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This artist always seems to post pictures of his son and it always seems like he takes really good care of him. But under his recent post, his baby mother called him out on it. Him seh she just wants to be known but idk, 3 sides to a story still but, it look sticky.


  1. Bwoy me tell yyuh but them man yah. A must Kevin a him.real name because only men who name Kevin no love mine demand pickney5and play father a Di year. Might babyfada name Kevin and two a mi friend babyfada name Kevin and miss work with a Kevin and him woman turn up and the work place last week and cuss him how him wukless like dawg and she want the money fi the pickney dem

  2. Defend yuh thing yute!!false fcuking deadbeat alarm this!!Some a dem fi gweh who a look hype!6yrs di man a post him yute without issue n all of a sudden him tun deadbeat overnight? ?

    We always a sey a man fi mind his yute n we blaze a fire when them don’t. ..but this one doesn’t qualify yuh ole 2sided Jezebel/Delilah yuh!!

  3. If Kevin a di first name Jeff muss be di middle name cause mi have a Jeff wey as him duh nutten fi di yute, him tun fada a di year.

  4. Sounds like she did the buying this year and vex, why some woman upset when they have to buy things for their child. Its both of you child so nothing wrong with doing the shopping every once in a while.

  5. Scandalous heffa. At the end of the day that’s your son so if u purchased everything it shouldn’t be a problem…. I believe u both. Don’t try to put the man dung. $2000 per week on taxi exceed all the you bought. If he was to do it for a year. An you really bright for telling the man what he can post on his page.

  6. You know I believe the father. Real deadbeat Dads don’t give a rats ass to encourage their children to succeed. They just appear when and if they succeed. They both need to be more mindful of their child though. That’s irresponsible behaviour, the child is innocent.

  7. Have to laugh at these comments, when my deadbeat baby daddy name Kevin but i had to do a double take on my son birth certificate just to see if his middle name is jeff, just because of the anonymous comment lol

  8. If Kevin is the first name, Jeff the middle name, Dave has to be the pet name. EVERY Dave I know does not take care of their children.

  9. Real talk about the Kevin dem. My daughter father name Kevin and he never mine har yet, not one time in all these 18 yrs

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