Bwoy philly a get worst and worst tessy a wah dat yuh have on curtain yuh look like yuh need fi bade yuh eva nuh Shame and jenieka yu haffi let the world kno seh yuh a f**k of di ratsa bwoy

57 thoughts on “WHEY SHE FI SHAME FAH?

  1. Wait deh…… Didn’t yall have neika up here saying she fuck Shabba? Suh weh di Rasta bwoy cum in? After the post reach pink wall bout she an Shabba it done? Shabba wife mash dat up? She move on to the Rasta bwoy suh quick? Why yuh waan kno anyways? Yuh waan grine hm senda? Yuh can yuh know. All ah di Philly dancehall mon dem a community cocky. Dem grine any gyal weh can hold herself down and don’t ask dem fi nutten. As long as yuh have a good job/career, yuh own house, yuh own car dem will grine yuh. Yuh don’t even have to look all dat good and dem still grine yuh in private. Di whul ah dem a batty mon anyways suh senda shoot yuh shot

  2. She look good and flower patters are in right now. Because she didn’t dress half naked it’s a problem? Her look is kinda refreshing tbh.

  3. Veachy never member har sister and har mate ah rub shoulder when she was tracing the American girl on live dwl

  4. So what he not in a real marriage. Him tell everyone he’s just trying to help his bm get her papers and she payed him . So what’s the big deal

  5. Na sa Neika keep sending herself on pink wall..munchy ah box ur down soon..bad mouth gurl.everyone know u ah f**k out dancehall you are seek and F**k..ask tyeesh about she boxing down in hot pot

  6. Shaniel and ugly Latoya Shaw stop put Jenieka ova yah. Shaniel yuh a post how yuh unbothered but still a cause mix up if life Suh happy wid yuh kids, husband and Greg from HotPot why yuh love attention Suh hoe?

  7. The dirty broke Rasta boy is sucking most of the pussy in Philly, he don’t care once you can buy him a lunch him a eat you crotches. Stop saying he’s married the ugly babymother payed him not to with her money because she has none, always begging John and working for him is John pay Rasta to do the illegal wedding for her and she can’t get any papers because the worthless boy can’t get any job. Ugly baby mother stop call up veachy name a never veachy tell Rasta that the last child is not his, it was his friends and common sense. All these years you ugly family hot for veachy and her sisters cause of man that don’t want y’all. Bitch understand that he don’t want you and relax because y’all not bad. You love to hype on snap chat and the man don’t want to be seen in public with you. Bitch you a clown snapping that you at jury duty all of Philly was laughing like how? How can someone with no papers like myself be called for jury duty? You is a clown

  8. Anyone has a problem with my friend and Rasta British f**king step to her then and we shall see. Shabba woman shut down what? You ppl are too funny Nicky can’t stop shit . Shabba was dismissed ok , took his little five bills and send him on his way . If anything his woman should be saying thanks.

    1. Lies! Shabba aguh gi unnu a bloodcl@@t box ere. Which part ah dis rasta bwoy a rasta? Rasta nuh nyam pum pum my girl. Ah eediat dis . Di whul ah unnu one rass eediat.

  9. Shame for what let f**k be free, word on the street is that Rasta mouth badder than 10 gun man . So everyone wants him to eat , I see no problem

  10. Shaniel sends in jeneiker so that her name can call. shaniel just send in your own self so we can bullet u bitch

  11. Listen my name on ig is whatevasss12 if you wanna know what happened with them message me. If I talk right here they’ll know it’s me idgaf shaniel gwan like she too f**king nice… and a borrow and beg

  12. Suh rasta British babymother haffi pay the rasta fi wedding while she a mine him and how unno know the child not his and him post up the baby nd the family accept the baby and which man the babymother family have up veachy fah nd she nuh look wantable, acceptable nor mineable Lol

  13. Yes babymother have to pay Rasta for him to answer her calls that bitch have plenty of sleepless nights worrying about veachy. She knows he don’t want her but she insists on paying for cockey. No man in or out a Philly don’t want her his friends always joking on him about her saying how he pick up gal with mustache and Adam’s apple. Not to mention she is a dike

  14. How you know his BM have to pay him? I hate a nigga that pillow talk about the mother of his child. You sound like a hater, writing they’re whole story. This must be veechy or one of her friends leaving comments hating on rasta BM but making veechy look good

