yet *rosie voice* now I see y donia choose the song he does to enter the reception.. Lawwd bless this Union! Met n metters never forget ” A butu in a Benz, is still a butu” … Catch Unu later

  24. Met and her ppl dem too bad! Y did u guys edit the woman dress???? This is not real and mi know it . Show the real pichu and stop badminding ! Please say it isn’t so please

  25. She could have worn one a dem super short dress wid alta back n f**k me heels. Just cover the bare essentials and then mek ppl imagination run wild wid the rest u see it. If my wife waah be super sexy fi palaav pon ar frenz (cough) and/or mate pon her day fine but u affi dweet wid tact. A nuff wedding mi go and just to how the frock dem hug d woman dem, likkle skin a show some weh and dem shape shub up and dem likkle string string or lack there of show and dem nice shoes and lady like behavior (all when u know d gyal bad like yaaawz) mek u say, “wow mi wudda knock it eno” but still behave n gwaan like u a smaddy. Bring it just to where the imagination affi tek ova thats all. So like fi this dress even if she ago show ass, the cut too high so too much ass a show. Nuh want mi best man a stiff up ova mi wife. But hey dem cudda have a nude wedding eno? Congrats same way because them do a honorable thing putting everything else aside.

  26. Someone stated “its modern time”
    Met u see the mentality that is messing up our young people?

    Fisrt congrats to z couple, married life is good when u r living it the right way, god bless them n keep their union.

    None of those dresses did it for me, the bride looks tasteless like a discounted barbie. She desperately needed a stylist or a decent one.
    Everyone should know that tbe WOW factor at any wedding is d dresses, then d cake then reception venue.

    For them it was to impress people who arnt used to anything at common RIU kmt..like dont they stay there all z time; Or that gave them spcl discount?

  27. :ngakak Unno please tuh leave har alone. Di *blushing* bride wanted to be different and so she felt like she needed to color coordinate wid di sacred wedding cake :ngakak She set di tone pon har wedding day..it clearly says “Anything Goes” …:travel

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