Di rich ppl dem up a di Hamptons weh really have millions….yuh tink a suh dem dress when dem a go a horse show??? A wonda if dem feel outta place when dem see rich folks looks simple an dem look like a Hollywood dem a go fi go star movie. Pls an tanx.



149 thoughts on “WHIPP UP SENDER

      1. I like Shawna..but that was more like “under” dress. These events are either at the knee or below for dresses or slacks.

        Shawna me like yu but please don’t do that again in the Hamptons. You stand out in as a hired date.

    1. She look good yes. But not for the occasion. She should have done her research. On the dress code. But when yuh not exposed, u think from it look good it can where anywhere

  1. Frighten Friday Met and it’s spelled Hampton. A nuh the first time she post location and can’t spell it.

      1. met is true you a talk she dress like she a go on a yacht to have lunch.. a wonder how dem just fi go on the yacht them?

    1. It’s too casual and not in a tasteful way. A pair of jeans with a dress shirt or a 2 piece cardigan would have look damn good. In all honesty….this look “whorish” (sorry Shawna, as a friend me would tell yu de dam thing inna yu face from yu put it on) for a damn equestrian show. These are your Ralph Lauren dress up occasions.

  2. If Shawna attended the Bridghampton Classics then NO she was not over dressed as many wore white sun dresses, she could have toned done her Jewelry…..I always go with something Cartier Shawna, next time try that. Some of the men there wear Jackets…….I would of liked to see what her choice of shoes was.

    1. Looking very nice indeed. Even in Jamaica the ladies dress to the nine and wear hats, etc on some race days

        1. Met wat????? wat did I say :nerd

    2. Quena, which part you see anybody a wear that bottom portion to equestrian shows? Her jewelry is on point. You being sarcastic bout Cartier?????? How sundress and dis night time, sheer outfit fall into play??? A Cartier watch is all needed not de whole box.

      1. Look @Phantom that curtain get up to the bottom is coo’…..for the life of me I couldn’t understand it being a style but Summer ’13 it was so she good there. I wasn’t at all trying to be sarcastic, from where I sit the jewelry is toned down and seeing as how she was posting about Bloomberg like she was in close proximity I was merely saying a Cartier necklace and bracelet would of been a better choice. I’m always taken like I’m putting people down all when y’all believe me to be Jamaican……sheesh!
        P.S. Shawna I believed can afford it because she look to be about her money dudes, not to mention her shoe game is about that paper.

        1. Hello Mam, me and you don’t have nothing…all a gwan tu no mira me en nada (malo espanol) stay pon topic.

          De mention a Cartier was far fetching to me. At this mud fest me wouldn’t wear me best jewelry. If it’s polo then all bets are off …lol Again, de sheer bottom is wha me don’t like; a pair of slacks would a do it for me. Me like when me people represent to de fullest. In all honesty…I quenj at the fact that those female snobs saw de same faults that I’m outlining. Simple as dat!

          Again, when we a do it we fi do it right. How you think me feel when me peeps a carry fake bags inna rich people settings? lolololllllllll I QUENJ for them too!

  3. Wait deh???? Shawna find rich white? suburban man or she visiting their territory with d hopes of snagging one? Well dem won’t kno u flaw flaw food is not proper Jamaican food


  5. *pinky finger sticking out as I sip some tea very stooshly*…. I myself, have attended several classic horse shows 10 years ago :cool …when mi son was 1 year old and use to gallop bout the place pan im stick horsey, equipteq with harness and sound…best seat in the house, very classic and priceless!!! Galang ya gal, yuh frighten ah fool nuh f**kkk! :p …:fuck:

          1. True…for more important things in life…that is. You really have it out for me, don’t you? :hammer :hammer :hammer …you’ll get over it :p :p :p :p :p

    1. Pretty, please to sound out that bourg name ma’am..thankyou :nerd .. Think I got the first part correct..bourg ( boar/guh)..yea?

  6. See what a lot of people don’t know, is that even if yuh married to a rich man; win di lottery overnight it ago hard fi yuh fit inna di wealthy circle, cah certain things yuh not familiar wid and cannot relate to oh…she missing her hat though. She looks nice never di less

  7. Ahhhhmmmm…. It is the Hampton Classic, people, not Classics… NO s at the end! These little things tell! Please remember this while you are faking it! DWL

    1. Anon, since you’re a more seasoned attendee of these events, ( in your opinion) is Shawna dressed accordingly for this event? If you were to see her, would she have stuck out like a sore thumb, and if so…why?

      1. @Yep!: mi Neva mek any such claim to fame, eenuh! DWL! … Anyway, I come here to drink milk, not to count cows. I will leave the fashion review to the experts…. Lol

    1. :kr heard what??? I gave you to much credit your easily fooled……….by perhaps an English Connoisseur (Con-is-sewer).

