Tasha aka BAG WHITE BABY MOTHER IS NOW FUVKING DI BWOY WEH PAR WID 2 FLASHY CREW “CHINCHILLA” DI 2 a dem well hug up inna bald head dem cook out and bag white was no where to be found…dolly house mash up!


  1. Tasha a idiot fi lef bag white fi da ugly duppy deh ,u have to freak him out , him love batty f***k, a top freak, him ulgy bad , Tasha go back home to ur good man ,da bwoy wah game u out ,or grab the money and run girl

  2. Met lets us welcome back sadeki to the united states of America if I laugh I fart ain’t that nigga suppose to be staying low key? Coming like him pick up back the party life child if u know wey me know u go back low to the amount a man planning for u

  3. Bogggwhite na,ve nuttung to teef lately, so prospects splirt..she cute yes but them man deh live offah aneddah street code. When greens up it come with a slew of pretty girls

  4. Tash you look beautiful Hun a long time u fi left him and you a gal Weh been have u things rayyyyy bag white wan f**k every duty gal make him move up next……

  5. Bag white been f**g on tash he have his woman in la its 2 side to the story thats the reason tasha went to find next man.tasha jermaine been a give yuh bun.

  6. Bag white be careful tasha will send immigration for ur ass. Guh tek care a di pickney weh yuh have a la an stop floss pon instagram talking bout rich.rich weh inna yuh stinking mada.

  7. bag white have one ugly babymother weh live a braeton portmore name coolie his daugther diamond mother . well coolie get visa last year and when she come she stay wid him and f**k him in order for him to mine diamond . tasha a get bear bun from bagwhite he sexing off tiffany barbie now she walk and tell people he her money man they all nasty and sleep pon dem one another


  9. Tasha f**k out Bronx, then bag white tek har and tun har in ah somebody.. Kmt.. Tasha is nobody, who don’t f**k har in ah party during “Black Theater” days ah who nuh born yet.. Bag white walk and dun har all bout and now he’s with a 20yr, the same age as his stepdaughter that he watch grow.. How disturbing is that. SMFH!!… Tasha nuh fi guh back ah bc him too bad..

  10. Mi girl Chinchilla married. 2 Flashy Crew worthless. Yuh can’t tek none of dem serious. Just get the money they love to dash out on women and done with dem. And mek sure you don’t breed from dem cause dem no mind dem pickney once unno left. Worthless pieces of shit that’s taken up space pon earth.



  13. Please stop she is not so pretty!!!! The gal never deserve bag white… A him bus she and diss the man but ah long time she ah hide and f**k pan him

  14. Tasha been have her tings before bag white uno don’t know that girl drive. He been a f**k pon the girl so if she f**k now about time big up u self pretty girl wid 3 Pickney

  15. Him fix her up.. All send her go do her body!!! She sad about she ah diss the man that make her exist on the planet of earth she wicked… Him need fi find a girl that’s not in the street because ah street rat dat…

  16. I don’t know the girl but unuh a behave like bag white a saint and he is gos gift to woman. Him a f**k more than one woman, she decide she wah do her own thing. Him a nuh the first money man spend pan dem woman and den whatever dem did have fall apart. If unuh can see bag white don’t give a f**k bout nuttin, unuh nun see the man busy a emulate the so call life of a “flosser”. The man busy a say “RICH” until the feds dem pick him up again.

  17. Tasha a long time ***r gal she still f**k all har man dem ,factsssssssssssss ,factsssssssssssssssssssss ask har bag white ,just join the gang , but she still tek all man weh she f**k before , but she ago lose now and look like shit when the ulgy man done freak har out , stupid , bag white can go home tomorrow ,and she still a dog out har self, Tasha never have nutting a man help har from banton time till now,she always a f**k pon him wid nuff man ,as up top say a long time she stay so a just money mek she use to cool, but she a old f**r

  18. talk truth u know weh u a seh , him did a try ,but she is just a bitch , she cant cool, get back ur job at the hospital, him need a nice girl fi true,she have a nice daughter fi him still, him love that baby girl,banton use to beat har before him gi the money lol,if the 2 flashy crew worthless all the nice him have a gal a jersey to ,how fi him animal no find out yet,

  19. If I were tash anywhere anytime mi see nasty horse face Tami Lee I’m dragging that ugly bitch wether tash was a hoe or not she isn’t one now the gal change her life .we are allowed to grow bag white been fcking tash know that she should a buss tami ass you and your man go tru too much fi diss him fi nasty chinchilla he’s a dog shit if him can fck Chevy who won’t he fck a now you ago war gal . Atleast bag white did affi hide cause you were First Lady and tek people out of y’all business too many therapist smh!!

