Would you rather be with a man who has many women but treat you good than with one man who has only you but treats you bad?
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  1. Interesting question Met but Bob Marley (my husband) alone attests to this. Exclusivity means nothing if the man is a piece of crap. As much as I demand it and can never knowingly have it any other way, before love, there needs to be respect and Bob was a respecter of people and of women. The time you spend with him, irrespective of how infrequent, he will make you feel like the only woman in the world and there’re very few things more beautiful than that.
    I have a male friend who considers himself polyamorous and as much as I liked him and relish our conversations, I kept it platonic because that is not a situation that I am evolved enough to deal with, as much as he insists monogamy is unnatural and impossible for men.
    A man who mistreats you will break your essence. A relationship must transcend mere companionship and it’s true purpose should be mental and emotional fulfillment.

    1. yessssssssss he was morning foxy..none of his women had anything bad to say about him but rita she n her rape ..mi nuh know if mi cudda deal wid polygamy doe fi real

  2. Afta nuttin nuh wrong wid mi mek mi affi tek ah number an wait fi Mr. Many Women or allow Mr. One Burner fi treat mi like dawg. Mi lub myself and nuh bwoy caan run certain joke wid mi and mi tek it. Fi mi self esteem buk from mi a likkle gyal an ah dat mek plenty waste bwoy coulda only stay far an pree.

  3. SOLO, DOLO BAYBAAAAAAAAEEEEE! Never have I understood Women that settle!
    Had I not found and married a man that knows I am worth his all, I would have never put myself through changes and settled for less than……can’t buy me in any instance for a penny if I’m worth a dime, not in this shop hunty!

  4. My choice was not there as an option. That choice is to keep to miself, like what I am doing now. Mi love men world without end, but after choosing a few wrong ones, and getting hurt a few times, sometimes it’s best to just do without, and live your life without added stressors.

      1. This young lady self esteem low bad. I dont know why she thinks its ok for a man to cheat on her, and be ok with it. That man does not love you!!! He has no respect for you!!!! He doesnt care that his actions are hurting you!!!! Why settle for less when you deserve more???? There are alot of good men out there who will love and cherish you and treat you with respect. If u r ok with ur man cheating on u, and it bothers u not…. then u have some serious and complex problems that have blocked your access to happiness, u lack self love and self respect, and before u can truly love someone u must first love ur self…..

  5. everyman in my family keep different ooman pon da side all when dem married wit kids so am always gonna have trust issues with man

  6. Homegirl said a man wants a strong women not a weak one that’s quick walk away. Am I weak because I walk away the first or second time a man cheats on me.. Or should I wait til the 4th or fifth time so that I will be considered a strong women?? Sounds like Missy up top goes into a relationship with premature thinking of how much cheating she will take.. I’m sorry but I will never let my dog roam.. That’s basically saying let him cheat.. That is something I will not do Is let him roam.. So wen u find out u will.let him cheat and not get in his ass about it.. OK good for u

  7. Terry and di ugly mouth one cyah memba har Name British dem swear den a celebrity!! Dem need fi stop! Terry have low self esteem from mawning! Ediots! Yeah me memba now Wally mi tiad a dem now man

  8. My take is this… cheating is not in any way right. BUT some women are the reason why dem man bun dem. if yuh meet a man and u ah hot gyal yuh haffi stay da way deh!!!! There’s no reason or excuse to “let yourself go”. Think about it why would a man want to come home to a woman who he no longer finds attractive? samething u did to get him is the same thing you need to do to keep him. If him like freaky things and ah yuh good good man then u have to remain a freak. mi nah mek no gyal suck and grind my man from me.
    On the hand of Accepting a cheater i believe its not the fact that he cheated because u can love someone and still cheat on them but it’s the manner in which he cheated and with who! this all goes back to my statement uptop. we as Women and even men because this applies to you too have to know what we are getting into before labeling somebody as “MY MAN / MY WOMAN”. Is it really realistic to break up with a guy just because he cheated on you if he’s a good man and treats u good?I’m sure i’ll get some negative comments back but that’s just my personal outlook on accepting cheaters and being cheated on.

    1. Do u know u can be the hottest thing around and still get cheated on? Look kat Halle, Beyonce, mario Lopez ex wife, evelyn lozada.. Ur very superficial to thing hotness will keep a man frm cheating..

    2. I’m sorry but you could be baddest thing in bed, hottest thing ’round town and satisfy your man’s every need, if he’s going to cheat, he will, no two ways about that! Now I agree with you, you shouldn’t let yourself go but that still isn’t enough for me to excuse it. Cheating is a choice, and love isn’t conditional, either you love me or you don’t. You cant love me and cheat on me, sorry, not a ting nuh go so! And why the hell should it even matter the circumstances or the person he cheated with, at the end of the day he left our bed to be with another, whether its just sex or emotions involved, don’t matter, still a cheater! And why should I stay? This whole “he’s a good man and treats you well” is based on what exactly? Money and sex? Because I fail to see the “good” in a man who blatantly disrespects, is disloyal to, cheats on and lies to any woman with whom he by all indications is having an monogamous relationship with. Nobody is perfect, I know this, but why settle for a shitty man when better out there! No no, not me before so mi stay by mi self!

  9. Are ya’ll forgetting that women cheat as well? TRUST, open and constant COMMUNICATION, RESPECT, COMPATIBILITY ( consisting of many different meanings ) and HONESTY is the key to a lasting and great relationship…those 5 components are extremely hard to find within a man or a woman…

    1. Yeppie I’m with a man that is involved but I love him dearly and we have all the 5 components that u listed. Even though he’s living with someone else he doesn’t hide nothing from me we talk about everything and we get freaky lol.

      1. he will never leave his woman and be with you…when his woman finds out about you and gives him a ultimatum u WILL BE DROPPED

        1. @ Anon – No personal attack here, dus ah few questions. How easy is it tuh love ah man weh wrap up wid him main squeeze nighttime? Mek yuh nuh feel yuh qualify fi dah position deh? Yuh nuh tink him get freaky wid First Lady tuh? Mi dus slow pon di concept of buddy sharing :nerd

          1. Yawdy, anuh like seh she nuh love arself; maybe it is just convenient for her..mi not saying that every woman should sleep wid a noter woman’s man, but at the end of the day, they will both get their resolve…she might jus want likkle cocky til she buck ah man she wa buckle it down wid…I personally would not knowingly play second best to another woman, but there are women out there will and do accept that status. If dat ah fidem ting den dat ah fidem ting, simi?!…look at it like this Yawdy…what they have is best described as an honest and very “open” relationship. ..believe it or not, there are couples out there who will accept a a 3rd party or lover into their relationship…

  10. @loli, if it works for them, then it works for them..they both knew what they signed up for before dating each other, so they’ll know how to deal with the consequences when they cross that road…my comment “Yes ma’am…just like dat…drop it like it’s hot”, was meant for anonymous in response to her comment to me…if that’s what makes you happy, then i’m happy for you so do you ( and him too )…

  11. The same shoe naah guh fit everybody, so they and only they, know why they are doing what they are doing…different strokes for different folks…ah life….

  12. Tough one…..you can overlook many women but you really cannot overlook bad treatment. bad treatment is like a cancer that will kill you eventually.

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