When Miriam Marie “Mae-Mae” Burbank passed away at the age of 53 on June 1, her daughters were determined to give her a send-off as big as the life she lived.
Propped up at a living room-style table, fully embalmed, holding a menthol cigarette in one hand and a case of Busch beer at her side, Burbank’s “last party” was one for the books.
Her family told Charbonnet Funeral Home of New Orleans what they wanted and the end result was more than anyone could have anticipated. In addition to her nails being painted black and gold in honor of her beloved New Orleans Saints and a crossword puzzle sitting nearby, a disco ball spinning overhead completed the look.

0 thoughts on “WHAT A FUNERAL…………..

  1. I thought that lady was go get up and start dancing….ya’ll needa gone and bury Mae Mae now..WOW! :matabelo

  2. ,,,Mae Nae tek up dat cigarette and put a light to it ,,and throw back a glass a beer ,,,,,yu si how everybody scatter,,,,mi nuh know how shi woula bury

  3. Dis is down right f”ryyy, why would i want my mother going home to the creator wid a cigarette inna har hand and beer…come on now….that just looks crazy….chillzzz

    1. n go dance under di two disco ball dem…di amount a breaking whey dem have fi do fi sit her down is a sin

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