Good day Met,metters and Peepers,

Every country always seek to establish law and order and have law abiding citizens.However I present to you the unique case of Jamaica that ever since the late 1960s has been suffering from a breakdown of law and order. The political divide is characterized by one party permitting/relaxing the rules and the other party enforcing it. Met here is the proof and you will see my point.
Jamaicans by in large have a hustler’s mentality which is derived from our notorious survival instincts.We will peddle our wares in the street and on the sidewalk so motorists n pedastrians be damned!Go downtown kingston on Any street and you will see the widest of roads reduced to single file walking traffic less u mash smaddie goods n start WWIII! Most ppl however agrees that this is poor ppl jugglings and so it is tolerated to break the rules. The woman in the pic is breaking the law,the vendor on the jutc bus where no vend‎ing is allowed is also guilty.However Met in many of us conscience it is fine to break these rules,we understand why.

The God’s truth is that 1 of our party discover the formula to winning elections and that was to give the Lil poor ppl a bly but this came with a typical bigger breakdown in law n order.Notwithstanding once they in power,hustlings can gwaan and it is a free 4 all for the Lil ppl. The other party thrived on enforcing law n order but this always came at the expense of pressuring the Lil poor ppl while their big rich frenz thrived. Thus they knock the small man hustle and their big man hustle flourishes,think a sidewalk vendor moved from in front a big supercentre that start with A and end with N!

Ask yourself are you ok with the law being broken,under what conditions?Ask yourself do you FULLY believe in the rule of law n order no excuses?? Let your conscience be your guide and mine says I’m fine with the 2 examples in the pic.



  1. Sender you are an idiot jamaica is a poor country and people are suffering few jobs available so people have to hustle to make a living, you are talking about places to walk and drive when people are starving, taking these people off the streets is only going to increase crime.
    You want plenty of space to walk and drive but the price will be a gun in your face to rob you.

    1. Ppl can fool but no suh,Jesus Christ Saviour Divine!Can you really be so dark and ignorant not to see that You are agreeing with the sender?Reading is fundamental but learn to read with understanding.

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