Tracey how long you think your dolly house with Paul was going last???(lol) What cause the fall out? Oh forgot he was on peaches boat ride with another women while you were at charlene get together.

12 thoughts on “WHEN DI MAN CAN SWIM

  1. Now convinced she sends in herself… reverse physiology. She wants his attention. Poor she, all her problems pon pink wall.

  2. By now u don’t see hype over man nah pay. U did make video inna December bout babe let’s make it a good year 7 months and problem start. Paul pon peaches boat with another women

  3. So other woman yuh really send this in to let Tracey know that yuh in the PIC now!!??Tek di man n lef good girl Tracey alone cuz she shape damn good for real.Hold yuh head up Tracey n know that u can get IT!!!

    1. Speaking of PICS, nobody don’t have any pics of them on the Boatride? Maybe in the background, cause many times I see Paul stand up in the background with his friends while Tracey pose

      And I think she is already getting IT…wha yuh call IT again, the ting whey di duck get…whey IT name?

  4. @ Yardielovethug a must clothes or shoes you a look fi capture from this gyal cause she shape so good and cant hold the man. KMT

    1. :2thumbup :angel :alay :toast big up yuhself!!! Grammar police very proudly salutes you for turning urself in n mekking amends!!!

  5. PMSL @YTL no one is infallible, right? Mi have to honestly own and accept mi typo with a humble heart hahaha.

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