To whom it may concern. This is hector Stoute. I don’t know who is making comments on your blog and attributing them to me but please let them know I said to stop. I was involved in an embarrassing situation with someone on Facebook yesterday and I would like for it to die down. I do not choose to be on your blog and I am not making comments on your blog. So please put this disclaimer on your page. Thank you, respectfully hector Stoute

0 thoughts on “WHAT A FRIDAY!

  1. Raas… Hecta dat sound like one ah dem fox can’t get di grape an say it sour situation deh… Yuh cuss out har raas like any decent market woman would. Mi gaan fore yuh cum ” whom it may concern” mi to!

  2. Den if yuh want it fi die dung why yuh ova FB a put up post after post and adding fuel to the fire. You all put up pic of you and Andrea Goodas an a try drag di woman ina yuh blem up. Leave Andrea outta it. She has done her time on the wall and she recovered quite well. Yuh too mix up.

  3. Mhurdahhh inna di sun hot yah. The man say him buddy tell him not. Respect to the talking buddies :-). Old johncrow unno

    1. Him buddy was a tell him everything else but not. Janet pick up di madness and excuse herself now his whole world has collapsed

  4. A this them call war of the sexes, Mr. Hector the man in you just stepped out, but the woman in a you plays a more dominant role, you seems to have a dual personality, a weh the woman in a Yuh name? A but she name Marrie long tongue. Woooiiii dwrl

  5. Met this nasty Guyanese wannabe Jamaican man is a BIG MAMAMAN and mixup I can tell u that first hand he was looking me and all he did was classing up the Marlene and Clair saying their materlistic and fake and how much Marlene hubby FEDS a watch him for real estate fraud and he know that first hand…..he’s such a hater who want a damn buss I do believe Janet about the sucking pussy because he was begging me to suck mines as well mi did a guh take a hair style money off a him but it’s not worth him. He’s a real bitch. He even went as far to tell me he was in a relationship with Monifa and all she do is put on a show for fb she’s broke and he hope I don’t cake makeup on my face like her and the rest a party woman dem. He gave me a ride from Queens to Kings county in Brooklyn and Met all he did was chatting ppl like wtf his mouth is too light which woman gonna want u after u dun bash so many females? Even Kaycia from BX he told me he f**k her and she’s a pathological liar and she’s one of the reason he got the heart attack that led him to not have sex for 9 months so now he said he have to play catch up lol and him wah bury his head in my pussy and ass. I swear I’m not lying he’s pathetic and desperate for a buss asking me to go on a flyer and promote a party for him I told him I don’t party anymore so that’s a no no

  6. Well, wi all know di truth mixed up wid di lie with these two. But if you going to put someone publicly on blast you have to expect a reaction from them, man or woman.

  7. Hector ah one big pussy and batty man. Him chat everybody him chat Tracey champion how she ah informa and have nuttin him chat sweets couture how she fake and bleach out and sell dem pussy him chat Kp how him did dey wid har him chat Yakini how she ugly and body sloppy him chat Monifa how she try scam him every dancehall gal dat pussy chat and always ah look do same gal dem. one ugly piece ah man always use him money try buynpussy.

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