Meet cleanteam newest victim lol are should I say next idiot. Bwoy mi a tell you them gal a maypen FOOL nuh rathid this bwoy nuh work ,boy nuh own a car, bwoy nuh live nuh weh affi a kotch with him fren. A gal affi a mine him “REAL WASTE MAN” gal a the car weh u av mek him a own u up, cause him like woman weh him can USE! If u nuh av nothing fi offer him, lol him nuh wah you. Unuh gal round maypen love fi say unuh a deh wid hype man, all cleanteam av fi hype a clothes WEH DAT AGO?? MR.CLEANTEAM ONE A YOU VICTIM AGO TUN “FATAL ATTRACTION” an KILL YOU. And sir stop f** Inna the gal car! oops man ago play wid u batty cause the life you wah live


16 thoughts on “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PIC


  2. Camele,Kim or tena send this in,scatta teeth camele leave the girl alone because you gone back to you fat sowa dogtail man.Kim gone a Cayman and still a give problem, tena you want some clothes stop falla and fass with ppl.scatta teeth camele you jealous cause dogtail can’t par with,cleanteam a give you headache the man tired a you green arm and you dirty style.

  3. Ok miss Harrison. u find fault with di man now because him lef u. True u never have no car????? u a drive puppy tail car now so leave di people dem alone. u vex him neva own u up

  4. Sender the next time you’re sending in a story, please ensure you construct it correctly. It’s evident that you are trying to draw unnecessary attention to the you lady, as if you wanted to blast the young man you could have done that without including her. it’s 2016 full time you stop arguing over man and bringing down other women. smh

  5. Woooeeee mi nice clean pretty fren keyla a mad May pen wanna b hot gyal dem Camile plz tek seven seats back u nu in a dis yah league yah u vex becuz fada clean up grade it’s like upgrading frm a Toyota to a x6

    1. So Spoon is the dude a deadbeat or not?!

      You a regula ova yah and you know enquiring minds want to know if is a deadbeat you fren de wid.

      She good looking and fi have har own whip mean she ambitious. So, is the dude a deadbeat? It good to have a regula give us insight pon sender’s charge.

  6. Camille sad asf u a whore kelz is a big uograde lifffff up u pussy watery like wah u cant no man. Even if d boy a whore him ago need a ddecent woman beside him two whore cant de. U bitter bad!!!! Ya regular run weh gal

  7. Kmt none a di gal dem a maypen weh call dem self hot dont have a rass job none no progressive none nah go a school unnu fi just come together and and uplift each other…big up me nice clean man him send me go school open store give me teck care a all me need teck care a me pickney weh har daddy dead.education is the key.

  8. This gal is no goodaz. Are file LONG wid maypen man! If mi drop one a the man them name weh she f**k all she shame!!!!!

  9. Yes she f**y f**y b she f**k nuff man mayb all a May pen but @least she get something outta r fuk she Ave a wip dnt??? She Tavel wen she ready and she Ave a store she pretty much ambisious if u ask me wat does camile ave ?? Camile y u sen md in dis story thou ??

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