All a johnshop and Simone kids are part of the lock up . They following in there parents footsteps .Pebbles (gay girl) can’t find her pic
Zico Nico he did 6 years and on parole






  1. So wait Deh Mek me get this straight a man and him crew move 1 mill a week and him kids dem nuh set? Me will continue fi work hard, life insurance 401k and pension better than fast money! So much money and baby mother and kids haffi turn to fast life

  2. Simone aka ruff is crying out on fb that she need help and her fb friends are cursing groupie pink fall folks. She state she was deported she is not a bad mom

    1. Bulshit……a good mother would never have had her children around all that drugs , guns and the fast lifestyle. Eg. Kids on the road driving up and down with mom to every Hair Salon and Barber shop. No the kids would be at home learning to read a write. So with no parental giudence they fall back on what they saw growing up, which is not hard work and patience but easy life and fastlane. Well the kids car crash now. F**k you saying about good mother

  3. I kno her well and she is good peeps I swear her past his past just leave it there pray bbygirl God hears everything just pray it will be alright

  4. :2thumbup Congrats to NYPD for getting these scumbags off the streets, Don’t stop until ALL a them is in lock up, Please don’t send them back to Jamaica, We really don’t need them kind down here to add to what we as a nation is facing. Time longer than rope, NO illegal dealings will lost forever, There is no such thing as fast money and getting rich quick without consequences, My heart goes out to ALL the families who was affected by these goons, Lock them up and dash way the keys, NO SYMPATHY FOR NONE A YOU. Gweyyyyy.

  5. Who are the people in the picture? Which one was associated with John Shop Crew? Anyway to tag the pictures?

  6. This a weh ppl fail fi understand yuh can’t be saying God and still inna foolishness. Simone I feel your pain as a mother but yuh affi leave out the drug circle, because the drug circle weh yuh par wid mash up plenty ppl lives (mi nah fi call no name).
    Unnu need fi repent unnu sins so that the generation curse can be lifted from unnu children, her kids are beautiful but as Met said yesterday, the sins of the parents fall upon the children.

  7. Nico and Jamal got kingpin charges they are not seeing the light of day anytime soon
    That’s what got everybody so tight

  8. Ruff can cuss all she want but that’s not going to help..wht will help is confession of her wickedness and asking God for forgiveness..Ruff you, u sister and unno man shot and killed that lady and her unborn plus injury other innocent ppl wid no remorse and all the other countless crimes against humanity..not to mention your big OBEAH worker mumma, she still hve the alter inna har house a feed the duppy dem?..Generational curse at full strength..REPENT IN JESUS NAME.

    1. So right! And as I understand it Dwayne was the one a look di little 16 year old girl at the time, until gun play got involved. Ruff and Dwayne go ah di people dem house wid gun and the woman and her unborn child was shot and killed. Did she know what she put those families through? The funny thing is that a number of people involved in that incedent are now Dead ( Kirk Lexus,Polly, the woman and her unborn child ) in prison (Dwayne) and Deported (Ruff, Joe dagg). Now the sins of the parents have fallen on the children. You can’t murder innocent people and think it ok…..you have to pay

    2. Since obeah is in what’s your name? To add to the altar. You hiding behind a fake name you dirty bitch stink pussy bitch. Shout out to the see you seen in her house. I don’t know why you don’t leave these people alone. You unknown lurker glad to see you keeping up with them. Crosses

  9. Ruff cant learn . The fast life got her hooked. Dem ppl there wont ever get a honest job. They lack the humility of the average minimum wage worker . Think dem betta than ppl . A dogshit dem frm generation to generation.

    1. Dem daddy f#@k use to noooce…great c@ck skills and generous pon de after f#@k parting gifts. memories :moon:

  10. @the truth. The time you. Comment back and forth you go help ruff now figure out a plan to get her kids some lawyer and Dwayne some commisary a people like unu who help mek them their trying to always prove a point and polong non essential argument. Simone need to run far from friend like unu and her life will definitely be better

  11. @HotGal yes all Dwayne use to do a go round and look di little girls dem and when ruff find out she and her friends and sister go beat dem..now Dwayne get 100yrs and a braid man hair a prison,ruff dey a yard a whore out har self(nothing changes).the kids were left to raise themselves with no productive role models to look up to..

    @Thetruth: the truth is hitting like a ton of bricks ha, well that’s nothing compared to wht God hve in-store if unno no REPENT..all if mi gi u mi name and D.O.B unno cnt harm mi b/c i was conceived under the blood of Jesus..

  12. what about Ingrid who if I can remember correctly was also f—-g Dwayne. ruff and Ingrid war . ruff call immigration on Ingrid and got her deported. ingrid then return to Canada and got herself caught up in a kidnapping case. and is now doing time in jail.

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