1. those bleachers are sad, sad miserable at what their parents made individuals. Note to bleachers if you don’t want your face to look like donna Gucci in 20 yrs leave the bleaching alone. you cant even show your kids pics of u when u a pickney cause dem ah say mama what happen… ? Oh explain self hate to them dumb bitches!

  2. the elbow want the bleach badd….. u see that string in a that Gladiator looking dress top is a disaster…..

    1. shinny star a give you hell , everything write on here you all say a shinning star . like a she alone and them is not frien ………………………………it could be blackie too cause mi hear blackie a dun Rochelle and them say them a family ……………………………Rochelle use the kids tax money and go get a place to live rent too cheat a philly fi you a sleep on blackie mother floor

  3. Well I don’t kno bout nobody else but that outfit we she have is very ugly.only the stocking look alliteration everything else FAIL

  4. people who luv themself and want to look youthful, glowing and teach their kids about black beauty, greatness don’t bleach asshole, y because they cancer aint pretty.

  5. The elbow needs lotion or oil, she need not to bleach anymore. I don’t understand why they bleach, love the skin your in. Your not back home so bleaching and looking lighter doesn’t matter as far as getting a job, here in the US no matter what color you are doesn’t warrant a job.

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