      I’ve attended many and she is not over dressed…..just the gawdy Canal Street Jewelry may put off.

      1. Quena, you have since become a bit condescending since your last cover was blown here. I don’t say much because it’s always better to be nice or say nothing at all. I’ve noticed your tone through writing. It’s not like before. It’s as though because you are perceived as someone you’re not, you now air on the side of indirect insults. Remember now, neither of us owns this site. It’s a great opportunity to be able to come, vent, and enjoy. On the otherhand with you, I see the opposite with you. THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR IT! Met never denied your entrance here since then, all spoke their piece and kept it moving since then. Chill out B, it ain’t even that serious because we’ve been here since just chilling. Can’t nobody beat nobody over the net so just chill out with all that. (PLEASE DON’T MISREAD, I NEVER SAID YOU WANTED TO BEAT ANYONE)

        You use to start off with Buenos Dias amiga and whatever else spanish people say at break of day and even that I see changed. There’s no reason to be mad with someone for taking reference to something you said in a disrespectful manner. Let’s not even go back there but just in closing I wanted you to know I sense your subliminals. We all good here sonnn chill with that! If and when you see this message, you can choose to respond I won’t reply. I just wanted to make you aware that I sensed that with you.

        1. @Zervah…….I have not changed much as you put it “since my cover was blown”, I still say Buenos Dias daily (if you look under the days post you will find I do so daily. I aint mad and moved on, if I feel disrespected I address it and thats been day 1 other than that I laugh along and keep it moving. If your speaking on me and @Yep today it was all love or so I intended. I will take your advise going forward but don’t into read into my comments B’ because I’m chillin’ over here too!
          P.S. when I’m being mean or other wise I come straight naver been one to throw subs’.

        2. Thank GOD for Observer and her FANTASTIC!! ability to see what I’ve been saying all along…my girl… :2thumbup :rate :rate :rate :peluk :peluk :2thumbup :2thumbup

        3. Dem cyaaah tek wi fe eediat roun ere, nuh day nuh time atalllllll!!!! Servah, you are dead on point!!!!!!!!!!! …and mi naah seh nutten more…and the fat lady has sung :kr

  8. Please don’t say I’m hating on this girl because I’m not, I just want to put this out there as black people we need to expose ourselves to more. There are plenty of activities to do in NY it all depends on your interest. Some people tend to to think certain areas, events and schools is for the rich only. Don’t be quick to assume that certain things are not within our reach, because they are
    Take this story for instance, she put this up like wow look where I’m at, when in reality tickets to the horse show is like $10-30 per person. The rich part only comes into play if you are a horse owner or a participant in the show. Granted I don’t know who she is with but she isn’t doing anything that she couldn’t do herself; again it depends on your interest. You want to go on a wine tasting tour, horseback riding, private dinner on a boat, you can it’s more affordable than you think.
    Especially when you have kids, do you know there are good private schools who are looking for minority students, offering full scholarships or lower tutition fees. There is a whole world out there, take them to museums, horse shows, tennis tournaments and so on so they can grow up to be well rounded adults
    Your life can’t only be clubs, clothes and social media, and now someone takes you to be suburbs and a horse show and you feel you have arrived. Really the Hamptons is like an 1 -1:30 hr drive depending on where you are coming from. Don’t just take this experience as photo ops only, it can also be educational, open your eyes and ears and take it all in, next time you won’t be so in awe of simple things.

    1. It’s certainly not a big deal, heck you can grab the Jitney as well. What also seperates the masses is your location while viewing….it is certainly attainable if one choose.

    2. Powwwwwww…Say it again dawlin. No…..I didn’t feel any hate at alllll….Just stating facts…Well said :2thumbup …….As fi youuuuuuu Ms Yeppy…..no rerdsssss. Mi jus a wait fi Shani come haul your non behaving ass to the naughty corner :siul :hoax2 :nerd Yuh musdi tink mi naw watch yuh….Dwllll…Mi not laffing. Big up yuh self Yeppy…..Yuh tink u noice.

      1. Mamacita :peluk …Metty tired fe talk to mi bout mi behavior but look weh Servah seh….LOOK!!!!! She nailed that shitt!!! MI ah one gal weh nuh frighten fe nutten, suh mi nuh wa nuhbody come try style mi as such..

