PASSLEY GARDENS, Portland — Forty-four-year-old Cyprian Moncrieffe, a senior lecturer at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE), was found dead at his flat here yesterday morning, hours after he was reported missing by relatives.

Moncrieffe’s partially decomposed body was discovered by police and relatives, who forced open the door to the house after seeing swarms of flies in the vicinity.

He was last seen on the CASE campus on Friday. His 2013 Honda CRV, which is normally parked outside his flat, was noticeably missing, which raised suspicion among his colleagues. Calls made to his cellular phone went unanswered.

His body was found lying face down on a pillow with two knives lodged in the back of his head. Electrical appliances were also reportedly taken from his house.

Moncrieffe, who lived alone, was responsible for overseeing practicum at the college and was scheduled to have a meeting yesterday morning.

His death has sent shockwaves throughout the school community.

The Portland police are investigating.

0 thoughts on “WHAT A DEATH

  1. deh yah ah wait pon JFLAG fi come wid fi dem own report how forty witness see two bobo and five thug ah run from de scene ah shout fish fi dead, den Tanya Stevens and big tongue Diana King go bradcast pon face book bout how Jamaicans homophobic and ah kill off battyman and sodomites randomly…we poor Jamaica!!!..an fi all who waah stawt wid mi tidday Obara Meji nuh si oonuh!!!

  2. That is really sad how this man died…two knives to the head shit!
    Tanya Stephens and Diana king need to shut the hell up.JFlag need to teach there people against non violence and how to control them anger and jealousy.

  3. RIP to this man. whatever the motive was behind this, nobody deserves such a horrible death. I feel so disgusted by the senseless killings. What i really going on?

    1. Can you imagine how he suffered before he died…dem need fi start expose these violent gays in jamaica because these deaths a mek we look like animals

  4. Dis story ya really really sad. Not one, but two knives inna him headback? Dis is a completely different level of sickness!!!! Mi did have mi suspicion still you know, but mi did a wait fe hear more information from de investigators. Dis JFLAG organization might as well just close dem damn doors, and call it a day. De gay killing ting turn up a notch, and dem might have fe pay out all a dem money pon funerals fe bury dem members or supporters ; and you never know, it might be jus a matta of time before dem bun dung the building of its headquarters too.

  5. Where does the article say the man was gay? Its low and disgusting in the extreme to slander the dead. RIP to this poor soul and condolences to his family and friends.

  6. @mynameis i kno this man personally for over 15yrs and yes he his gay. He was married to his beautiful wife who came home from work one day and saw him and a man dead sleeping in their bed. She did nothing but went and call da neighbors and brought them bk to the home where both man were sleeping hugged together NAKED and this is not hear seh for i was a witness i was 14 bk then….. so no one is slandering this man he is gay…. RIP professor

    1. RR morning..a because we are homophobic why we arrived at that without anything…I am glad u can say something in relation to our claim because people really think we are crazy round here

  7. Really people? Are we not getting ahead of ourselves. One person says “I hear he was gay” and before you know it, the floodgates of commentaries, analyses, speculations and conclusions, are swung open wide. Already we are accusing J-FLAG, Tanya Stephens and Diana King. We are all sure that this was a crime of passion. Wow. And now that gentleman is dead, his sexuality the topic of discussion. And so what if he was gay? Did that affect the quality of his work? Many of the comments of this thread are sad and disturbing.

  8. This man been supposedly gay does not make his killing right.We are really getting at Tanya and Diana but aren’t our comments here borders on being homophobic? A country cannot continue to have its citizens slaughtered in this barbaric way and think i’s ok.May this man soul RIP !!!!

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