Dear Met,

Last week Thursday an incident happened and I wish to highlight for two main reasons.There is a apartment complex across from sovereign mall on hope road. I was walking down on the narrow path when I heard hurried footsteps behind me.I look back and saw a middle class looking in dressing and say mid 40s in age.

I tried pressing up against the bushes to allow her pass but she was so impatient that she stepped off the path into the road.Met to the jutc bus driver credit he pressed and held the horn blaring so that’s what made me react so fast.I lunged at the lady yanking her by her handbag,she hollered out thief thief!!The bus narrowly missed her and never even stopped.Apparently I had saved her from great harm.

First thing first,can ksac or the strata management do something about the shrubbery as it is very hazardous to traverse the sidewalk.The public needs to be aware as such.I’m going to be totally honest and express something that really bothering me.There I was saying look how me a save the woman’s life and she a bawl out ME a thief for mob to come goodly beat me kill me!


Add insult to injury the lady was just screaming omg omg but when she calm down she thanked me.She went in her purse and was rifling through some notes till she nodded and took out$500 and sey buy a drink.There was even further insult when the fact is I had dropped my cell to save her,it was on the pavement damaged.

I took it up and stared at her and all she said was I’m so sorry about that,thanks again but I am late so I have to go sir.She impatiently waved the 500 at me and I smiling declined it.someone save your life and u offer them$j500,is how much ur life worth?$4000 for Labour and parts to fix my phone.moral of the story is that sometimes ur good deeds can cost u,but I won’t stop helping ppl due to this extremely bad taste in my mouth incident.


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