Metters Give the History of Cawka Lee and Willie Haggart’s relationship ?

Is he an ex Spangler? Where is he from?

10 thoughts on “WHAT IS CAWKA LEE’S HISTORY?

  1. One thing mi know mi did love par wid Mr Lee!!! Him full a energy and vibes!!! Him hood big nuh rass and him can fuck!!! No wonder Camille nah lef… big up urself Mr Lee

  2. Omg, I was living my best life..lol. Dance use to Nice, Beenie was my favorite DJ, he look as if he didn’t want to be there but had no choice. Didn’t know so much darkness was looming over DH. I wish people would drop some comments about this post. Its so funny, I use to see Cawka on the videos and my spirit jus never tek that boy back then. I can’t wait for Beenie to write his autobiography, hope he’s completely honest too.

    1. Three the gay way :maho

      Bogle, cawka lee and rapist downlow haggart.

      Not to leave out one a de 1st known dancehall sadomite…Sandra Lee.

  3. Anthony the known batty man that married to a man and die from aids to use mine all the God bless them. Pete, diamond eye,Yankee, kawalee and the rest.three oaks was the hangout spot.Every gal use to fly from foreign to come seh Dem deh with one of the God bless. A wonder Where is Natalie that have Pitney for Yankee and her sister Dem? Long time I dont glimpse Dem in the dancehall circle and Yankee babymother from Canada.

  4. These were the times, I was just finishing with high school and couldn’t miss watching these “tapes.” Cawka a bleach so long and all now the color still don’t reach. Watch Boyle drinking top champagne Dom Pérignon not Moët. Couldn’t have these video rewind without Muma striker popping up and just like that she appeared. Cawka is a mad man. I’m so surprised the big people dem nuh run in on this topic yet.

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