  20. Tasha is a beautiful women and to be real I like to see her and bags white together but I won’t lie I saw the video of him kissing some girl and I was like whoa…..that’s not Tasha, then the next day I see Tasha put up her video with one guy so to be fare bag white start this whole thing or should I say “Tiffany Barbie ” did cause I saw the video with him and the girl tonguing down on her page but she run go take it down quickkkkkkkk
    I don’t care how whoring Tasha was cause I see a big change in her she come a long way from “Banton day ” to “Milo man days” to “Orlando hota Fire days”………. But and some real shit Tasha is a BEAST and don’t play I remember her and sushana war over “Mili man” and I can’t tell y’all this Sushana did SCARED for Tasha like pussssssssssss oh plus I remember when she bust blonde head for her pussy ass friend NICKY in the cloud on 222 on bronxwood……
    So who ever bag white ah f**k be careful cause TASHA IS SICK IN HER HEAD ask OLANDO how much time she done beat his ass?????? Lmaooooo good bye

  21. So what if Tasha was a whore she sit down with bog white for 7yrs and all him do a f**k pon the girl. Tasha Gwan tru with who make u happy and no 1 can step to that girl factssss

  22. Bag white is a man him ago fuk! Even tho him fuk pon har so much she did kno weh She a sign up fa wen she a tek hype man! A she look nasty with that ugly disease carrier bwoy! Him can deh wid anybody him want and the gal weh him a chat to nice whether she young or wa Tasha old she a 36 she AV picney from she a bloodclaat 16 low the man mek him deh wid who him want deh wid! Him fuk she fuk a life move on to the next !

  23. To be honest bag white been a fuk but as a First Lady weh want hype Man U kno weh u sign up fa! Man ago always be dutty cuz everybody man fuk pon dem! She never perfect and him worse Nu perfect a life man a dog. But Tasha look low to go deh wid da disease carrier ugly bwoy deh weh AV how much gal and married! Lef u good man fi man weh AV gal! ‘Me always see bag white wid this pretty gal she always look good n well put together nobody knows her she young but Tasha was 15 wen she AV her first picney so I see no problem dem fuk pon each other now on to the next !

  24. Kmft the woman si dung fi years and tek him shit have gal inna party a laugh off a him. He used to f**k QQ, him f**k and fall In love with hairdresser chin and Tasha know this and 2 a dem used to cuss cuss him f**k whoring stinking mouth Jodi Coutour, a close link tell me him f**k Tiffany barbee behind Duran back, see video post all over for his bday him a kiss next gal and him have him woman a LA this man cyaa game but Tasha have his heart. There is so much someone can take maybe this is her breaking point because him still a f**k hairdresser chin

  25. Tasha is no saint bag white is no saint …but Tasha looks like a Rass clown inna real life ..if yu move on moveeeee lef the dancehall hype man dem but no yu guh fall fi gorilla aka chinchilla wata mouth rag pon shoulder …my girl yu a clown out yu self cus stink mouth chilla dnt want yu I heard it outta mr nice mouth Soon yu will find out …yu style yu baby fadda fi man dat will Neva rate yu like white did ( facts ) guh ask Bready pinky abt chilla ask Chevy abt chilla ask the strippers abt chilla all he does a f**k bare strippers Raw…wat example yu a show yu daughters …one gone one born..yu chat chat chat everybadi Tasha yu Neva loyal to white yu chat him n all yu frenz…n that lil baby is gonna hate yu fi style her dad one day …tell chilla wife hi poster girl T..

