Apple little sister candy is really going for the tittle of little miss apple in England wearing her hand me down designer clothes she visit merika and apple take her to do breast and bum to get back her baby father who left her for yaneek buzzer but all now him not looking. Somebody please tell her don’t follow Apple cah that weirdo is nothing to look up too. Candy start f**k white man fi designer clothes and jeep. Her next big sister Marisha run and bad mind her run and go buy merc jeep on hp in her sister kyisha name to hype on people. But if you have to pay monthly to hype you might as well quite lol



15 thoughts on “WHICH APPLE OO?

  1. Marisha try anything and everything fi try keep Marlon. Marisha him can’t tame and no baby or car can change dat. Him nuh stop walk and class yuh and talk how yuh nah nuh ambition. Mi wud ah shame fi claim him and him nuh stop walk and fu**k pon yuh like dawg. Mi nah lie yuh unlucky in love bad. None of your baby father dem rate yuh.
    Dunce gyal nuh even have her driving licence

  2. Yes nasty jay icon so called wife happle from new york sisteri. England. They never get the looks buy struggling to buy the shape

  3. One sad family!! All they do is hype! Weh hype ago???? Mi sorry Fi them! Never see a set Weh can walk and beg family!!!!!

  4. Mi wuda waan see di sister before di enhancements cuz she look like a boy wid over grown breasts to me

  5. Candy and marisha is NOT Apple sister candy and marisha love walk and beg family too much yes marisha we know the Benz a hp try nuh miss nuh paymentz as fi crawny candy yuh don’t look good everything you see Apple resort barb and dicepineapple do yuh run go falla it nuh suit yuh. Yuh want some porridge gal yuh look insipde the car that candy driving is from disability allowance so stop hype if it wasn’t fi that yuh wouldn’t be driving

  6. marisha stay and look bad she ever hype and hype nuh fit her marlon nuh stop f**k.pon you you thing baby can tie down a cute selector bwoy girl please with your short self tiu and candy go look ah work

    1. All the girl height you have a bother u PETTY ass! Sad BITCHES! If a B nah progress onu class dem and celebrate it. Dem try progress and onu class it fi destroy it.

      Onuu a more waste than a landfill to bumbo.

      Wretched black women that history will not record as substance to society 😮

  7. unu sad huh blood cart you bad mind like candy true she do her body get new car new house well furnish and her kids sweet and look clean, she is nothing like her sister marisha and apple, she is at least 10-15 years younger than them and on the same level as them.
    so you can imagine were she will be at there age.
    well done candy do you

  8. Ugly candy you and that fake Chanel bag we all know it’s fake then you couldn’t beg your so called sister Apple one of her Chanel bags when you was over there then you saw my sister in her Gucci heels and bag and you run go buy it copy cat gal and it still didn’t look good pon you

  9. Candy you are a wanna be. First you wanna be foxy brown then Nicki minaj now happle just be yourself your so confused you walk and beg fren an family and now resorting to f**ing a white man. Marisha your file is so long you baby whore you was f**king man from you was 12 your pussy so big all the walls must have gone that’s why no man don’t stay with you. You have 4 kids and 4 baby fathers your a disgrace. Before you get the tummy tuck make sure you do the pussy surgery and tighten up your big hole. Marlon walk and chat you say your pussy stinks and you don’t like wo wash. Let’s see how long you keep that Benz for because teefing getting hard and your mums getting old she can’t do road like one time and the payments have to be made. Poor kyiesha let you get car in her name now you gonna f**k up her credit cos we know your can’t afford to keep up lets just wait and see.

  10. Now this shit is crazy the hate is real out here lol still popping ⭐️

  11. Candy is. My Fren and she don’t look good st all she walk and f**k like her stupid sister. Yes her car is hp she still looks like a monkey. Lol

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