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  1. OHHHHHMG!!!! Funny enough, last night and Saturday, me and my mom spoke heavily on this topic, as she has a friend whose daughter is in school, and is forced to send two youngest children to her mom in Jamaica, to be cared for by the snake, the cat, the rat, the dog. Mnl, this has been going on for years, as the girl in school started from the bottom and is now perusing her RN course, and for all these years my mom and sister have been complain about the horrible odours that emits from these kids, and how unkempt they were. These children are decked out in brands some of us wouldn’t dream to wear, and after the first wear, these designer duds aren’t fit to be used as foot cloth. These children are spoiled rotten, and know not the words please or thank you, they are given whatever they “WANT” at the slightest wandering of their eyeballs, with no regards for them being deserving of it or the price, yet are being deprived of one of the most basic necessity ever: Tender Loving Care.

    What saddens me most about this situation, is that these ppl are VERY close friends of my mom’s, and it it such a touchy subject that , my mom doesn’t know how to approach the grandmother of these kids, as she is afraid of hurting her and her daughter’s feelings. Also the reason my mom and I rehashed the subject, is that over the weekend the kids were brought to the business place of another friend of my mom’s and mutual friend to the grandmom of these kids, who quietly complain about how badly the children smelled and that she doesn’t want them to touch her, as she scorns them; as per my sister.

    If all of this is going on, what says their teacher?

    1. Well first off the teacher need fi know how fi talk to people properly also the note is poorly written. Mi nuh understand how people mek dem kids go school smelly suh a doe know what to say but mi know fi sure some parents mek dem kids get up outa dem bed and doe bade but go school same way. It nuh matter wha happen as long as there is water di kids dem body fi get a wash up a morning time..bading at night dont serve no purpose than to go to sleep…bade dem baddie man

  2. I’ve worked in a daycare setting and now a days it seems parents don’t care for their children it’s just a meal ticket. Some came in pampers already wet from the night before. It made no sense at all. It sicken my stomach. Some have this bathe on Sunday rule or bathe every other day rule. But then they want you to take the upper most care for their child and they’re not doing that themselves

  3. I won’t hesitate to hurt the adults feelings.

    Easy…sniff one a de kids and ask the parent what’s that smell? If they act dumb then let them know the kid don’t smell good, then call the rest, sniff, send dem go play and get under the mother skin. If she nu like it then you sey..

    “Good f yoi. You can’t sey me never did tell you, if yu don’t want talk to me again a so, go bathe de pickney dem.”

  4. the teacher just need to tell the parents either you take care of your child or somebody else will cause she wont hesitate to report them .Lack of physical hygiene is a sign of abuse. Child daycare providers are mandatory reporters to child welfare. Once in a while you can see everybody have a rough day especially towards the end of the week but every day thats neglect.

  5. Wen fi first read dis, mi did tink seh a some weh a yaad dis note come from, but a nuh suh we write di date so a mus farrin dis happen. Di s’mady weh write it need help in de letta writing department fi chew. Weh reading and signing it ago do??? Tek di bull by di horn and tell di nasty,wutliss, offending parents dem to dem face seh she will not allow dem to drop of di pickney dem if dem don’t bade, have on dutty clothes or hab repulsive odor of any kind. Di poor likkle pickney dem shouldn’t have to suffa because of dem low down mumma and puppa!! Boss lady cuss dem proppa and run dem!

  6. Poorly written indeed. But, I think it’s good that she sent out a general notice, as opposed to singling out people pickney making it uncomfortable for parents and children. But is not a bad thing, cauz some parents really need a gentle nudge. Dem think dem can send pickney anyway to school and everybody else must deal wid it. Not so

  7. She should have typed this letter and given it to ALL parents. Personal feelings should have been omitted “It also makes it difficult for me to be near them or want to touch them.” Enough said? No sah. As for requesting parents respond is pointless. So what if they do and the youth dem still smell? Outline the consequences as this is neglect.

  8. the principal and school administration dunce and careless. REALTALK first ting this letter show say a wa somebody who nuh too educated secondly a nuh so u do tings call in d parents and have a general meeting, if dat nuh work personalize letters to the culprits

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