5 thoughts on “WHEY DI PANTS A SEH?

  1. Yes for sure heard he’s very bless in the pants . Janet still waiting for the return of the Python he has . Bwoy oh Bwoy some man have the real tool .

  2. sir, don’t move now, stay very still, cuz there is a snake inna yuh pants and mi haffi kill it by umm, hmmm, errr, stroking it to death, don’t worry am an expert.

  3. Pants: my youth Yuh big eno but mi affi fitted.

    Cock: yow why Yuh always a wear Dem tight pants a squeeze up man.

    Pants: yuh want more pums or wah? A dem tings yah Mi affi use mek it visible fi di gal dem.

    Cock: youth a me control dat… Just let me out star.. A dem tings yah mek man go limp pan Yuh more while.

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