This man say him book in a brand name hotel and set up a camera fi see wha di hotel maid a go gwaan wid.She go from tablet to luggage to computer , checking everything before she straighten the bed. While she a straighten she stop and go search then . Dem wont learn fi leave people things alone because she is a up and coming opportunistic teef …she waiting pan di opportunity fi teef di right thing at the right time..Some people say a Hampton Inn but whichever hotel it be it look bad because staff a fass more dan how dem a work

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  1. Mi see dis weh day and mi mad fi gi dis bumpy face gyal ah F train box. She guh through di people dem tings like ah fi har. Slowly but surely she ah guh get promoted tuh fingersmith, den before yuh know it ah jail she deh fi thiefT….:travel

  2. As much as shi wrong fi going chu him tings, wah kinda privacy ppl really expect fi get eena hotel now? Di ongle place you can get privacy is in your own home and sometimes nuh even desso.
    Di video nah play properly fimmi suh mi caan seet.

  3. My co workers and I were staying at a hotel in Negril, my manager sent me to her room to get her pills. I saw two phones on charge, when I left the room, thirty minutes later they went in and the phones were gone. The cops came and the maid cried saying it wasn’t her……Only God could tell me otherwise.

  4. Well I am a housekeeper…and it pay too dam well 4 me to look twice at ppl stuff..I just do my 15rms and keep it moving…den again ppl stuff no red mi yeye…

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