I got two videos that I cant even put up but this really gone too far. One video have Chevy run water offa har body wid har two titty nipple dem feva street medallion ..Chevy fi smaddy wid one pickney fi show a how your nipple dem broad suh??? How much time yuh breed ina real life Chevy cause a cudden one time..And for someone with a son do you really think there should be a video with you on the floor eating out someone whey dont even look like dem tek a shower that day?Is attention yuh want or a mad yuh a get mad? No this is really a cause for one to wonder..Chevy whats going on?? Are you on something, because youre slowly getting worse and worse and normal people tend to get better with age..So di older you get a di more yuh a guh lost?

21 thoughts on “WHAT IS WRONG WITH CHEVY?

  1. ……….And for someone with a son do you really think there should be a video with you on the floor eating out someone whey dont even look like dem…..

    I don’t understand the part about “whey dont even look like dem”. Can you elaborate?

    1. .And for someone with a son do you really think there should be a video with you on the floor eating out someone whey dont even look like dem tek a shower that day

  2. Met she was at seafood Thursday in jersey on Stanford ave she walked in the club with that nasty looking girl like she picked her up off the street one of the time she almost fall off the steps and the girl she sucking catch her but this is very nasty there’s also a video going around with her top less in a black panty dancing with her pussy hanging and her flip flop per breast hanging this grown woman has no ambition she was fingering the girl pussy while licking the girl clits for a good 20 minutes until the girl came in her mouth

  3. I insist that pum pum mustn’t suck BUT when you can see with n give a likkle bly if it’s done in privacy…. there’s absolutely no justification n only rightful condemnation for it being done in Public!!

    Chevy you are damn disgusting +tax n ur family needs to stage an intervention ASAP!! WHERE are her frenz though… does she has any?? Everybody can agree that a true friend would never let you suck tun tun in public!!

  4. Nasty gal that hear sey har pussy stink a road the man left har so she affi go back to selling pussy even tho that never stop dwl me Shame fi har tho gal nuh stop come a Bronx come fuk off the ppl dem man no sah and them man yah nuh see sey deh gal yah loose gal fuk anything all Fren gal fuk cya badder

  5. Chevy extra as hell. Always doing the most looking attention smh. Like gurl his u did all those surges this year & still look awful. She look so old fi her age & we went to high school together & I’m in my 20s & she look like she in her 30s. Smh. She ever out a road.. like where is her child? Smh!

  6. Chevy don’t care about what she do Charlene run her out of bronx now she lives in jersey in a basement she was f**king bugsy the dj he left her she start f**king all the little boys in jersey sell them pussy wearing the same old clothes she had nothing at all about class she has anyone can f**k her for cheap she sell pussy for 49.99 lml she’s so dirty there’s also a video of her doing worst she f**ks anyone willing to give her a few dollars

  7. Dat bitch can never be 25 a rasssss. Her body did stay really bad!!!! But remember dovey say she dash weh belly at 25 weeks; who knows how many more…

  8. This is wholly unrelated. But is it only me that noticed Jue Icon deleted all of Kerry-Ann’s pictures from both his instagram and FB page? INTERESTING….

  9. Yow I thought it was fr a cup yu sucking someone pussy but dem have on clothes. She seh the girl is har best friend. Idk

  10. Stop f**king lying on the dem girl and for anyone that was there know she was not eating out that girl SMH she had a cup in her mouth

  11. Soon u gonna hear she wasn’t fingering the girl too people are so illiterate she was sucking that ugly girl pussy she wasn’t drinking from any cup at all yes she had a cup in her mouth she placed it on the step infront of the girl people do dum shit in public then when the back lash comes they wanna cover it up so why do it from in the first place diva sell pussy she freaks out herself she suck pussy she’s always doing threesome remember that with her Ratigan and Charlene that woman did mad abortion her own friends say it for a mother that disgusting doing that in a club even if she was drinking from a cup what kind of ambition and respect u got for yourself as a woman doing that ZZ NONE!!

  12. Kmt Chevy will do anything for attention,kmft I see her in club making gogo sucking her nipples.
    And the likkle boy granny have him,mussi the boy father.

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