  26. @TiffB you a drink hate orate Tasha never diss bag white task been done with him from Tamil lee send her the picture, I never see u play side role yet so if she a f**k stink mouth chilla member he affi wife her inna real life, she have the know how and can survive she born here so low di gal bag white f**k too much waste gal him fi come off the girl name him never no sey 1 day she ago get fed up, to each is own she might b the 1 to change him

  27. First off all everyone quick to speak about bag white and tash realationship which women want a man who is constantly cheating on them . I applause tash for leavening that pussyhole bay white don’t make tash . Tash made him he meet tash with her ride who was there for him when he was deported she was beside him in Jamaica were was all you mother f***r who calling the girl a wore now he feel like he back on top all of a sudden she a wore all of you motherf***er wish that you was here because a better man have her so f****g what she have a baby when she was 16 at least she don’t afraid to pasty cemetery nuff of you bitch dash way nuff belly she carry her . Nuff of you dum bitches make man take you as a floor mat am happy tash left duty stinking bag white nasty bwoy .a cow never know is thee of it tail and till it gone .if tash was such a hore why was he crying and begging her to come back to him .dutty people hop off tash name and let the girl breath .find a life Dutty people and leave the girl alone .

  28. for ur info real man cry and cry like a bitch to ,so what if him love her , she down grade by taking that water mouth man ,if u really know tash ,is not money why she f**k ,is bad she bad ,always a f**k pon the man to long time she a do this ,so let bag white cry , him investments at stake

  29. Dutty people hop off the girl is its your pussy let she f**k who she want to f**k why you all so hurt . The man want her everybody f**k .guss what tash is a factor .if all of you quick to judge her and talk shit about her .why don’t you all go f**k the dog bag white .When he was f***g them nasty birches .why didn’t you all pussyhole put him up on the pink wall and tell him to stop do his shit .well my girl came to her senses and leave his dumb ass be happy girl with who ever you with you have one life to live .dont care what Dutty people .has to say .they wish they were you .no body want them .they are just a bunch of hater .

  30. First off all am really shock to see how everyone is judging this young lady for the decision she had made to leave this guy who has being treating on her for so many year . You know we ladies make these men feel that it is ok to treat on us and taking them back were is our self worth the young lady finally leave .just be happy for her and wish her the best

  31. Bag white have a daughter with a girl that lives in la the pickney was born in april 2009 at this time he was living with the girl in la but if you ask bag white who goverment name is jermaine anthony white he would swear up an down that people is lying on him.an everytime mi friend si him she would laugh an say look pon him a gwan an a floss like him rich nobody neva know him back then until him have a one dance a la with richi spice an turn around an rob big fat sharon mexican fi weed.suh mr white guh tek care a yuh pickney weh yuh have wuth mi fren because she dont want u. for one she alway say that your dick is small an you cant f**k how yuh f**k like a lazy old man suh she dont know weh di woman dem a hype up over you for must be the money.

  32. Bitch tasha yuh just realize bag white is a dog stupid bitch.an stop act like we dont all know that its u leaving ur own comments bleach out skin bitch.yuh nuh si badness yet bitch cum a la suh wi could beat out yuh rass. Yuh ever hear that saying cow know weh weak fence deh alright then cum

  33. Wait deh u friend seh him caan f**k an him dick lickle …so wah den a Turkey baasa she used and get pregnant den fah a couldn’t di no dick caan f**k man. :travel

  34. You ppl need to stop and stop hate uno luv rejoice over ppl down fall too much. All Jamaican luv to do is b negative towards each other. We need to stop all of the hate towards one another and uplift each other.

  35. bag white f**k everybody dem mumma anything wid pussy nah lie him upgrade har good good like di rest a him gyal dem cah stinking mouth rotten teeth neva did inna it ooo way she day wen bag white a nam out mi pussy go home guh f**k har one night bag white come a mi yard f**k me eat me pussy go home call me me & him pon di phone while she a suck him cocky she tell bag white cum offa di phone call nuh him say alrught babes but him neva hang up di phone gal a nuff bun him gi yuh and mi anuh di only one him a freak all mi ass him f**k mi inna girl him love it bad

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