48 thoughts on “WHEN YUH SPOT YUH MATE

  1. KEISHA why you suh wicked? afta you help di woman inna har times of trouble, yuh tun round an chubble har husband? Homewrecker,do betta.

  2. These side hoes are shameless, but the wife should never approach her. The problem is living in her home namely her husband. That shameless man a screw a woman pon di same road him live pon. 27 yrs of marriage and this is the kind of deception her husband a deal wid. lady need to go home and deal wid her husband, side chick is a serial hoe so no matter what you say to her it wont register.

    1. Sweet, you mean these side wives are shameless :ngakak

      Men love these encounters. Imagine the big dinner she serve him while she tell him bout this incident. after him food sekkle him go check Keyshia fi sooth her for that public disgrace…me not verbally or physically fighting fi no man because nothing nice like unseen vengeance :maho

  3. KEISHA is a bare face whore for real!!!! On top of it she went in the woman house, that should be a NO NO! The bible ago turn inna yuh hands! N that nasty worthless man should Neva deh wid that church Whore.

    1. The wife if a bare face fool, not to mention the braveness of that brazier strap!

      To call out the mate in public and say is 2xs the husband marry you over 27 years, yet him a tek the woman 7 houses down from you says a lot about you marriage :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks

      Pon top of it she come revive you big ass when you past out…Keyshia can’t be all that bad :hammer

      Keyshia, that was very humane of you :angel :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      1. @SMFH I hope u shake u head til it fall right off. u have a nerver criticizing the wife. I can hear the pain and disappointment in the wife’s voice. I bet my life saver u r a tek smaddie man. Shameless and heartless immoral being u r.

        1. All man a tek a man. Immoral??? :ngakak

          Pot a cuss kekkle. Your moral compass tun up till it buck that you can a throw such hateful words. Ouch! Sykes :ngakak :ngakak

          Throw in your wager because you are so wrong. I despise you muppets for encouraging behavior such as ms. Hog.

    2. Bitch shut yu fuk! Not a Bible or god ago against keisha. Saving a life warrants blessings!

      God know human nature better than humans and Keyshia and the man no do nothing whey god never know bout in advance.

      From you nasty post dem it clear you is no damn saint more than keisha.

      Fat gal should just hol de bun and be grateful keisha dislodge de meat out har throat :travel

        1. Go tell you friend about that disgraceful bitch behavior in the supermarket.

          Keyshia lives 7 houses away so she should have waddled her ass to the gate, or get a handcart man fi push har down there :ngakak :ngakak

          1. I don’t know this lady but it come in like you and the whore Keisha is friends. I have heard about people like Keisha who tek people man and hide from them to avoid a buss ass.

        1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

          Those jumping on keshia clearly on a personal flashback or busy a deal with a case a bun.

          gal may not even a tek har man.

          1. No, Keisha is low and its as simple as that. It has nothing to do with the lady looking like a hog, that is a low blow to womanhood. The woman clearly hasnt seen her since the episode hence the public confrontation ..She said that to her also that if she thought she wouldnt run into her. If worthless Keisha was close enough to have provided assistance to her then clearly they had some sort of relationship and that was a big violation on Keisha’s part. The lady size and bra has zero to do with it. The woman is human and Keisha is a rat in the worst form. Its not like she didnt know her, then it would be different . Keisha is her neighbor and they spoke . I dont understand how the woman a this and that fi confront her. She shudda tek di cart mash off a side a har she too damn bright

    3. This reminds me of a similar a story about a girl that live on Central rd in Kingston name Jeanette James that took her good friend’s man and she also took the husband of a girl that she knew and breed for him. She was on pink wall a couple of times and boy me hood just dead when me see her picture the way she ugly and sick stomach looking.. These whores are just ruthless and the bad things is these side chicks are always ugly as hell.

  4. The wife have every right to approach her because she came in the woman house knowing she taking her man. That simply means she is not a stranger when they bare face like this they need to get shame. Usher in church ? The wife handle her well cause I would of go to the pastor of that church , a lot of these church ppl play a role on Sunday and the rest of the week they true self is played out.

    1. She went in there to save her damn life. If she neva go in deh this cow wouldn’t have a life muchless breath to talk, she lucky the man did a cheat with a smart woman. Sex the man was ur rewards for saving the wife. Duppy know who to frighten if you need to remarried everytime tge man screw up she’s the problem not the mate. Two box she want bout husband look at wife and look at the mate. That’s the reason the man a stray bitch can’t even wear her bra correctly. Look out she sloppy and untidy in public……next time take ur hefty ass to her house to confront har the sed way she came to ur house come save ur damn life. Ungreatful heffer

  5. So wicked enter the woman home knowingly sleeping with her husband, then come to church like you is ms goodie goodie . She so shame she run with her shopping cart smh I love how the wife read her rights

    1. How she wicked when she go in go save her mammoth life? That was a huge task Keyshia carried out.

      Fatty need fi monitor those beige bra straps. look like keisha need fi save dem too.

