What determines death?
About a week ago I was at a friend’s funeral. While sitting on the outside of the church, because it was overwhelming packed on the inside, I began to toss around the idea in my head as to what qualifies who will be next in regard to their appointed time with death.
I was compel to take on this line of thought because my friend was relatively young, and just like you, we all wonder how is it that the guy up the street who has been an alcoholic or drug addict for years, however he lives to be 60, 70 or probably 80 years old. On the other hand a young child 7 years old is shot to death or knock down by a vehicle and instantly dies. You have to wonder how is it that the 80 year old drunkard, who would have seemingly wasted his life gets to live a long life, but the 7 year old who’s just starting life, their life is cut short in such a short space of time.
During my earlier years, I was led to believe that if one does not live to see three score and ten (70 years), then somehow they have been cheated as it relates to their life. Also some would say that sin was the result of that person’s short time here on earth (be it sins of the parents being passed on to them or their own sins), for not reaching the seventy year mark according to (Psalm 90:10).
As you would imagine I became curious as to what exactly determines our appointed time as it relates to death. Was it sin, Was it being connected to the wrong people, health issues or could it be we just randomly die?
Well the bible pointed out to us well in advance that the wages or payment of sin is death, so this clearly indicates that we will all eventually die. Well, seeing that the qualifier for sin is death, then could it be that the one which commits the most sin becomes the next candidate for death? As you would probably imagine I passionately disagree with that thought, simply because how much sin could a child commit at the age of seven that would out number the sins of an eighty year old, who’s demise preceded the demise of the eighty year old?
So, the grand question is what qualifies or determines who will be next for death? Well the answer to this perplexing question is quite simple, and that answer is, purpose! Yes you’ve read correctly, purpose is what determines one’s demise and not the totality of sin or any other reason. Firstly, purpose is the original intent of a person, place or thing; the truth is, it is the real reason why a person exists. As a matter of fact I would venture to say purpose guarantees an individual life for a determine period of time.
Now, how does death factor in with all of this? Well a person’s death is based on one of two things, and they are; either they’ve completed their purpose or time has ran out on their purpose. Of course every one of us has a specific period of time to accomplish our purpose. There is no negotiating as it relates to that set time. King Solomon verified this very important point when he said, “To everything there is a season and time to every PURPOSE under the sun, Ecclesiastes 3:1. Therefore the age at which one dies is irrelevant when compared to whether they’ve completed their purpose or time ran out on their purpose.
We automatically assume that we should have long life, we automatically assume that as parents our children should bury us, we automatically assume that folks like Martin Luther King, our favorite preachers, our favorite singers and folks that have made an enormous impact in this world should be around for a long time. However, purpose is what determines their tenure here on earth, and incorporated into purpose is an assigned time to fulfill that particular purpose.
The interesting thing about purpose is even if we’re not fulfilling or being hindered in completing our purpose, time is still ticking away at our assigned time to complete that purpose, so what does this mean? This indicates that our PURPOSE is what really matters (what is the reason God has allowed us to exist in this world). This is very important to note because the greatest hindrance to one’s purpose are: Hate, rage, unforgiveness, bitterness, pride, confusion, frustration, fatigue, depression, loneliness, selfishness, being vindictive and the like. These things are eating away at our time and distracting us from what really matters and what really matters is our PURPOSE!
Many folks have left this planet, without doing or completing what they were sent here to do all because they became consumed by placing all their efforts on hating others, seeking revenge, being bitter, refusing to forgive and most of all planning the demise of others, not knowing that their demise may advance that of the one that they are plotting against. As a reminder while you are focusing on these things that are insignificant time is ticking away at your purpose.
Purpose cannot be accomplished or fulfill in isolation. This is so because nothing in God’s creation was made or designed to operate independent of itself. Meaning no one that has, presently is or will be a part of your life was by chance, luck or accident. Their job for the most part unknowing to them was to make a deposit or a withdrawal in your life be it good or bad all in an effort to assist you in accomplishing your purpose. The catch is you must know when they have exhausted their time in your life and you must be strong and wise enough to except however that separation presents itself. I understand quite well that you cannot make others forgive you; neither can you force them to love you. Therefore, because your purpose is what matters, you must see how they factor in as it relates to your purpose and if they don’t or have exhausted their time, then the choice is clear and that is, IT IS TIME TO GO FORWARD WITHOUT THEM!
My words of wisdom are quite simple this morning, and they are life is short, focus on what really matters and that is your purpose, because it is your purpose that determines how long you’ll be here, and it is also your purpose that God will judge you on. As a reference point Jesus die when he was thirty three years old he didn’t live to see seventy, right!, why? Because his purpose was completed, so please seek and complete your purpose, but for the sake of your eternal soul DO NOT LET TIME RUN OUT ON YOUR PURPOSE.
Heavenly Father your word says, the heart of the king is in your hand and you turn that heart however you desire. It is my prayer that you turn the hearts of your people towards the purpose of their existence and that they would place emphasis on completing their purpose before it’s too late, I humbly ask this request of you in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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