  15. Shanel and Latoya ya’ll doing the most now. Ya’ll want this girl name to be dragged so bad, but only exposing and flopping unnuself. Shanel we all know that you’re f**ky f**ky and will f**k any man willing to offer u a dollar, same goes for your alien face looking friend latoya Shaw. Shanel does your husband know you out here f**king Tom, Dick and Harry?? Continue with your shenanigans and I’m gonna expose you. Latoya di world know yuh a dog shit already so no need to waste time pon you.
    Unnu leave Rasta alone, a my likkle frenny dat!!!

  16. somebody please to send in a picture of the Rasta man babymother. i would love to see what she looks like. to see what kind of taste he as.

  17. Rasta British why yuh nd veachy cool through yuh deh wid har sister or through she a f**k yuh friend junior lol no sah remember yuh use to tek rasta British babymother sister baby daddy but him Neva want yuh only fi the hype fi deh him a f**k one dancehall celebrity, Dante how yuh feel yuh gyal veachy inna every thing lately

  18. Dat ugly gyal Latoya such a social media attention seeking hoe. I cah stand di ugly hoe. She fine a idiot yankee boy weh nuh kno seh she dun f— dung di place. Shaniel an Alien Latoya act like sumbody grudge their broke asses for shit. Just be doing the f—ing most for no reason.

  19. You people on this page have no fucking life honestly all y’all do is sit an talk shit if y’all don’t know gossip is a broke bitch trait then it’s the same people over an over y’all stories corny as fuck an weak.that the problem with females y’all hate too much never give the next bitch that on there shit props.its nothing ever positive on this shit get a fuckin like focused on being better moms an getting y’all money ..stop worrying about the next bitch that shit werid most of y’all don’t even got no job an not even straight in the country ..always focused on who fuckin who or who fuck who ..

  20. Veachy is not fucking Donte
    Not because you cool wid someone means unnu a fuck
    Dat fuck was a long time ago,
    him and veachy got pass that fuck
    So now a time fi unnu get pass it to

  21. Cherry last night you came next to me to take the pictures and I really wanted to ask you who the hell fuck up your face like that? Your makeup was deplorable.

  22. Junior and Dante want gramoxone fih drink if they fuck Beachy. Beachy qualify fih retirement now. She resembles Goliath

  23. Falling star please stay home with you 5 kids you look terrible name brand or not you make that shit look like trif store. Put down the party cause you did you time and now time catch up on you it show in your face the 5 kids dem a beat you bad or is the live in. You begging friends hard in dancehall remember TT wanted to beat your ass because of curly and now you calling her you friend poor you Kevin wifey dun you on Facebook and you turn round a beg fuck from the girl you are sick please find god dancehall is not it. Learn from all you mistakes mam shaneil decor your Pickney party after you find out bobby was fucking her but you just fool fool and desperate

  24. That makeup thing veachy tek up it nah work a clathhhhh only fucking these people faces up and her friends that hyping her up bout face beat and shit only lying to her lol I’m not a pro but I do my face way better than the jobs she be doing lmao

  25. Munchy plesse yo take off that raggedy bad color wig it’s a hot mess my girl you too ugly for all them things keep it simple b

  26. Is wha Veechy and Neicy have now?? Me see Neicey a diss Veechy whole Gingeration all di granny pon Oxygen :hoax2 :hoax2 . don’t tell him Donte dem a war ova :tkp

  27. A lie, veachy and Neicy a war. A yah suh nice. Dem a war ova married boy, community dick Donte? No sah dis nuh luk gud. Inna real life Neicy luk way betta dan Veachy and har whole family although Neicy mouth stink.

  28. Neicy do up veachy all involve the kids whole family periodttt I’m surprise veachy nuh reply but I guess Neicy friends are more of a friend to her or they just messy because they tell or show her what veachy said so veachy all now ur friends didn’t told you how the girl a style yuh and your family I guess kerry set the link up wit Dante fi Neicy caah di way she cum out strong I’m surprised Tia or twix didn’t ansa only big bad and bold Tanice/Neicy…… (Dante dick game up top) LOL

  29. First of all donte dick game is super duper wack. I think girls just like his personality. I fucked him before he has a birthmark on there that’s my proof. Wack wack wack

  30. Everybody a try to be a promoter sandy British go sit you old ass down somewhere look like a Geico Bitch please :travel :travel :travel :travel

  31. LoL @ Ano 37. Mi a she di same ting too. What a woman ugly an tink she luk gud. Sand Bitish stay home. Yuh a scare ppl yuh an yuh big nose ugly cousin Stacy Stacy fave duppy. Kmrt.

