1. I hope she se dis and run, bout you want fi wear Gucci sandal, a dem look fake, cus if you can spend money fi buy di real ting you foot dem would not luk like di bottom of di black pot. euuuuuuu

  2. No she juss write pon Fb bout 2days ago bout har Nail tech is di best? lmao. Why dem neva scrape di corn from behind ur foot. you foot look as crawny as you mawga bleach out baddie. Dinky you love watch and Chat ppl and u foot dem a bawl fi help. no man, You need Acid fi strip dem foot deh and axe saw fi di corn and bunion. Every drum pan knock u deh dere and you foot dem ah kill we vibes.

  3. Now mi overstan why shi turn her back to the camera, but that show her 2 tone thigh and leg. Dis bleaching ting a guh bring some serious catastrophe in this world.

  4. Afternoon Met and everyone. One foot look darker than the other like she had a sore or circulation problems or something.. As the Chinese in my area say “oo someting wong!”

  5. @ Ms Met guh ova IG and check out Fashionbuzztv and yuh si Tina Jetset pic. The people dem duh her bad :ngakak

  6. mi know a who before mi see the face dinky a time now yuh go retire dem slippas deh my dear dem a say dem need convalescent care bad bad. lol&smh

    1. Yuh know me almost kin ova @ convalescent care :ngakak can we offer palliative care as well?? Or di pink wall insurance no coca dat ? dem need all home care nursing service gi har di full works

  7. Note to the crypt keeper…..soak those dry leather feet inna oil hourly! A who fah shoulder dem foot de go pon? looololllll

  8. meh nuh tink a deh slippers, me think a deh foot weh deh inna it. dat deh foot needs a good good scrub. dirty and nasty. den cuu how deh man a look pan it nuh? im mussen a seh to himself, eew eew.

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