What’s preventing you from achieving the next level

In spite of the infinite power of God, he is still a God that respects covenants. Many of us are not at the place God had intended for us to be at this point in our lives simply because some known or unknown evil covenant, vow, pledge or allegiance is in place that’s preventing the next elevation in our lives.

In Judges 6, the nation of Israel were in a state of backwardness and confusion and could not understand why they could not advance in their own land. They were lost as to why God would allowed their enemies to rule over them. One would think that if God is all powerful, then why didn’t he act on his people’s behalf.

Maybe you’re asking the same questions right now, when and why haven’t God made his move on your behalf as yet. Well, in this same Judges 6 it is revealed that Gideon was advised to visit his Father’s house. It was at that time, that it was discovered that Gideon’s father had an altar worshiping and making sacrifices and covenants to demonic gods. This act which constituted evil covenants became the reason for the spiritual barriers that prevented the entire nation of Israel from being at where they should have been at that point in their lives……. Mighty God! Who are you messing around with, that because of what they’re involved with and your connection with them it’s preventing you from going forward?

Just like in the case of Israel, who could it be in your family, your life or your environment that is engage in things specifically witchcraft and the like that has caused spiritual barriers in your life thus, the anti-progress and the inability for you to be at where you should have been at this stage of your life.

Heavenly father, enough is enough! Lord we ask you to uproot and expose the evil seeds of our environment, associations, our ancestors and even our living generations that have defiled your commandments, especially that of Idolatry that your word clearly reveals is responsible for generational curses. Lord, this day we ask forgiveness for the violation of your laws and believe that the curses in particular GENERATIONAL CURSES are broken in this day in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

Written By: Kevin LA Ewing
[email protected]

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