  32. 5:12 stop it we know a you this cherry you didn’t know dem did ugly when y’all was ride or die unnu is a bunch a Hypocrites I can’t stand sum a unnu dutty Philly ppl unnu Too wicked ok if unnu a nuh fren anymore just keep it the fuck moving

  33. How unnuh love Cherry name Suh? A nuh Cherry. Yes dem rass ugly. A nuh Cherry alone have eye fi seh ugly. Di whole Philly see seh dem ugly.

  34. All of a sudden sandy on pinkwall because she and cherry dont talk,cherry Marvia say a she mek you fava smaddy not to mention munchy from miracle but she always look crazy so me couldnt want tell people say a me mek fi two worst looking people inna dancehall look like old clothes,bwoy cherry that old front causing riot.

  35. Cherry can change har name to blueberry the old one dem weh taste bad and come off a pinkwall… damn old house

  36. Keisha. gangsta.. please to stop showing off that closet like you work so hard and bought all those things.. all a Philly no seh ur fingers dem can tame ina di people dem store. Matter a fact that is the reason why u stuck now. The shoes; Dem is walk and beg man money and sell a fukk u get those by. So tell me what are you showing off with.. I hope you start dressing ur kids in the same brand you do too cause their whole life you forgot to do that..

  37. @ 2:27 bitch bye, u mad? Keisha won a big ass lawsuit fm an accident at work. She did the smart thing build a big ass house for her n her family. Unlike u she is a home owner ( no Mortgage) n still got money in the bank. Miserable Bitch

  38. psSSST… .You CANNOT get lawsuit Money widou a Social # ina Mericca, YOu not suppose to be working for a big Company like that widout a Social that does not belong to you. Stop incriminatig you dunce self. Keisha so smart and know say she lean and go invest har money ina Mericca before she do that a di place way dem cah run har out of?? stupid.com. Show off bring disgrace. Have a lovely day.

    1. Bitch bye. Keisha straight in America. She worked at FedEx and something fell on her at the job and she sued them. You can’t work at FedEx on just working papers. FedEx is a government job. Your Social Security card has to say “Permanent Resident…” (I’ll leave the rest to you to figure out). Horace gave her her shit then dem divorce. You a sad bitch. She dun married two times already and poor you just a babymom. Fix your credit bitch and get your weight up….. Big up yuh self Keisha Gangsta! I love the closet and the space. It looks very nice. Good job!!

  39. Dwl, dumb bitch fedex is not a government company. Please go back yo school. That’s what happen when bitches live inna dancehall and dounce like bat.

    1. Federal Express is the name of the company. They are just like UPS. It’s all regulated by the government. It’s the bottom of the totem pole but its a branch contracted by the government. So you right on that part about them not being a branch of the government but they are contractors for them. I don’t think I’m the only one that needs to go back to school here.

  40. Keisha congrats on your success you been through alot boo if you can do it anyone else can atleast you get something out of dancehall fuck them bitches with their hate

  41. @Anon 2:30. Please go sit dung somewhere. Tell Keisha to go take a flight go home and try come back . Keisha docket long from Kingston to mobay and no lawyer ina Mericca can fix that.. her sticky fingers and dem same clothes and shoes duh was har downfall :travel :travel

  42. Hello miss secretary of State
    Government r not u can’t work for them without a ssi#, a clean driving record for more than 2yrs, a background check that goes back 5yrs, n felony can’t be with in the last 6 yrs #dumbass

  43. Dumb ass jakes. Yall are all broke wear way to much makeup and fake disigner clothes. You live in the hood and hate on each other bad. Your all cnas so you all need to go back to school. And another thing this is America speak english. What the f**k is unno. A Jamaican website in America. Just be glad your all here. Dummies..shots fired at all of you broke ads bitches.

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