Wendy Pretty!!! but ur life nah PRETTY again!


JMG this is wendy! aka Wendy Pretty
She is a regular longtime now, she eva ah walk n brag bout her Dare tings n clothes dem!
But now she nah brag n boas cause she get short ah clothes n money! she cuss out everybody
inna party all Myspace bout her man n him end up cheat pon her n left her! she walk n talk
all her friend dem all her so call Best friend Gina Spectacular! Her man diss her now Wendy nah
stop repeat her clothes dem, all pieces fr 4yrs back n point mout boots wey outdated she start back
ah wear!

Tru her babyfadda shorten her food ah mine nextgal Wendy cant keep up wit di lastest
trend! nuttin nah wrong fi repeat ur tings dem! but 2 `FASHION GODDESS’ Wendy is a fashion
fail! cause she walk n chat how ppl look n live, now her life waan sawtout all her breast dem waan
Re-do 2 how she get stressout fr her man problems n bankrupt livin!! Wendy is wht really happen
how ur Hottest turn Flopness ova nite!

Hey met, it seems like twin pauls neice is due this month to give birth to wendy’s husband Jr. She’s 19yrs old and having a boy, wendy looks so stressed out mi nuh know why she still deh wid Jr he put tamica up inna one nice condo and nuh stop spend pon har she’s a pretty girl thats giving wendy a run for her money. Gina and wendy frienship of more than 15yrs mash up cause dem seh gina did ah fren up di likkle girl while she an wendy was suppose to be bench an batty p.s. I myself got money off ah SMALL HOOD JR.



  2. You know i taught gina was a nice respectable person, i didnt know she gossip about others the way i see her behave on social media and in the party world i though her focus was on her job and her kids never heard her name call on a man nothing wow

  3. One of these Days,smaddie haffi go defend the lil dick brothas on here.They keep getting the shortenD of the stick n diss n yall just shortchanging their value to society. Nuff a unno a face it cuz is ONLY the long Dick unno Men bring to the table smh.

  4. This ain’t nothing new. People who are attracted to the dancehall often lack substance. Usually they are very shallow, two-faced, bad-mind, envious/jealous and just an all-around shyt house. The women spend their whole teenage and early adult hood years searching to find the right dyck to suck (or in 2016 puzzy to nyam) in order to live the hype life and the men get into all sorts of phuckry just so they can buy puzzy and tings to paint the false illusion that they are rich. The people stunting the most at these parties are usually the brokest, and if you ever par wid REAL RICH niggas in Jamaica you will also notice that they’re the cheapest motherphuckers you will ever encounter. Don’t fall for all the smoke and mirror tactics 90% of the dancehall crowd is bruk but Boasty.

  5. Wendy no better than Tamica cause JR did a ROB AND KILL WEN HIM DID DEH WID AR. OLE GERMS BOX DE WHOLE LOT A UNNO.

  6. mi nah laugh but that wendy chick is a bitch. Then the ugly looking man she have now is her only hope. Did you guys see his head? ugh
    anyways Tamika is actually sweet but no ambition though because from when she here and no papers, nothing. All that money jr have he could pay someone to sort you out

    1. De sed way Wendy coulda get him fe sort ar out. Dem gal deh live fe Christian Louboutin and Balenciaga. No formal education. No assets. Nothing. Kemario need fe as fast as he can while he still have him freedom.

  7. Damm tamika dont have no papers she better mind fbi calll ice on her. Wendy dont got papers either and wendy ah big old near 50 odd years old. Yes gina mixup from long time she still deh with the lickle bwoy q

  8. That fi show say at the end of the day all the hype and flossing make no sense.. how u live so u end up!!jamaican man too hype and shallow love tek up some idiot gal just thru body and face and no ambition them have.. all them do a live fi show off pon ppl pon social media with either them scamming or drugs money!!

  9. Tameika don’t have papers and me hear say them link her and tell her day anyhow she did a communicate with junior them nah make she get no papers bcz he is a fugitive …

  10. How can she not communicate with her own child father den again I don’t know laws of the land for ppl that don’t straight in america all this showoffness pon social media n them not straight priority backwards

  11. how them drive car and don’t have papers??? simple question is a jamaican drivers license tamika use or what and apple and all of them?

  12. No man Wendy have papers she just can’t travel because of her rap sheet but dem say junior paid someone to sort out tameika but Wendy have her minions Weh praise her in her page all when she don’t look good pure likes poor thing and kemario he is another one btw anybody know about the shoplifting case he caught last month in Long Island his court date was the other day I never k ew Wendy was still stealing what a life

  13. Tameika do not have green card only social because of Obama laws she get social , so no junior did not pay nobody to sort out her .. don’t know both Wendy … she couldn’t because he is s fugitive … them did treaten her I guess now that them have him she can talk to him …

    1. Wendy cannot travel because her greencard was REVOKED due to her inability to shop stealing. Wendy wicked wid the stealing eno… She used to dress in FEDEX uniform an ROB DELIVERY TRUCKS WHENEVER THEY MADE DROPOFFS TO BLOOMIES AN OTHER HIGH END DEPARTMENT STORES. Keep playing stupid and you are bound to get the juice on your teefing fren.