      2. Cita, mi use to work ah bank, suh mi nuh frighten fe money……count money fe days; might ah nuh my money, but money all di same :siul

    3. I agree. I’m attending a wine tasting and the tickets were only $20. Now I can go on Insta and brag ” oh yes at a wine tasting with my boo”. And they would all be like wow!!!! She a mek money & a live life! Baaaahhhaaaaahhhhaaaaaa :recsel :ngakak :hoax

  9. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak @ some people wid dem jus come mentality…and still nuh reach nuh wehh! It sticky pa demmmm!! :hammer

  10. Shawna look nice it’s good to try new things and put yourself in these type ofvenvironment she might get lucky and snag her a rich man

  11. But why does this one blogger disgust mi spirit so much!
    As if to say Shawna Star is at some high class shit she ain’t sitting
    In the front row at NY or PARIS Fashion week it’s a horse show for Christ sake! Some people are really stupid bout Cartier Shawna have Cartier money????!? I’m sure Puerto whatever don’t own a CAR NOR THE TIER ! Just the energy off of some people you know they ain’t shit!

    1. yes fp and people and people can disagree and hate each other but u nuh haffi say nothing to dem …just fi mek di peace gwaan..nuh do dat man

    2. Jue Batty WASHERRRRRRRR get a life!!!! I have seen Shawna many many times in the latest and pricey name brand shoe’s now if she can afford those I am certain she can afford the simplest Cartier necklace and Bracelet afterall they carry an affordable range as well.
      I assume you are no LAW STUDENT either, germs!

      1. portoroyalquena ur mixing fashion passion with fashion police. it is fashion police that u would be refering to as “jue batty washer.”

        1. Oh ‘ish……sorry about the mix up, when I feel disrespected I black out the gate!!!


          Fashion Passion get a life as I am sure your some sort of Batty Washerrrrrrr!!!

          1. BITCH please. Mi done BLOODCLAAT talk YOU AINT MOTHER**KIN SHIT! Mi say it again GO DEAD NOW ! You ah di biggest batty washer inna dancehall ASS BREATH HOE! Go sit in a FUKIIN corner and just kill yuh Bumboclat self you won’t be missed!

          1. Servah mi know it pass mi but yuh care to enlighten mi how dem call out Quena ? dont bash mi please, memba a mix up site and mi love mix up.

  12. prostitute sneaking around with Melissa lavish man she soon end up with aids , she didn’t learn from the last man she took and couldn’t go to his funeral

  13. met you know fashion passion is a batty boy months ago I here some suss who he is im not calling any name but he is trini yes and love to swipe ppl credit card he heng with bobette x friend, run in now fp and say its not you


  15. I am reading and reading and laughing. I’ve never gotten involved neverrrrr in these bangerangs with Quena and others but I wanna ask a question metty of you don’t approve, don’t approve the comment. Quena the other day you said you met Kerry Ann and she can vouch the you are a rican so how dat rerk??mi never did understand that.


  16. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak @Fashion passion WELL SAID! Looking at the fallen one you can tell she’s not accustom to anything of this sort. Excuse har she new to this!!!!!!!! :ngakak

  17. Ah follow shi ah follow shape bad star Barbie :hoax2 fallen star knows nothing about the Hampton’s oh plz!

    WAVING HI to. Shawna I saw you with your white man the other night :ngakak :ngakak In the city. Say I’m lying bitch so I can send the picture to met. :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Your lying, this is Shawna yuh fi stop call mi BC RC name, send dem now nuh if yuh bad !!!!!!!!

  18. Mi seh!!! Some people behave like some likkle eediat weh buy new microwave or blenda or microwave or some sort of medium sized gadget or electronics and instead of flattening the box and stuff it inna dem empty trash container weh trashman pick up every week the whole rhatid neighborhood haffe know bout dem purchase cause dem ah showcase the empty boxes like ah Christmas ornaments mi seh mi use to live cross the street from wa dummy like that and mi seh this fool use to line up the boxes dem out a front fe mek everybody know seh she buy dis n’ dat. :cd

  19. @ Fashion Police look like it miss mi how dem blow Quena covers please, weh dem sey she anno Rican ?

    1. Ispy dawling nobody na ansa u meck a give it to u quickly the ppl dem say the same girl deh she come from port royal not p—to Rico lol if u look fi the post whey say something like (Them hot fi we) the memory no so good but check the search engine mama n u will find the unfolding of nationalities hayyyyyyyyy hayyyyyyyyyyy

      1. Chuetty I wah relive it mi just wish met woulda block Har lmfaooo but I know that’s not gonna happen but the idiot gal is a dancehall teggareg & cocky termite. She always talking bout she’s a wife with kids n man she’s a damn matey if that much ! Good man nah bring dem good up woman roun sketel like Kerry Ann she had so much opportunity to meet beyyy waste gal n mon but then wanna act high class why such person of class inna the same setting as waste ppl??? DING DING DING BECAUSE YOU ARE A WASTE BLOODCLAT GAL TOOO BITCHHHHH! Kmft I ain’t got the time wed one see it wee called it & SO IT IS.

