Met this girl her name is Kareen she sa she deh with this married man by the name of Marc. Him gone a Canada gone live from this girl here that him over there a F..k down Canada she run go tattoo her name on her shoulder. This is too funny woman can fool so. This man don’t want nobody. When he was in Jamaica every night him in a dance with a different woman. This girl need to stop mad over this man and live her life and take care of her son. Met look t this girl face and her toe. Fix up u self u young and move on this man is not coming back to you.



  1. Hi good morning sender poopsie dawlin,

    Well for starters, your message contained so many grammatical errors that I was like fuhckkk it, and I stopped reading and just summized it as a female ( which would be you ) hating on another female ( which would be this young lady in question ). Lady, yuh really go as far as to look pan di ooman toe dem and mention it inna yuh message??????????? You ah one ah dem gal weh literally watch people from head to toe…and don’t take that as compliment. The lady don’t look bad; ar body slim and ar skin clean. Learn to leave people business and mind your own before she come cung tek fe yuh man..

  2. @ Yep & Coco it look like you guys know this girl. No matter what I don’t respect any woman that take a married man.

  3. @met there’s o much to this story. You run a story about 2 or 3 months ago about a young girl that went Canada and sleep with a married man and when she get to ja she had call the wife well this is the same man. The girls re not to be blame this man is the shit. He is the one Whois using these young lady’s. the boy have so much woman and him lie him go party. When you see him a dance him clean you f**k and him don’t have one shit. Lady’s and young girl pls wise up and run away this boy. If you lady’s don’t respect ur self who will.

  4. @ met a bear things. Met come on now would you stay with a man like that married or not. A dog that no matter what a woman do for or to him he will stay the same. Me here sa the wife put him out that is why he leave and gone a Canada. That girl act like she a the hottest thing in a half way tree them say and a tak people man. but like I said I don’t respect any woman that take a married man. Him a no man a boy that. A same way him friend them stay lady’s you must always check out them man the first before u get into anything with them ( back ground check) and you can also tell by the friend them that he keeps that will tell u a lot trust me.

  5. My thing is y the f**k the sender so concern? a mean I know you dont really care about her well-being, so y send her pic to tell ppl she need to leave di man cuz him nuh wah nuh body?… Sender plzzz get ur own business, ur nigga probably f**king down di place too.

  6. @Ok so true. So that mean you here about it because u must live a ja to know about the drink out. Them sa she’s a hair dresser in a half wat tree. @ Met on my own investigation if it the same boy I know who he is him use to drive a X5 or X6 not sure a wish one but that boy show out you f***k. Me see him a JA with a rich girl from New York. Met its think is a long story. Him just start deal with that girl but them su she a walk and talk that she and boy da over 6 years. But the people them say them never see him and here no where. Them say a bill gates set her up pan the pan. Young lady not because you see a man a drive a nice car that don’t mean you must run to bed with him.

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