pink wall you this man he is nasty him suck p**y like dwag and woman his own a garage and him thief.Him work his workers and don’t pay them, him big and fat and smell very bad, him do all type of things to woman

6 thoughts on “WHO IS DIS MAN?

  1. Do better yes pay your damn workers, I know if I work for him, he would had paid me long time, go straight to court on his a** no good a** because without his workers his business can’t go on unless his fat a** going to work it alone… All of them should sue is behind and walk out on him until he pay them the nerves of his punk a**… And his not a beauty so the suck pu**y and the money must have the woman dem coming back..

  2. Senda, everything in life is just for a time. When him did a suck out ur own, yuh shoulda know seh a same way him ago suck the next girl him hire. Lmaoooo

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