0 thoughts on “WHERE DO I BEGIN?

  1. Kim don’t have mind of her own, have the boy a clown har. Next she have to shave her head like Amber . Hey metty wat up

  2. and she claims that ass is real dwl…it doe only look like pampas…IT LOOKS LIKE A SHIT UP PAMPAS

  3. She an di baby ..south-west (no dat a di airline don’t ) .. Well whatever the baby name they both need to be potty trained at the same time..
    Disclaimer: this post is directed to the mom and not the baby, who I think is absolutely adorable

  4. DI blonde collah just show up how unhappy she is..har face look stressed bad. BTW Yeppie a weh u deh…mi nuh si u pan yah inna while..Hope u is alright:)

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