        1. Block her why and she was not doing anything? Her comment wasnt condescending to me and di big blue chain roun shawna neck is overdone..we had a big show down the other day we turned a new leaf so y all this? It nuh call fah? I am someone who like fi seh mi mind and keep it going ..I do not like to pick on people and I believe if u and someone nuh gree there are ways to be civil so y that cyah gwaan? Mi nah ban Quena nope will never

          1. Mi nuh understand why it hard fi be fair. Mi si Quena come yere few mornings well and seh morning met n metters n cockroaches…There was never an uproar but there is a big one because she seh shawna necklace nuh classy? and its not.. but thats her style mi notice she like dem type a jewelry deh..Im not one who likes those pieces and mi might seh it nuh classy and someone else might say it is…Oh God man life is too short fi we all a treat each other less than human..Quena is not the type fi not fight back or ansa back so if me and har ketch up mi talk whey mi a talk and i dont care what is said after but I would never bully someone into being someone they are not..We are grown man come on

          2. One last ting……………….. When a ting nah gwaan roun yah and no news not pouring in not one person to say met so and so…Si mappy party gone deh n fight gwaan..all now no news to mi box..If Quena hear anyting best believe seh it reaching mi and it will be 100% correct…so she blog and keep di blog going just like others as well..We had our big fall out whey day but this blog has always moved like a family……….only if di person really come fi mek problem den cut off gwaan but be fair , be kind and be forgiving ..life is too short..

          3. I said what I felt I had to say to @Fu*keryPassion and I’m guddddddd, moving on……so Metty fight at Mappy ting, lemme find out!
            Nothing here left to address cuh yuh can’t see Duppy nuh true :maho

      2. Chuetty, could it be that the person is question is a bit fair skinned with a texturizer and trying to pass it off as good hair ( mi memba she mention sinting bout good hair)… Chuetty I’m gonna walk this one out :travel

  20. OMG u people are the worst. I don’t know her but we follow each other on IG. I like her style & she seems like a cool chick. Sender go nyam sumn soft & leff di gal. Kmt

  21. lolol…MET!! yu mean sey fight gwan and dem hold it back? What a ting! I wish I was associated wid de ‘it’ crowd fi keep yu up to par, but me in wid de books and retired crew members. lol

      1. DAUMMMMMM! I like those snatch fights! QUENA! While yu a get de verbal TRY GET DE VISUAL TO! I jusss love those snatch a wig fight…Met! True TV may get it fuss before yu…lolol

  22. As far as i am concerned SHAWNA is on the right track with this event/look etc. Move da fcuk away frm de dancehall world/ppl dem. Her beauty can carry are far . She needs to rub shoulders with pro football n basketball players n business execs. She has wat it takes to be wifed by a celeb . #my opinion. As for her outfit –she looks perfectly fine-its a matter of opinion tho-n we cant plz all the ppl all the time–how many of us can present a pic -casual or dressy -that can compete wid de girl????-most a we pon ya waa lose a couple dozen pounds –lol. Fact is -she’s a beautiful woman –NOBODY can take that away frm her –LETS BE CLEAR

  23. Shani……u right. Weh day when di big show dung gwaan wid Quena…mi neva run come till it dun an mi hear bout it an come read. Mi glad mi nay deh yah cause mi wudda dip up too….cause she leggo a bag a speech…..BUTTTT…..a di end a di day…we a family….From Simply cum right dung di line….Alllll a we….Bubble…Eyespy….Candy….Kia…..FP….Ackee….Danhi….Love Trace….Yep….Londy….Lundun….Obara….Willie….Big Man….Zervah……..All who leff an change name an come back an all who fah name nuh call….Mek we jus dun it an move on. Life too short fi true. Group hug……Unuu come man….cho. :kimpoi :thanks2 :shakehand2 :kiss :sungkem :cendol :peluk :babygirl :angel

  24. just wanna point out that Shawna is wearing a jumpsuit/romper …. not a dress

    just pointing out – i think she looks nice

    but she def stands out to the white people as some rich old mans black escort

    they know

    they will smile with her – but they know

  25. Shawna is ah escort what you think she was in the city for the other night with the white man? Say I’m lying…. I dare you! Ole prostitute.

  26. @fashion Police,,,I swear i was just about to ask for her to show the CON,,,,dwflllll

    Shawna STOP IT,,,but then again she have to keep up with the APPEARANCES of Richness..

    One question Shawna did you see dolly and them?

    I better stop it…lol

  27. Met you see her tho looking like Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN,,,and the saga continues

    but then again when you want the money go to the White grounds,, most of my freinds only date white men,,,MONEY PILE and they don;t care to spend as long as you make them do as they wish to you..smh,,,me like mines like chocolate milk…lol

  28. @observer. She bad ehh ole prostitute! And a gwan like shi stush bitch guh siddung ole nastiness di white man dem soon give ya something money can pay for school but you fallen star is a great pretender with no class. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :fuck: :fuck: dolly and sweets look like dem off a di market now :cool inquiring minds want to know :matabelo :mewek :matabelo

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