Met ah him seh Snow White.dem seh him mix di cream with amonio & peroxide.nah sah dem bleachin serious.dem nuh fraid ah cancer mon!

14 thoughts on “WHAT A SIN

  1. He look better with his real color. I can’t get over how a man can bleach his skin. This trend needs to stop. Now.

  2. Chicken and Beer,u fava raw chicken. The wife tek yuh up a Canada now u can stop cheat,stop bleach,guh look a wuk,and be a man.

  3. That deh wife deh nuh have no sense. Yuh couldn’t find no man a Canada wid ambition yuh affi go way a ja fi wukliss cutliss. Women like u lack self esteem a u pay all bills in that relationship etc jus fi say u have a houseband.

  4. Honestly I’m more interested in who is the smaddie name cocaine boss lady!!!!! !I’m not on Ig but does anyone have a link can drop fi her ya suh plz?I’m on the edge of my seat anticipating who’s that girl!

    Quien es Esa Nina?

  5. Di tinking high smell sumting a it name amino… dat dem a use fi bleach A madd mad man dis den check him een..wow look @ all these crazies running around so freely like this.

  6. F**king brain dead. What is so wrong with the color you had b4 it was very nice. Mind inna hole.

  7. I could not date a man that bleach… if you want a light skin or light complexion man, then get a real one. The child will still be of his original complexion if they take it from him.
    Same goes for the women. Why bleach to look “brown” then take up a bleach man? The child gonna have a dark complexion. Just like Apple and Icon. Do you dislike your children complexion? What examples are you setting for your children. Children dark as ever and parents bleach “brown”. The kids gonna wonder why they look different?

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