1. 20 INCH HOOD :matabelo :matabelo FE AH 16 YR OLD “VIRGIN”, NO MAN FE PUNNY MUST “DEEP-ENDABLE” :cystg :cd

  2. Can somebody tell this “child” that if a man has a 20 inch penis, he would literally pass out every time he got hard, for lack of blood to the brain!!!!!! Girl bye!

    1. Not true. Half the blood comes from the brain and the other half come from the man feet. So, two things will happen. One, he will act very stupid and two, he will not be able to run away. Either way, she will have a captive audience and will be able to do with him whatever she please and he won’t be able to resist. Dumb and paralyze…not a good position to be in as a man.

  3. Fi har needs nuh jus special, dem very sprecial. She not even ah look fi man weh hab education, owna place, or good job. Ah big hood, nyam cratches-good, and sweet smelling arm man she waan. Likkle gyal guh tek yuh book and learn fi wash out yuh crevices… :bola

    1. Yawdy, dat what she need the nyaamy nyaamy man for…tuh use him long licky licky tongue fe wash ar genital crevices…mi seh mi meet wa African man ah wa gas station one time *nice looking man*…the man simi ah come ova come talk tuh mi ana lean up pa mi car as mi ah pump mi gas…yuh so when di man arm odor punch mi inna mi nose, dat was the end of the conversation.

        1. Yawdy, I jus hurry up pump the rest ov the gas quick fast and ask di gentleman tuh please remove his arm from mi vehicle…when him remove it ah come ah mi window fe continue conversate mi jus speed off drive weh lol…

  4. Mi see some young girls a sell fi dem to di highest bidder, one girl never meck mussi 2 million off her or summen like dat. Betta dis one did guh dat route instead a juss a geet up fi a big hood.

  5. Omg.1.Where the hell is her parents? 2.Which part a she can take can take 20 inches. Dem seh young bird no know storm definitely she is it. At her age one have to feel sorry for her bcuz she is inexperienced and greatly delusional.What is the age of consent in this country? Damn uneducated, inexperienced, delusional, misguided child seeking attention.

  6. Body cum dung she a look, dat 20 inch hood very special yes, mi never know dem come dat big. Ha chest well high mi naw lie

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