Greating to you met and your bloggers i must say am a fan of your page and keep up the good work not only for the dance hall story but other highlights and help that needed to others.
so i was in the hairdresser shop on the ave and met lala posh friend came in there i dont know if i should define her as a friend but oh lord she read out her business am not of the dance hall world but i go out and am familiar with them because of your site and through social media met lala file dirty the girl say all she do is mind the party man for s*x use her party money and the home care job she doing it was also said that her (Edited) bad and that she little girls them that she have running around her is she run them head if she tell them jump them jump and the girl all say she chat dawn lexus like dog and say the young boy she have no stop eat out dawn money and the girl say the big eye one that f****g the lando that keep selfie Tuesday and she f***g serpent too is bare threesome they me doing in the cheap motel them in queens met i understand what you mean when u say dance hall friend is no friend

26 thoughts on “WHAT A MIXUP

  1. Top of the morning to ya metters n Metsy
    Now Lala ex friend out of all u have disclosed I need one clarification IS LALA PARTAKING IN THREESOMES???????????? N if yes HOWWWWWWWWWW, HOWWWWWWWWWWW SWAY HOWWWWWWWWWWWWW????????????????


    Is about 4 times mi did haffi read fe ketch de suss cho!

    So I guess, Lala Posh, is not so “Posh” after all.

  3. Lala have man? Sender you too lie… how lala fi have man and me single? Who is the big eye one? Teri? If a teri you too lie cause teri no deh wid serpent. Where dawn get money fi mine that lil boy? Please come answer.

  4. No way lala posh working in home care job like myself hope she’s a manager and don’t clean shit like me self . Couple years ago met run a story wey Lala posh say education tun up . She’s a hateful beach whale to any women that don’t shape like she . Fat girl need loving too pay up lala .

  5. I’m glad to read Lala Posh finally got off her mother’s couch and went out there to find a job because many a times her mother complained about her being lazy and reluctant to work. From personal experience, I can tell you one thing about Lala and that is she’s a big fat (no pun intended) liar and a hypocrite.

  6. To me she always look like she can’t breath properly always look like she out of breath . Face not hard to look at of course men will adore her pay check ” bwoy lala hope to god no 3some for you cause they will suficate you . Dawn Lexus looks great for her age she got it going on dawn can get any man .

  7. Is not lies, the sender is right, it’s a couple of man hide and sleep with Lala not so posh she was also f***g Wayne Fortis lmfao but it’s the truth I’m talking I see Wayne leaving her side way one morning like a year and a half ago lolllll even gizzy hype did a f**k it , not looking because she is definitely a Secret f***r…..

  8. So no pic met???
    Lala always in a peoplw business. Sit dung pon fb and watsapp and watch everybody and them mother. Them swear them a goodas and nobody no know them when in fact them reputation no good. Them sneaking bad

  9. I don’t personally know LaLa Posh but she needs to look at the friends that she associate herself with because she has some wicked friends that would just come to the hairdresser pallor and just air out the girl business and especially your suppose to be a friend of hers, these types of friends are very dangerous… What did LaLa do to the friend for her to do the girl like that… Now anytime I see LaLa at parties she looks nice despite her frame… So if it is true that she is paying these dancehall men for sexy, the money must be good for them to dabble… Look everyone needs love but I wish she could get it the right way because it looks like she well confident bout herself, just my opinion and outside looking in type of sh*t…

  10. Sound like A ex friend. But a long time lala a pay fi sex. Me hear candice and tiffany on more than one ocassion say lala use to pay dwayne platinum (RIP) to sex her.

  11. Sender, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the organization(s) you are affiliated with. F***g nigger

  12. all those man that f**k her is good because if i was man my dick wouldn’t get hard for her not even if she is paying me. but all of them in the group is like that them come a dance each and every night a look man all the gal name teri she is one of them who always send her friend to try and get the man number for her. lala you are fat girl stop pay man for sex and go pay the gym some of that money and lose some of that weight.

  13. Which Lala dat? “No neck” Lala?? “upside down Krismuss tree” Lala??? “NFL Line Backer” Lala????

    1. She sed one! Gwan like shi nice and har file long like “Super Model” Wendy, Yankee Michelle and Robbas rap sheets combined!

  14. the hunchback of notre dame lala posh / quasi moto sister lala posh give me a break. with her big top chest and little bottom, a pay fe buddy.
    a cant stop laugh today.

  15. So Lala a shy bowas.lol. Well, if you pay you should be getting a better quality product. Lala, meck sure you get u money’s worth, meck dem lift you up pon wall and tings, siddung in face and suffocate dem.

  16. The whole a them except dawn f#$ky f#$ky. Them sneaking bad. Teri hide and sleep with niel then laugh with sherice (slim). The other day lala a beg ride go home and me fren ask her weh teri and she push up her mouth pon neil.

  17. What do most of you guys expected? With all dem licky licky man inna dancehall? Dont you know thats when the man become more friendly to the female promoters to see if them can get a thing off of them?

    I’m not surprise its all a bait and catch. I can see she paying fi get a work in. Money exchange can be buying man clothes, paying his car insurance, paying for his phone bill, helping pay his child support and etc. Everyone inna dancehall ah swap each other. One big Septic tank.

    sep┬Ětic tank
    a tank,( full of danchall people) typically underground,(parties) in which sewage is collected(hypocites, badmindness) and allowed to decompose through bacterial activity( CREEPING AROUND SEXING) before draining by means of a leaching field( bad karma and saltness)

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