      Wonder how wife did get him. Gwan through Keyshia! Cause you never want har husband badly or you wouldn’t have run in fi save har. Yu mek sure fatty stay around fi her 2x husband and household :ngakak
      :ngakak :ngakak

      DWRL you did missing but when yu come yu come good n bad :hammer

  6. Dutty bitch Kiesha shame on you the church should dismiss you from those usher duties because you is a snake in the house of the lord

  7. I like how she pronounced Waterford lol hahaha Keisha is an Usher in church and tekking her neighbor’s husband who saud neighbor married twice lol mi rass

    1. Her big ass a look forward to wedding cake and feast #3 mussy whey she so damn big. See keisha no fat and just slide pass har :ngakak

  8. God aguh bless yu yah Keisha.
    Yu save this woman life and she come a MegaMart a cuss yu ova community koki. Listen nuh illshapetid Ooman, gaah yu yard guh cook di man dinner. Yu too ungrateful. See di likkle man a struggle unda yu heftyniss…cho!

      1. It bun me when women give cheating husbands credit and turn themself into a public menace.

        Keyshia have no other because I wouldn’t save that hog’s life :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      2. Mi say. Deal wid di man yes, but me can understand y Keisha action bun r too because she wasn’t stranger

    1. Man tekking isn’t my trade nor is it a crime, but laughing at community cocky defenders is a blast. Low self worth and misplace anger is a trait amongst you women.

      :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks

    2. Dat mi a say to how dem ready fi class up the wife body, I won’t say the husband isn’t to blame either cause he is just as disgusting in this matter and hope she has left him and tek everything he owns, but keisha she a trifling slore because she know the lady if anyting she coulda come to the lady and say wrangle you husband, she didn’t instead she gone a hotel go spread out and a send out sexy email.

  9. I can understand why the wife is so vile; Keisha should never have befriended her and at the same time a tek har husband…some woman just too nasty. I am pretty sure that Keisha was the last person she expected to tek har husband wus she ina church bout she a usher…God Almighty!

  10. Latty we Tek weh yuh man,babyfada,yuh side man,bredda,uncle, but mi naw Tek yuh husband unless mi Neva know and mi vision Nuh blurry so mi ago know say him married. Cause when me married inna real life… No gal caah come tell me bout a mi husband mi fi go talk to….den again yuh naw go can talk fi tell mi dat cause mi buss up yuh bloodclaat fi mi husband Str888888. Mi can understand if yuh f**k him a one time but at some point gal yuh know him naw come home to yuh every night an yuh caah get him everyday so like a good gal instinct yuh ago fig say him have someone…. And dat ago Mek yuh wah stay cause yuh hear bout 2016 matey… But a one ting mi a tell miss 2016 prepare fi a 2016 mad wife beaten. Luddy!

  11. How the woman ruin your marriage? You lucky the woman was nice enough to rub u up and help. Go bash your hubby too a him ruin your marriage?

  12. Dirty dawg Keisha yuh behavior wrong. Yuh live ah few doors down from di ooman, all guh inna har house already, usher inna church and ah sex off di ooman husband. If yuh nuh repent yuh hell gwine hot. As tuh di slimy man…di wife shoulda pack up him bungle and left it right ah Keisha gate without saying ah word. Either dat or mi bun ebry piece ah clothes and boot. 27 years and ah suh di ting guh dung. Nuh worry yuhself lady, it hot but lef dem tuh time. Di nastiness dem soon tun pan dem one anneda. Hope yuh never tek back dat recycled shithouse..:travel

  13. after 27 years, dats almost three decades. wife probably was slim and trim wen they met, age, childbearing, etc probably added the weight, the man probably a tell har him love the fluffs. not saying that she shouldn’t lose weight health wise enuh. men cheat pon slimmer and prettier than her. for those who are saying she deserves to be cheated on because she stay bad, I hope unu look like god carve unu outta marble and that unu never get a wrinkle or an extra pound. men cheating is not about sex alone either sometimes there are other factors, such as, him ego, this middle age man probably felt boosted up to be sexing on his young neighbor down the road. nothing justify the Keisha or the husband behavior, I hope the husband get some licks and she left him. as fi Keisha she, this is not what the bible means wen it says, “love thy neighbor.”

  14. Keisha a dutty gal. Too close for comfort. I would a throw hot water on my husband. And give she a nay look lick. And kick out him rass.

  15. So in all honesty what does the lady’s bra strap, size and overall appearance has to do with she confronting Keisha? Would it matter if she was a size 4 in a balmain dress and vs bra?. Point of the matter is the lady hurt and she has all right to be, Keisha didn’t do her any favours so you all talking how she save her life needs to stop. Hopefully she already dealt with the wandering husband and left his ass because he too is responsible. She should a tell me which church Keisha go cause me and Michael would surely show up deh this morning, likkle smut.

  16. How unnu know that the wife stayed. It’s look like wife move because she haven’t seen Keisha since the cheating buss out, so I will deduce that she no longer live 7 houses from whoring Keisha. Some a unnu who ah comment bout the wife a idiot fi a cuss Keisha but I say she should have tsk di cart and ram it inna Keisha dutty rass. All if mi left fi man, mi still would a disgrace Keisha because ppl fi know bout the nice nastiness dem.

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