1. How unoo a bun out Shauna fe sleep with Gully Bop, yet me nuh hear nuhbody a cry shame pon this man woman/babymother a fe har stomach trang!

  2. Morning I have come to th sad conclusion that Jamaica is full of endless functioning mad people. There is a huge difference between outlandish and stylish

  3. If him always smell good and dress unique looking wen him duh road,him good to me….Is a hellava ting if him tink an look suh

  4. @Seeitdeh, good point.bandbwit all d shit in his head, he will leave d dance and get pu$$y. But dem ah say Gully bop mad. Sherlock and these other dancehall f**kers like this one are raging madmen to d fullest.
    Gully bop is less of a mad man than them.
    And a reason a woman might stay with Gully Bop he nuh have d bagga man groupie dem around him 24/7 like homothugs.
    Shauna Chin nuh have to compete wit a bag of man around him for attention.
    He looks like he more move wit his long lost kids and family at events.
    Watching d set of mad people man groupies at sting made me sick.
    even Gully bop dress better than 90 percent of these idiots.
    Love he kerchief tie pon hand and foot style too. 90s dat.

    1. Only Jesus alone can cum offa d cross & tell mi seh this man nuh MENTALLLLL!!!!!! Him nuh got nobody weh love & care fi him & carry him up a ward 21 up a UWI cauz mi hear seh bellvue lock dung!!!! Oh God man fi feel sorry fi him, him look like him sick inna him head, like him head piece gooonnneeee never to return!!!!

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