Donovan Joseph— partner of dancehall entertainer Ruffian — said he has made contact with the singjay, who has been reported missing to the police since Saturday, September 3.

According to Joseph, Ruffian (given name is Sharon Peterkin) is currently being held at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York.

She had contacted me to say that she is not missing, but is being held at the detention centre. She gave me her detention number and didn’t say much except that she is not being charged with an offence, and was held with others in a vehicle. It’s a matter of her being at the wrong place at the wrong time,” he told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.
Joseph said since her detention, the singjay has already made two court appearances and will be returning to court next month. He did not say how she came to be in the United States, but said a family member reported her missing to local authorities when he came home in Greater Portmore, St Catherine, and was unable to locate her.

She is still listed as missing on the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s website.

Ruffian emerged on the reggae/dancehall scene in the 1990s. She has released songs, including the Steelie & Cleevie-produced Stick To Yuh Man as well as the 2009 social commentary Save the Juvenile.

She subsequently released a 16-track debut album entitled Save the Juvenile, which was a collaborative effort with reggae journeyman Max Romeo.


  1. Mi nuh believe. Her family didn’t even know the left to America, how she reach, arrested in a car with 4 other individuals. Somethings missing

  2. :ngakak :ngakak these adults be tripping now a days.

    Just get up and leave go America like that in these turbulent times (drug run)

    Being arrested in dirty n.y.c in a vehicle with 4 people…for more than 72 hrs says:

    Illegal border entry
    Stolen vehicle
    Wanted occupants
    Illegal possession of said vehicle
    Riding with some salty effers during the search for a bombing suspect.

    1. You tink she name herself ‘Ruffian’ without reason? Aye sah. Folks giving demself all sorts a name and nuh know dem haffi live wid di power and energy of dat name. Nuh ongle a ruffian gwine teck demself travel to a different country thousands of miles away and nuh tell fambly nor loved ones…kmt. Hab di ppl dem a fret and belly bottom a drop out before she could meck dem know she alive like she nuh come from no weh or belongs to no one. She need six good lash wid di cat’o nine.

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