Me and mi fren a have a nice little argument bout Toni-Ann and Matterhorn. Me a seh if a bun mek him lef har him cudda forgive that bun because him bun har numerous times and have whole heep a children during di relationship..Him a seh Toni- Ann shudden gi bun she shudda jus leave because yuh cant fight fire wid fire butttttttt me a seh dat bun cudda overlook and him still a seh no because Matterhorn a public figure and man a go look pan him like Vegas and Beenie seh him soft! Whey di ooman dem pan yah seh?

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  1. Being the type of DJ that he is that love dash out ppl file and mustah ppl him couldn’t stay wid Toni-Ann. Di ppl dem woulda give it to him hard. As a woman she should’ve sucked up the bun or leave him but don’t do him what he did to u. As a woman we have to live by the double standard rule. We can’t do what a man does and still be considered a “lady”.

    1. not fair doe..and at the end of the day what are we to benefit from really living by the way people expect we fi live? If a so we life will neva right

      1. Why didn’t she just leave though Metty, what sense is in allowing Matterhorn to do what he did for all that time and then cheat with a dude that can’t place you in a better position.

        1. All dat weh PR say is true. If mi ah go bun my man di next man HAVE to be able to put me in a better position than what my man was giving me and not just temporarily either.

      2. yes, i agree that we must live our life the way we seem fit and please but in this case if he was my man and in the position that he is in MI NAH BUN HIM. Respect is Respect and in this case he would lose nuff people respect by staying with her. She too bright.

        1. Blessed ur insane!! Di amount a bun weh she get him lucky seh a jus di little 1 alone him get. When I would a dun wid him u si, all him daddy mi a breed fah cah dem man yah too bright! Bout a worry bout wah public have to say. Kuh pan him to! Him is who?? FOH!!! Bun fi bloodclaat bun mi seh!

          1. Ah dat mi seh too. You can’t tek bun, don’t give bun. Toni-Ann bun him rass til him bun up yes…man love fi give bun, but dem can’t tek it.

  2. I’m thinking that if the alleged bun weh she allegedly bun him is the reason him leff her, then she probably knew that would be the result if she ever dared bun him… he’d probably made that explicitly clear. So when she go run the bun,t she tempted fate and lost. If someone tells you, “If yuh eva xyz me a go xyz” and you do whatever it is, you’ve agreed to the consequences, whatever they may be

      1. Yes and no. We have choices and options. She could’ve left him when he cheated on her instead of posting people’s pics and dashing wud on social networks; she chose to stay and play the cocky constabulary… He chose to not knowingly tek no bun. She sat there thinking it was a game or sumpn, bun fi bun.

        1. Women fi learn nuttin nuh guh soh 🙂 (getting good at this).
          But seriously we have to put a stop to this as Women, don’t take miss treatment when it is convenient for you. Marsha and Flippa came to mind…..why do we as Women cheat ourselves this way.

          1. Quena I agree but after u tek it fi so many year and neva lef..by di time u wise up there is so much bitterness this is what happens when u nuh leave from it start

  3. Dem man ya love have a sense of entitlement; too much. Dem fi do whatever dem want and ooman fi just qwat. He must be mad because it probably was a man he knew and he would feel a way to still be with her. Just like de song say you see how bun can hot. I dont feel one bit of remorse for him cause when him out deh a bun and never had no remorse for her feelings. Men are always obsessed with size, width and length. Maybe de bwoy who sawt out him ooman put it pon arr sweeta dan him and dat a kill him.

    1. I agreeeeeeeeeee is not like a one bun drop…is year after year and years with children so dat bun whey she bun cudda cross out…whey u seh di next man ting sweeter? oh my :tkp

  4. Was it an upgrade bun? Or she just dash it weh just because? Please don’t tell mi she upended her life over cocky

  5. Matter of fact, he could’ve been tired of her and used that as an excuse. Lot of people be thinking the everyday beefing is a way of life, because dem worship in the annals of “nah let go” … if him did really into her, and really and truly check fi har…would he have been bunnin her like that to begin with?


  6. dem lucky. nuff a dem man yah luv gi bun an CANNOT tek it! KMRT. An dem fav line is “man a go be man & u can’t do weh man do”. Yeah, dem in fi a rude awakening. If mi a get bun u damn right mi a go giv it bak. especially sum a dem now a dayz man yah dem nuh wah lef u alone when u tell dem seh di relationship dun and dem dont out fi change!

  7. Public figure? Maggie soft bwoy? After Tony Ann is a beautiful woman who play the fool so she nuh have to work? Couldn’t be a revenge ting after she put up with too much f**kry. The way Maggie bwoy nuh ramp fi fuxx wid out boots and breed up ooman from Us, uk, Canada, and ja tonyann should have worried about he health of her puxxy and not about giving back the bun of the century.


      1. Lmao a whey Real say lollllllllllllzzzzzzz
        Metsy of topic but u memba back in the day u coulda say sumting pack like sardine can ? Well I had this incredible crave for sardine (wonder if mi preggo hehe) anyway mi stop n get one when mi open the sardine mi sayyyyyyy the can likkle most empty a whaaaa really a gwaan tho :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  9. @Metty, mattheron STINK LIKE!! Chat bout, of all di bun dem wha him giv toni-ann him have di bloodclaate nerve. I say bun fi bun.. Toni-ann betta much sure the nexx koki bigga and sweeter, tony go chuck chu maggie..Men lubb giv bun and caan tek it. DO UNTO OTHERS AS U WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO U…BRITE NUH RAAS.

      1. Toni ann get bun till side piece tink dem a number 2 so from she drop a bun it shudda excuse ..mi fren matterhorn whey mi like do deserve it :nohope:

  10. Them like give it but can’t take it.cause they are sure of us woman.they want to pick every plum they see.i was living with a well know like him and as soon as the bun them start bun me i cut

  11. Good night Met and everyone! Mi just want to remind unnu fi vote fi Tessanne tonight please! Whether via Sprint, nbc or buy her song on iTunes, thanks!

  12. Well she clearly in the wrong. As a woman you have to put vested interest in your own self especially you man is a dutty piece of shit man. This girl have matterhorn a f**kkk her from she a bout 17 might even 16. And them times deh she know him did have the bag a woman. Him give her little ratings but I guess she didnt realise that was all in the name of training her for her future career as live-in housekeeper/sex friend. Then he continued his lifestyle even after having his kids from previous relationship living with them and visiting and a she have to take care of them. When she did a drive up and down inna the truck never want work and a go a dance a fling word pan her mates a.,k.a peers she did well comfortable.

    Matterhorn cacky so f**kking small and before she tek the money and go get a education she siddung inna yard a tek care of pickney like she a baby sitter. So see it deh now…..story come a bump.

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