Nasty nickielue me ina munchie restaurant and hear how nasty you nasty and ur room ceiling drop down on ur mother In the living room them say if you every see RAT Jesus Christ


  1. Dem been saying her house nasty . why Kelly always writing bible scriptures pOn FB did Owen make you get a job or did welfare send you since the Lil baby now in school no more assistance from the government Kelly what you going threw that you have to get god involoved in everything in a u life . ‘I never see somebody so blessed have to call pOn god so much for everything . Is Owen still making you do 3 threesomes

    1. You notice how Kelly family dem a teck time teck ova Owen house. lol Is har 2 brothere dem here now, Mom soon on the way. Pretty soon Owen affi go mine dem like when dem live a yawd. Kelly juss wutliss bad, get up and put on makeup and dress up ina dance just fi go watch and chat people who a live better life than she. Kelly why did you bother to go to beauty school hun? i guess that was just to shut Owen up. Is people like you Trump wah send home cause your Tax card no have no work history….

      Kelly is wah you and your cuz Shakka have? me feel you jealous ah your cous cause you always a try prove pan har cause she is a natural and you always a gwann like you wah style har. Kelly doh forget you and ur cuz use to wax down dumplin and butta evryday so she know the real you. Di wife title only fool di farrin peopl. Big up Shakka me like you…

    2. You must be from Philly because boy are you DUMB!! Aomeone doesn’t have to go through anything to call upon God, He should be called upon JUST BECAUSE. You are perturbed, disturbed and outright sick my youth. Go get a life.

  2. And if you eva see Nicki, everyday she clean ina di latest name brand. Nicki weh you ago do when di ppl dem put budder pon you foot fi when you walk ina dem store you set off di alarm ??
    DI mount a hussling you do ,you should have bout 5 house ina AMerica and 20 cars. YOu notice how since you nah gi di Mafia ladies no more free clothes dem stop fawt pon you? dem neva like you from Mawnin and use to laugh and call you Mafia man dem mattress. From mi hear biout Nicki dem use to call har Salt PuSs Nixckki cause evry man weh you sleep wid go jail or dem deadd like you 2 babyfadda. GGirl go rest that puss.

  3. Yow mi Neva si school gate from mi born but God know that person up top that make this comment dumb bumb… Di hate is so real ..Kelly gal gwaan do you my girl..the subject is not about you but dem deh pan to case

    1. WE di ppl dem woulda jealous ah Kelly fah now? har scald dog Chicken foot dem or di bad breath? or Owen lickel Pencil weh every body done glide pon and ah laugh at her? or har yeye dem weh a see sleepless night cause she cah sleep ina har haunted bed?

      on another Note Kelly how it feel you go teck Reggi Man and him stillwantg up him girl eventhough she simple and boring and ole as you said.. Abaay di Man carry har go Vegas fi har birth day while you go fi Vacation.lol all now it still a mash up your head how the man neva leave him woman fi you. I bet di gal neva affi brukk off him buddy fi him want har up. YOu no see you go pan all your head top and it turn di man off instead of on.. He was just not into you Booo boo :cd :ngakak :ngakak

  4. She just as worthless as nicki all of dem rate day same so when dem talk about one dem talk about da other the whole family living in da apt Poor Owen Shauna you need to stay home seriously d outfit unno put on these days need put back in dirty clothes

  5. Philly ppl come answer this pls , I was at one bar and ppl was in there talking that shakky and her mother have AIDS is it true. What a shame wow. is that why she always look a mess smh

  6. police went to jigga about the shooting outside his dance and well John is on surveillance also the car he left in . A lot of ppl are being questioned about him and let’s just say no one is denying his actions. Good job John what a way to end up back on the wanted list

    1. It muss be Neisa Car him leave Ina.She no stop Gwan like she a lead and him still a sleep wid dirty infested cunt Neicey. any body weh sleep behind Necicey is just ass nasty as her. sorry Neisha you loose value going in that circus…

  7. Owen pencil dick is legendary cah nobody ever try take him from Kelly dem just sample it Kelly how you bring unno whole family to live with da man and Owen daughter can’t come stay one night

  8. Kelly you finally make
    It to the dentist did you tell the dentist that your mouth rotten or you have toothache .

  9. I heard wild bunch Ricky has pencil dick too omg. My friend told me the bleach out face country mobay boy (Ricky frien)don’t have none either. Philly man them don’t have no dick. I’ll go to New York where some good dick at

  10. But John tell neisha he don’t sleep with neicy he only use her to store his stuff neisha don’t care cause is she the money spending on. Yep John buys her real brand,upgrade her car and all.sanny trying to beg her way back in but no no no sanny.john love neisha because she carry herself well,she cook clean and he can walk with her without feeling embarrassed sanny too old and ugly as for neicy every male and lesbian in Philadelphia done piss in her mouth so its a bit shameful to be seen with her

  11. Every time I see neicy on snap chat saying she at work babysitting I say to my self if bad breath could kill she murder those ppl kids mnl John how you do it ? How you stop you breath and f**k her? And Donna you pick up you daughter behavior you walking and telling everybody claira thief money why you don’t talk bout when you and your daughter did thief John 10 grand weh you use buy the second hand furniture them and blame it on you cousin

  12. Well it stink a road say they have aids fi true and is not them alone so most of y’all that bin in that circle of Dec party’s should go get tested including you Kim cause source say a you spill the beans.what a ting when friendship mash up all secrets out.we all know shaky have no insurance and she can no longer use yours Kim

  13. What a story to spread somebody confirm this Aids story Shakky did sleep with everyone in dancehall everyone so if this true somebody post a pic of her recently for those that can’t see her on SM how does she look different since everybody saying she look different

  14. Munchy restaurant weh she wuk inna a one di worse food shop a philly!!! twister beat r in deh in front a customers an she chat ppl business wid r careless self an mek r dutty video pon fb like she a sumbady an she a live worse dan dog inna America! Health inspectors soon lock down di dutty restaurant again cuz munchie come pon live fb come spit inna di sink how ppl nyam in deh afta dat! Philly ppl sad bad

    1. Anyone eat food from that restaurant nasty!! Not just Nicky lue! Yucckkk!! Dirty crawny place with crawny unsanitary people!! Baa nasty bs gwan in there

  15. I like neisha and John together I saw them other day and they look happy , nickeylue you need to clean that dirty place you living in it bin dirty for years, as for Kelly I don’t know if you got the sauce yet but Trudi is sleeping with Owen yes someone saw them leaving the motel. Trudi you and Tia just love smile up in the gal dem face then sleep with them man kmt as for shakky she look like old oil truck from Kim run her not even hairdresser she can afford girl is a mess just tacky and sloppy

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