What does Speaking in tongues in your dream mean?
Have you experience dreams where you saw yourself speaking in tongues? For the most part the dreamer is left perplex and at a loss upon waking as to what the dream could
have possibly meant. What can be even more challenging is whom the dreamer is speaking to, for example a group, an individual, church members, family etc.
In an effort to bring clarity to such a dream we must take two things into consideration and they are:
1) The dream is spiritual, which indicates that the dream is pointing more towards things that are spiritual that are pending for natural manifestation.
2) Because the dream is spiritual then the understanding or revelation of the dream must be extracted from the word of God.
So let’s break the dream down to bring spiritual clarity. What is speaking in tongues? Speaking in tongues is commonly viewed as the evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:4. So the dream could be indicating that either the dreamer is filled with the Holy Spirit or needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Dreaming that you’re speaking in tongues can also represent God providing the dreamer with the gift of speaking in tongues, 1 Corinth. 12:10, 28.
Last but certainly not least, scripture clearly tells us that those that speak in an unknown tongue (speaking in tongues) speak not unto men but unto God, however in the “spirit” he speaks mysteries, 1 Corinthians 14:2. The word mystery is defined as something hidden, secret or concealed. Therefore, the dream which is spiritual and you speaking in tongues in the dream indicates God using you to release secrets of the spirit into the natural realm.
I advise those that have such dreams that upon waking, to come in agreement with what God want to release through you and to give you understanding concerning the revelations of such mysteries.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing


  1. truth saying.. i used to pray in tongues in my dream before i received the gift and one day i was filled with the holy spirit. i began to pray in tongues in the physical realms.

    1. Saturday 21 2021 August 1 morning i got to bed about after 7am and i dream that i was praying in tongues with my hands up in the air speaking in tongues what is the spiritual meaning of that

  2. on september 26 2018
    26 september 2018
    I SOME TIMES WOKE UP SPEAKING IN TONGUES in the night , well am a child of GOD ; AND NEVER SPEAK IN TONGUES ONLY IN MY DREAM , SOME TIMES am prayig in my dream i wish i can speak in tongues too GOD BLESS YOU

  3. I do speak in tongues and it’s been years. Then this morning I had a weird dream where the spirit in me started to speak with people in their languages and they asked questions and I answered them in their language. I then went to my collegue and friend who told me that she’s got a stomach problem, I then touched her stomach and spoke in tongues. After that, the spirit threw me on the floor then I shouted Maria Eze which means Maria is King in Igbo. But I’m south african and speak Xhosa.while I was laying flat on the floor, the people I was with also was behind me. I saw shadows leaving while I was talking in tongues.
    What could that mean. M I demon possessed.

      1. I had a dream where I spoke in tongues but this tongues isnt similar to all the tongues I have ever heard the language was completely ancient I felt in the dream as if it was evil?However in dreams past I find myself muffled saying the name of Jesus but it’s like something has me shut up I dont know but I continue to trust God I believe God for my breakthrough and a supernatural release

  4. I also experienced speaking in tongues in my dreams, and early last year I had a spiritual attack and my spirit woke up from my physical body then I started chasing darkness at the same time praying loud with tongues, it was my first time experience, since then it never happened again

  5. I am born again Christian 8 years i reserved Jesus and Im speak in tongue I wish one day I preach the gospel ollof the world by power of holy spirit Just like rainard Bonke in Jesus name

  6. I dreamt of giving testimony (real)I was thanking Him for all He has done for me..and in that moment I begun to singing in tongue…what could it mean

  7. I dreamt that I saw alot of people gathered in my house saw my late grandma and some people I know. I didn’t know what really was happening. I was vex in my spirit went to the room started praying and speaking in tongues one other person joined me in prayer. When I woke up found myself singing and I continued praying in tongues fervently.

  8. Last night I had a dream that I was with a group of members I don’t know of and we were praying in a church. All of a sudden I found myself down and praying in tongues at the end of it all I shouted a name called Rebecca and she came to me dressed in a shiny navy long sleeved blouse. But I didn’t know her too. What does this mean?

  9. Good morning in my dream i saw my self speak in tonges which i dont understand the language

  10. I dreamed I was in front of a white tornado or cyclone speaking in tongues and making the sign of the cross. It didn’t scare me or harm me.

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