11 thoughts on “DI LINK

  1. I wonder if someone buss or the feds buss well a bitch gotta live she was just trying to make poor bitches dreams come true

    1. Onu think other people in the world dumb like onuuu? This is the age of technology, botho bear!

      onu can keep onu information to onu self…cctv, phone #s and all things of binary coding will talk 😉

      Damn thiefT unuu! A bitch bout to live behind the white man bars and shit pon dem command! :ngakak :ngakak

  2. I’m sure some people wish they got her link before she got busted… Well a hustle is a hustle on the expense of working class people or rich people one of the two… I can say this people do find ways to hustle and make that buck, there’s nothing a person can’t do once they put their hands on something… It’s the world we are living it, the down side is that soon or later all what your doing will catch up with you and it caught up to this young lady, she should of stop while she was ahead but for most people the greed get dem…

  3. A nuh too feel bad mi credit is shyt yah now. These ppl causing headaches fi honest ppl. All di fraud going to usher in di chip. Watch and see if nuh biometrics everybody gwine have to use fi pay fi tings in di future.

  4. Apple stink like dem reload party ago flap just like di first one bout 25$ to go in kmft foh fuss a 30$ now 25$ thru dem see mappie party sell off dem get red eye bout reload it ago re empty

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