1. not stalking! People go on IG to tell the world about their fake lives, so they need to be prepared for the criticism. They need to get some type of self esteem and stop look for approval and likes from strangers.

    1. Good morning Yeppie Metsy all metters
      Boy Tanya beg u hol di camera a few centimeters away from the NOSE next time deh mama cause the nose have a strong personality it just take over the pic so, but ur an attractive girl fi real (no homo shit) ohhhh the eyelash the eyelash it a try go a it bed n u a try teck picho cho the eyelash say him tiaddddd man lol

  1. bad get the best of you poster,you have time to post tanya pic on groupiemet, she has a job, 2 houses and a jeep,plus her saving in the bank plus her 401k look into your life and ask yourself this question what you got ?

  2. tanya have low self of seam two babyfather that got deported the last one she mind to keep he have 2 kids long breath icolett ice they both on each other insgram

  3. she party to much plus she dont have to tell no one she is a nurse and what she drive anyone can be a nurse lpn come on dr thats better

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