  14. Ok anonymous me just a play devil’s advocate me never hear wendy a travel but me jus a go by hearsay wendy said she came in the country with her green card well maybe kemario can give her the greencard what a life

  15. Is this Wendy that live in Long Island? she tief bad all shrimp and chicken, dis girl wouldn’t even buy a candy she tief everything. Look good but no character.

  16. almighty puss an dog no got the same luck people see peple a travel an follow dem and get sheg, unda this rass all who no got green card with record might not get it the jankro say him a purge the place a criminals people a rejoice over it, weh people a go a ja go do??? the gadgets alone put u in danger, if people want borrow u clothes or u laptop an no gi u back, carful how u move to them, the police say domestic murders very high

  17. This is soooo disgraceful, all those designer stuff she pose in, all those trips she and her frens take, even the expensive ride and no damn papers, dats y i dont look at these waste ppl on social media, from wicked gina, wendy, tamica, apple, bobby and the list goes on….everybody a try out do each other in designers and dem priorities nuh right. How often i see these ppl die and cant even bury themselves, their family have to walk round with collection plate and pick up pennies to put dem under ground. I see too much of these girls cant even make their rent without the drugs man, if he dont talk to them for a day they goes insane. Which big man mi coulda deh wit and him nuh sort mi out wit papers and a business, worst he’s mad older than me with a little dick. Tamica now u left as a single young girl with almost two kids, gal u have no ambition, i cant believe u were living in such a la la land… ur all a set of no ambition,hype idiots.

  18. That’s what tammica get tek the married man after she and her uncle wife twin Paul terry berry friend the gal go the gal yard and tek her man member she and dem use to walk and go kids parties Tamika karma bite you baud ode hard eeh man f**r you Hope you stay forever in love now for life tamika a idiot gal she salt her pups fed lock up fe dem crew wha day ya her Muma dem say a ore and she a ore anyone have the video with Tamilka whay she did go out a town a dance go go now terry set up tamika and see a gal mash up her married to twin Paul what a piece a karma no sah

  19. Tamica a whore long time…har stepmother use to pawn har off to the highest bidder when dem come in a town! So bitch stop acting brand new! The days when u use to walk out in a dance hall and run and bum flick on all the available dicks and clean dancehall floor like mop and shine!

  20. Don’t know why people would even compare Wendy to tamica. Wendy owns a house and can obviously hold her own. Tamica was junior yes girl and live through junior. Without junior she’s nothing. They stay moving all the time because they are always owing rent and has to move out the people them high paid apt. When they don’t owe rent they always have to move due to how junior always a rob the people dem. Same thing with her vehicle dem..always a loose them because of non payment! Don’t be fooled by their hype. They not about that live…the credit card dem weh har batty man fren dem use and buy up the things dem. Girl bye!

  21. Well it’s here let’s hope they don’t come for you one day Tamika the immigration has a way of liking to deport people associate with criminal gang enterprise Hun and by now they should know you father captured uncles twins auk and Peter sweets are all drug dealers so when alica your step Muma blinds gal did a pump you out she really destroy your life when she taugh you to be a home wrecker and tek up a married criminal

  22. Met why your forum has become a discussion about who’s got papers?
    I thought according to your rules it was a no no.
    I don’t know these people but I don’t see the relevance of that subject in these discussions.

  23. Bwoy it sticky i feel sorry for tamica she young and stupid hope the fbi dont call ice in her n dip her they good to do that poor girl but when you want the hype life thats what happens wendy just a hopeless case

  24. Well if u no now they catch jr yesterday wendy with her mean self buy cause u salt tammika u better move in a basement cause the shelter is going to reject u anyway save your money cause bail not going to be pretty or lawyer fees and big head monife your time soon come

  25. I just don’t understand for some of you, who are making the comments of wishing and hoping bad for people, do you know when you wish bad on another people it comes back on you ten fold or on your children… I do not understand why some people wish death on people, or wish jail time on people, bad mind is no joke around these parts, it’s a serious epidemic roun here real talk damn, what did these woman personally did to some of unno like serious why is the hate so damn strong for these two woman… I just can’t see it yet, that’s why I can’t bother with some people!!!

  26. Nobody is wishing jail time in any body, they did it them self. What happen to getting up every morning and go to work?

    1. Hard worker 9:43 pm – I understand about some people do things, that put them in the situation of jail, death or whatever else. The bed is made now you have to lie in it… And they should pay for their crime if they are found guilty and the evidence is sufficient enough to convict the right person… We have black men right now that have sat in jail for a crime they didn’t commit because the justice system failed them and on top of that their skin color and hatred put them behind bars, but now you see news article of black men being acquitted even though they have spent many years behind bars before they were late out, you know what these men are going through just to come back into society and adjust… My comment was what I’ve read throughout being on JMG that we has people have such deep hatred for one another, and that’s the reason the white men have such upper hand on us because if we don’t care about one another they don’t care to kill us or put us behind bars for years…
      I do feel if anyone does a crime, they need to pay for it, with evidence behind it…
      That’s all I’m saying… I do not come on here to bash people, or say anyone’s comment is less than, we are all entitled to our opinions and we all should be respected for it.. Time and time I get flack about my comments, because it’s not mix up enough… My energy will not be placed on putting my black people down but what I will do is have a civilized conversation with another person that I do not know, but never will I curse at you or degrade you because I don’t like your comment, no that’s not me… Respect goes a long way and it needs to be earned…
      I want to thank you for not going to the left with your response and I respect that….

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