1. WEh we do duh wid this now metty rich people ah duh dem thing.she can dig anything and get eh wid it. Only thing all of the Theives gone f**k up someone credit fi get har bag… bruck neck fi who teef and dash it pon ig first then the borrowing start.

    1. Kim’s sex tape and their shrewd business sense. The only thing I admire is their ability to build an empire off a sex tape and a big batty.

    1. Likkle money yes, but memba Kim use to work as a stylist/closet designer fi di real celebs like Paris Hilton till she buss whe cause a di sex tape..

  2. Their father was a part of the infamous defense team for OJ Simpson. They have always been hustlers. Great-grandparents had a garbage company. Kim was a personal stylist for a lot of celebrates. At the end of the day their talent is making money. They know how to do that very well, always thinking outside the box. Every opportunity to expand their brand is explored. We defiantly can’t be mad at that. All the kids are winning.
    At the end of the day they are popping bottles, taking trips, running successful business, have portfolios,
    own mansion and on TV. What is Donald Trump’s talent? Winning.

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